Hillary’s Cough Returns In Florida (VIDEO)

Shortly after she cut short a 7-minute rally speech nearby, Hillary Clinton was then caught on film fighting back a cough very similar to the coughing attacks she suffered months earlier that her campaign stated was due to “allergies.” Then came the public collapse on 9-11, which the campaign first called heat exhaustion, and then later declared to be the result of pneumonia. 

Well, now the cough has returned. Guess those allergies are back, huh?

And it looks as if Mrs. Clinton might have today been wearing the same frock as she was when this image was captured of her needing significant help navigating a short flight of stairs months earlier:

No word on if she was later chucked into an awaiting black SUV like a side of beef as happened on 9-11:


Sick Hillary Clinton Cuts Campaign Rally Speech Short After Just Seven Minutes On Stage!



Hoarse Hillary Blames Hurricane On Americans, Ignores Science She Claims Is “Settled”

And once again, the Mainstream Media will allow the Democrat candidate for president to get away with saying things that are simply untrue. First up are the frog-voiced declarations of a tired-looking Hillary Clinton blaming hurricanes on American prosperity while charging that Donald Trump is “unfit” to serve as president because he ignores the “settled” science.

And yet, Mrs. Clinton appears to either not know, or chooses to ignore, the very science she claims is settled. (See below)

Nearly two decades earlier, Al Gore warned hurricanes were going to get worse and worse, killing thousands, and all caused by man-made global warming.

The earth has not been warming for almost twenty years, though. And as for hurricanes, well, they are in decline as well, and there has been NO link between the theory of global warming, and hurricane activity:


Just yesterday, DC Whispers outlined the true motivations Hillary Clinton and so many others have regarding their determination to continue spreading the global warming hoax. It’s worth the read if you wish to be informed:

CNN’s Cooper & ABC’s Raddatz Seek To Destroy Trump Over Global Warming Views At This Week’s Debate


Clinton Campaign Considers Giving Up On Florida. More Swing State Losses To Follow?

While putting on a brave “we won!” face following the first presidential debate, Hillary Clinton and her campaign is facing some very hard truths in the all-important swing state of Florida.

Namely, that Donald Trump is winning there – and winning big.

Concerns have mounted within the Clinton campaign regarding the looming “Florida problem” for several weeks, and most recently, and despite millions in spent advertising targeting the state, Donald Trump’s lead in Florida is now turning into domination.

Internal polling is said to show Trump nearing a remarkable DOUBLE-DIGIT lead in the Sunshine State over the former Obama Secretary of State and for the first time, Team Clinton has to face the very real possibility of curtailing the campaign’s until now, blank check spending habits as Trump begins to challenge Clinton in historically blue states like Michigan and Maine. (Note: Watch for Mainstream Media polls to now come out in Florida that will contradict the unpublished internal polling data. Don’t fall for it.)

Trump Melbourne, Florida Jewel SamaoGetty

Days earlier, the Clinton campaign planned multiple events in Florida, (including still scheduled events by Michelle Obama) hoping to motivate what appears to be disinterested minority voters. And then, just yesterday, Hillary Clinton was a no-show at a planned event in Hollywood, Florida. The campaign gave no public statement regarding Mrs. Clinton’s sudden absence, but perhaps it was the embarrassment of only a handful of supporters showing up and being outnumbered by Trump supporters standing just across the street:


As Of This Moment, Donald Trump Is Winning…

The Trump surge is on.

Just-out battleground polls make that fact undeniable – and Team Clinton is none too happy about it.

Via Politico:

New swing-state polls released Wednesday by Quinnipiac University show Trump leading Clinton in Florida and Pennsylvania — and tied in the critical battleground state of Ohio.

The Clinton campaign responded to this most recent polling data by trying to remind America that “Trump is dangerous.”

Trump in turn responded by telling his supporters thank you with a #I’mWithYou tweet – a direct hit upon Hillary Clinton’s now widely mocked, “I’m With Her” slogan. 

More troubling for Team Clinton is that polling data has consistently under-polled Trump’s actual support – a fact known to them via internal polling the campaign has made certain to not publicize. Team Trump has just began to initiate similar internal polling and are said to be coming up with the same result:

As of this moment, Donald Trump is winning the race for the White House.

Look for the Clinton Machine to demand yet more money from its long list of high-dollar donors to combat the man they declare to be “dangerous” as the Republican National Convention puts Mr. Trump front and center in the national spotlight. 

The war is upon us.



Trump Thumps Hillary In Latest Florida Poll: Winning BIG Among Hispanic Voters!

Both Mainstream Republicans and Democrats cannot fathom what is playing out right in front of them. The media will likely bury these poll results as they so often have done before in pushing the negative Trump narrative in place of the more commonly positive reality that is a candidate who has garnered more primary election support than any other GOP candidate for president EVER.

That just means it’s up to YOU, the reader, to help the truth be known.

2 candidate trump vs clinton Florida Poll July 11

florida poll screengrab

Not only is Trump’s Florida support strong throughout the entire state, check out the thumping he is delivering to Hillary Clinton among Hispanic voters: 49% to 36%.

Trump is trending upward.

Hillary is doing the opposite.


See related polling data: HERE


ISIS Comes To America: Radical U.S. Muslim Slaughters 50+ Victims At Florida Nightclub

The magnitude of the Saturday night slaughter stunned even those hardened over time by such reports.

More than fifty people murdered by a man media reports are now describing as “Muslim extremist” Omar  Mateen.

It is the single deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

Pictured: US citizen Omar Mateen, 29, the suspected Islamic extremist who slaughtered at least 50 people inside a gay club in Orlando

ABOVE: The face of the Miami terror attack, son of Afghanistan immigrants, Omar  Mateen.

JUST THREE DAYS EARLIER, (via alternative media sources, NOT the Mainstream Media that has been so very slow-footed to report more fully on the very real threat that is radical Islam) ISIS indicated its intent to create chaos in Florida. Here is a shoebat.com report:

We Will Attack Florida And Slaughter Americans There

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump just made the following statement:

“Horrific incident in FL. Praying for all the victims & their families. When will this stop? When will we get tough, smart & vigilant?”

Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton said this:

“Woke up to hear the devastating news from FL. As we wait for more information, my thoughts are with those affected by this horrific act.”

The FBI has confirmed the shooter’s links to radical Islam, while the Obama administration has once again been slow to do so. The president is schedule to address the shooting to the American people within the hour.


UPDATE: Whispers indicate the Obama White House will attempt to spin this as an anti-gay attack/hate crime more than radical Islamic terror. The president also plans to use the attack to once again call for much more restrictive federal gun laws to be imposed on American citizens.