Hillary’s Cough Returns In Florida (VIDEO)

Shortly after she cut short a 7-minute rally speech nearby, Hillary Clinton was then caught on film fighting back a cough very similar to the coughing attacks she suffered months earlier that her campaign stated was due to “allergies.” Then came the public collapse on 9-11, which the campaign first called heat exhaustion, and then later declared to be the result of pneumonia. 

Well, now the cough has returned. Guess those allergies are back, huh?

And it looks as if Mrs. Clinton might have today been wearing the same frock as she was when this image was captured of her needing significant help navigating a short flight of stairs months earlier:

No word on if she was later chucked into an awaiting black SUV like a side of beef as happened on 9-11:


Sick Hillary Clinton Cuts Campaign Rally Speech Short After Just Seven Minutes On Stage!



Hoarse Hillary Blames Hurricane On Americans, Ignores Science She Claims Is “Settled”

And once again, the Mainstream Media will allow the Democrat candidate for president to get away with saying things that are simply untrue. First up are the frog-voiced declarations of a tired-looking Hillary Clinton blaming hurricanes on American prosperity while charging that Donald Trump is “unfit” to serve as president because he ignores the “settled” science.

And yet, Mrs. Clinton appears to either not know, or chooses to ignore, the very science she claims is settled. (See below)

Nearly two decades earlier, Al Gore warned hurricanes were going to get worse and worse, killing thousands, and all caused by man-made global warming.

The earth has not been warming for almost twenty years, though. And as for hurricanes, well, they are in decline as well, and there has been NO link between the theory of global warming, and hurricane activity:


Just yesterday, DC Whispers outlined the true motivations Hillary Clinton and so many others have regarding their determination to continue spreading the global warming hoax. It’s worth the read if you wish to be informed:

CNN’s Cooper & ABC’s Raddatz Seek To Destroy Trump Over Global Warming Views At This Week’s Debate


Clinton Campaign Considers Giving Up On Florida. More Swing State Losses To Follow?

While putting on a brave “we won!” face following the first presidential debate, Hillary Clinton and her campaign is facing some very hard truths in the all-important swing state of Florida.

Namely, that Donald Trump is winning there – and winning big.

Concerns have mounted within the Clinton campaign regarding the looming “Florida problem” for several weeks, and most recently, and despite millions in spent advertising targeting the state, Donald Trump’s lead in Florida is now turning into domination.

Internal polling is said to show Trump nearing a remarkable DOUBLE-DIGIT lead in the Sunshine State over the former Obama Secretary of State and for the first time, Team Clinton has to face the very real possibility of curtailing the campaign’s until now, blank check spending habits as Trump begins to challenge Clinton in historically blue states like Michigan and Maine. (Note: Watch for Mainstream Media polls to now come out in Florida that will contradict the unpublished internal polling data. Don’t fall for it.)

Trump Melbourne, Florida Jewel SamaoGetty

Days earlier, the Clinton campaign planned multiple events in Florida, (including still scheduled events by Michelle Obama) hoping to motivate what appears to be disinterested minority voters. And then, just yesterday, Hillary Clinton was a no-show at a planned event in Hollywood, Florida. The campaign gave no public statement regarding Mrs. Clinton’s sudden absence, but perhaps it was the embarrassment of only a handful of supporters showing up and being outnumbered by Trump supporters standing just across the street:


As Of This Moment, Donald Trump Is Winning…

The Trump surge is on.

Just-out battleground polls make that fact undeniable – and Team Clinton is none too happy about it.

Via Politico:

New swing-state polls released Wednesday by Quinnipiac University show Trump leading Clinton in Florida and Pennsylvania — and tied in the critical battleground state of Ohio.

The Clinton campaign responded to this most recent polling data by trying to remind America that “Trump is dangerous.”

Trump in turn responded by telling his supporters thank you with a #I’mWithYou tweet – a direct hit upon Hillary Clinton’s now widely mocked, “I’m With Her” slogan. 

More troubling for Team Clinton is that polling data has consistently under-polled Trump’s actual support – a fact known to them via internal polling the campaign has made certain to not publicize. Team Trump has just began to initiate similar internal polling and are said to be coming up with the same result:

As of this moment, Donald Trump is winning the race for the White House.

Look for the Clinton Machine to demand yet more money from its long list of high-dollar donors to combat the man they declare to be “dangerous” as the Republican National Convention puts Mr. Trump front and center in the national spotlight. 

The war is upon us.



Trump Thumps Hillary In Latest Florida Poll: Winning BIG Among Hispanic Voters!

Both Mainstream Republicans and Democrats cannot fathom what is playing out right in front of them. The media will likely bury these poll results as they so often have done before in pushing the negative Trump narrative in place of the more commonly positive reality that is a candidate who has garnered more primary election support than any other GOP candidate for president EVER.

That just means it’s up to YOU, the reader, to help the truth be known.

2 candidate trump vs clinton Florida Poll July 11

florida poll screengrab

Not only is Trump’s Florida support strong throughout the entire state, check out the thumping he is delivering to Hillary Clinton among Hispanic voters: 49% to 36%.

Trump is trending upward.

Hillary is doing the opposite.


See related polling data: HERE


ISIS Comes To America: Radical U.S. Muslim Slaughters 50+ Victims At Florida Nightclub

The magnitude of the Saturday night slaughter stunned even those hardened over time by such reports.

More than fifty people murdered by a man media reports are now describing as “Muslim extremist” Omar  Mateen.

It is the single deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

Pictured: US citizen Omar Mateen, 29, the suspected Islamic extremist who slaughtered at least 50 people inside a gay club in Orlando

ABOVE: The face of the Miami terror attack, son of Afghanistan immigrants, Omar  Mateen.

JUST THREE DAYS EARLIER, (via alternative media sources, NOT the Mainstream Media that has been so very slow-footed to report more fully on the very real threat that is radical Islam) ISIS indicated its intent to create chaos in Florida. Here is a shoebat.com report:

We Will Attack Florida And Slaughter Americans There

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump just made the following statement:

“Horrific incident in FL. Praying for all the victims & their families. When will this stop? When will we get tough, smart & vigilant?”

Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton said this:

“Woke up to hear the devastating news from FL. As we wait for more information, my thoughts are with those affected by this horrific act.”

The FBI has confirmed the shooter’s links to radical Islam, while the Obama administration has once again been slow to do so. The president is schedule to address the shooting to the American people within the hour.


UPDATE: Whispers indicate the Obama White House will attempt to spin this as an anti-gay attack/hate crime more than radical Islamic terror. The president also plans to use the attack to once again call for much more restrictive federal gun laws to be imposed on American citizens.



Frustrated Marco Rubio Prepares To Exit Race After Florida Primary

Word is circulating that Rubio campaign staff have been given notice the Florida Senator, barring a miraculous come-from-behind victory in his home state next Tuesday, will suspend his campaign shortly after the Florida primary is concluded, with some Rubio donors demanding the senator do so before then.

The candidate is said to be moving between bouts of frustration to more serene moments of acceptance, but in the end, is ultimately resigned to his fate that the 2016 GOP nomination isn’t likely to happen.

The Florida senator was once deemed the candidate most likely to defeat Hillary Clinton. While the outcome of that matchup will likely remain unknown, what is far more known is that Mr. Rubio appears to now find himself among several Republican candidates for president who were unable to defeat Donald Trump.


“LittleMarco” as Trump took to calling an increasingly vocal and combative Rubio in recent weeks, appeared just today to be hinting at his willingness to be considered as a running mate to Donald Trump. Rubio’s political future is unclear. Some have suggested a run to be the next Florida governor. Others point to a number of lucrative lobbying positions likely to come the junior senator’s way. There is even a rumor an offer from a cable news network is being floated.

None of which were part of the Rubio agenda just a few months earlier, and especially after Jeb Bush dropped out of the race. It was then the Rubio camp felt momentum would be on their side as mainstream Republican voters would coalesce behind the Marco Rubio campaign.

That never happened.

Rubio enjoyed brief moments of somewhat expanded support following yet another strong debate performance, but within days that support would dissipate and he would most often finish third or even fourth in the next round of primary elections, a trend the campaign was unable to shake and that is said to have left Mr. Rubio increasingly frustrated and bewildered.

Marco Rubio remains a young man and a talented politician. He has plenty of time to learn from what went wrong with his 2016 campaign, but for now of course, that does nothing to lessen the sting of his current failure.



Download your copy today:  HERE

The Wheels Are Falling Off Of The Rubio Campaign

Marco Rubio was grabbed by the scruff of the neck two weeks ago by his Establishment masters and told to get more aggressive against the insurgent campaign of Donald Trump.

Rubio complied, was embarrassed by a poor showing on Super Tuesday, and has since been all but left to politically wither and die by the very same Establishment that so recently promised him its support.

While GOP contemporary, Senator Ted Cruz successfully, albeit somewhat anemically, defended his home turf of Texas on March 1st, rumors of anti-Rubio internal polling data in Florida has the Rubio campaign bracing for what now appears to be its imminent demise.

Rubio thought himself elevated by his recent, and somewhat tawdry, attacks on Donald Trump.

Instead, it appears Mr. Rubio is getting schlonged JEB!-style and quickly being left alone to twitch out his remaining days leading up to the Florida primary on March 15th, the very primary the campaign was so confidently declaring it would win just a week earlier.

Team Rubio does not sound nearly so confident today.

With a voice hoarse, eyes oddly vacant, and forced mannerisms that have lost their confidence, Marco Rubio has the appearance of a political lost soul, a soul he happily sold to the Establishment devil that has since banished him to failed campaign damnation.

Last night, Donald Trump repeatedly referred to the junior senator from Florida as, “Little Marco.”

The problem for Marco Rubio is how much he represents that description.

Goodbye, Rubio 2016.

We hardly knew ya…



What do you do when your own government is the thing trying to destroy you?

Answer: FIGHT.




Trump Has More Support Among Hispanic Voters In Florida Than Bush & Rubio COMBINED

Donald Trump is once again confounding pollsters, politicos, the media, Democrats, Republicans, and his GOP rivals as a just-released Florida Atlantic University poll has him garnering (by far) the greatest support among Hispanic Republican voters in Florida.

Jeb Bush in particular thought he would entice the Hispanic population with his repeated overtures to his own version of their concerns. He rebuked Trump for speaking so strongly against illegal immigration, with Mr. Bush claiming illegals crossing the U.S. border did so, “…as an act of love.”

Marco Rubio has to be stunned at the Florida polling results as well. Both he and Bush are from Florida and were expecting to utilize their appeal to voters there to aid them in securing the GOP nomination.

Then came Donald Trump who leads all Republican candidates in that state with an astonishing 47.6% support. Ted Cruz comes in at a very distant second place with 16.3%.

Among Hispanic Republicans Trump’s lead is even greater at 54% – more than DOUBLE  the combined support among Hispanics for Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio:

Donald Trump – 54 percent
Marco Rubio – 15.1 percent
Rand Paul – 14 percent
Ted Cruz – 10.2 percent
Jeb Bush – 5.5 percent



Donald Trump Winning Hispanic Vote In Florida: Bush Campaign Falling Apart

How many times has the Mainstream Media and establishment Republicans such as Jeb Bush declared there is no way Donald Trump will ever win the GOP nomination, let alone the White House, because minorities will turn their backs on the outspoken New York billionaire?

It appears someone forgot to inform the Hispanic Republican voters of Florida that they are not to be supporting Mr. Trump. Currently that support leads all GOP candidates, including former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush and current Florida Senator, Marco Rubio.

The underlying motivation of Latino voters pushing to make Donald Trump America’s next president appears to be Mr. Trump’s repeated promise to, “Make America Great Again.” It is the very promise that has motivated immigrants to come to America for decades – the hope to simply have the chance for a better life.

Here is today’s headline from the influential Latin Post publication:

Election 2016: Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio Trailing Donald Trump Among Florida’s Latino Voters

Trailing Mr. Trump in his home state of Florida is something that has left the Bush campaign increasingly despondent over and its long list of political donors openly warning them they are about to pull the financial plug. The only thing keeping Jeb Bush’s White House hopes alive is the remaining assurance by the GOP establishment to “give the process a bit more time.” Their believe is that eventually the Trump campaign will implode and the establishment-approved candidates will be the ones remaining as 2015 gives way to 2016.

Until then it should be noted that the Latino vote is not the only thing that has GOP rivals and media talking heads murmuring their disbelief. Donald Trump is also showing historically strong numbers of support among Black voters as well.

Here is a recent, albeit grudging excerpt, from the left-leaning Daily Beast’s coverage of the still-ongoing Trump phenomenon:

“Last week, Survey USA released an eye-catching poll showing how Donald Trump would fare in head-to-head matchups against potential Democratic nominees Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Al Gore. The most shocking result was not that he beat all four of the candidates. What made everyone’s jaw hit the floor is that he received more than 20 percent support among African-American voters in every matchup.”

Having 20 percent of all black voters supporting his campaign in the General Election would lead to but one outcome for Donald Trump come Election Day – LANDSLIDE. That 20 percent figure is more than double what most Republican presidential candidates receive and is a remarkable shift that despite so many within the Mainstream Media saying otherwise, makes Donald Trump a potentially very formidable political force of nature that wash away even the long-in-the-making political dynasty that is the Clinton Machine.

Last night’s first Democratic primary debate reinforced the influence of Mr. Trump upon the current election cycle. His was the only name mentioned by any of the Democratic Party candidates – most notably by Hillary Clinton. Both media and political operatives have gone from openly mocking the Trump campaign to something far different.

They have grown to fear it.


Did Trump Want Casinos In Florida? And Did Jeb Bush Stop Him? Here’s What Really Happened…

In the most recent GOP debate, Jeb Bush stated that when he was governor of Florida several years ago, he shut down Donald Trump’s plans to bring casinos to that state. Trump stated that claim was, “totally false.” The current Republican presidential front-runner then went on to claim that if he had really wanted casinos in Florida, “I’d have gotten it.”

So who’s right?

The story begins in the mid-1990’s when representatives for Mr. Trump began to have discussions with Seminole tribal leaders in Florida. Those tribal leaders were anxious to get into the potentially lucrative casino business and they wanted the Trump corporation to manage the operation. By then Trump had already established himself as a leading hotel and resort owner in the Sunshine State.

Trump then hired a political consultant named Richard Fields who initiated a rather substantial public relations campaign in conjunction with the Seminole Indians that resulted in a 1997 statewide gambling petition in which the tribe was promising to share its gambling revenues with the state. Jeb Bush was already running for governor of Florida by that time, and was also linked to a no-gambling group in Florida called, No Casinos.

Allegedly at the urging of Mr. Fields, Trump hosted a half-million dollar fundraiser for Mr. Bush and then later donated another $50,000 to the state Republican Party. Jeb Bush assumed the governorship in 1999 and promptly re-affirmed his stance that there would be no casinos in Florida.

Following that decision, Donald Trump is said to have told his primary consultant on the issue, Mr. Fields, that he had no more interest in possibly managing casinos in Florida, but that Fields was welcome to continue trying on his own to continue working with the Seminole Tribe on the venture.  An important component of this time period is that Trump was by then working feverishly to consolidate and then soon after, pull out his considerable interests in the Atlantic City casino business. It was a process that began by the mid- 1990’s and continued on for nearly another decade. Donald Trump did in fact, as he has often said, get out of Atlantic City when the getting was still good, and he made a considerable fortune having done so.

Richard Fields on the other hand continued to try and get gambling in Florida, an effort that did not include Donald Trump who during that time was expanding his Trump media and golf resort empire at an astounding (and even more profitable) pace. It was Fields  and his partners within the Seminole Tribe who had the most clashes with the Jeb Bush administration in Florida, not Donald Trump though Trump most likely did observe Bush’s refusal to allow gambling from afar and think it a very poor economic decision for the state. The real estate mogul has publicly indicated from time to time since then that Florida is missing out on a great deal of revenue and jobs because of Bush’s decision. It should also be noted that Fields and the Seminole tribe were successful in getting approval for “Class II” casinos, and opened those gambling facilities on tribal land by 2004 when Jeb Bush was governor. There are now six such casinos operating throughout the state. This fact makes Bush’s claims he prevented casinos from coming to Florida that much more dubious. There was also a lawsuit filed by Donald Trump against his former consultant, Richard Fields, which alleged Fields was falsely claiming he represented Mr. Trump after their relationship had been terminated. That lawsuit was eventually settled via a purchase agreement between Trump and Fields in the amount of $316 million to Donald Trump involving the sale of an Atlantic City property.

So did Donald Trump personally try and introduce gambling in Florida? Not quite. He certainly appears to have had an initial albeit short-lived interest in doing so, dabbled with the idea, and then promptly terminated those efforts when the then newly elected Jeb Bush administration said it wasn’t going to allow any casinos in Florida. (Except of course for the Florida State Lottery, which the Bush administration both supported and expanded during his tenure as governor. It appears Jeb isn’t opposed to gambling per say, but rather only supports state-run gambling operations.)

It appears both men’s version of events share some semblance of truth, though Jeb Bush’s version does suffer a bit from the claims he “stopped” Donald Trump from bringing casinos to Florida. Then-governor Bush stopped the Seminole Indians from doing so, and their consultant, Richard Fields. Donald Trump by that time had already moved on to other business interests.

We’ll call this one a draw…

BREAKING: Donald Trump Takes Lead In Jeb Bush Home State Of Florida!

Just a few weeks ago, the Trump campaign was hoping to merely compete in Florida, the home base of primary opponent and political dynasty benefactor, Jeb Bush. A just-released poll now has Donald Trump actually leading in Florida among Republican voters – and by a wide margin.

According to a St. Pete Polls survey, Donald Trump now leads Florida with 26% while former Florida governor, Jeb Bush trails in second place with just 20% support. The next closest competitor in the all-important electoral state is Scott Walker at 12%.

You can access the full poll results:  HERE

This news is just breaking so is certain to be among the top items of discussion among the media later tonight and into tomorrow and will no doubt send the Bush operatives scrambling to initiate damage control.

It should also be noted that Mr. Trump scored third among the Hispanic voters in the poll, right behind Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, a figure that would indicate Trump’s strong stance on border security is making him MORE popular than many of his less aggressive border security political contemporaries.

For now, the Trump machine continues to grow in strength…