Mueller Has Nothing On Donald Trump So Is Now Preparing To Make It All Up

After more than a year and millions of investigative dollars spent Robert Mueller has nothing on Donald Trump.

Zero. Zip. Nada.

So, what’s Mr. Mueller’s solution? He’s about to make it up.

The entire premise of the Mueller investigation was to ultimately destroy the Trump presidency. Mr. Mueller is now under immense pressure from the Establishment elites to deliver.

Whispers indicate there remains a leaker inside the Trump legal team – one who is said to be working directly with the Mueller investigation as well as Congressional and media enemies of the Trump White House.

Mueller is hinting at delivering a subpoena to the President of the United States thinking that scenario will create a lose-lose scenario for Mr. Trump. Refuse the subpoena and the media frenzy will be amplified a thousand-fold. Agree to answer Mueller’s questions and Trump walks into a trap intended to link him to charges of obstruction. Remember former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn? Mueller dropped an interview on him and then charged him with lying. Flynn was bankrupted defending himself against the charge. Guess what? Team Mueller has since backed off of Flynn including another delay in Flynn’s sentencing. Some are speculating the charges against the former military general might actually be dropped as the only real corruption uncovered within the investigation involve Mueller and his associates. The sentencing delay for Flynn is intended to buy Mueller time as he prepares for a final and dramatic onslaught against Donald Trump.

Is Trump ready?

We shall soon find out.


ABC Fake News Caught Red-Handed Lying About Trump-Russia Collusion: Senior Reporter Suspended

Soon after the ABC News report broke that indicated Michael Flynn was going to testify that then-candidate Donald Trump directed him to make contact with the Russians, the stock market plummeted over fears of an impending impeachment. That plunge took money out of the pockets of hard-working Americans.

The report was picked up by every other major news agency and went viral.

It was a lie and the senior ABC reporter who initiated it has now been suspended for a month without pay for what the network is calling a “serious error” in judgement.

It wasn’t candidate Trump who requested then-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn contact Russia, it was President Trump who was doing what presidents do – reaching out to as many world leaders as possible during the whirlwind days of a newly formed administration. It isn’t illegal – it’s required of a new POTUS to do so!

Here is but one media example of the spreading of that lie as a table of buffoons speak on an issue they clearly know nothing of and regurgitate the lie to their audience of clapping seals:

This headline followed the above video 24-hours later:

ABC News suspends Brian Ross over ‘serious error’ in Trump-Flynn report

There was no proof of collusion. No pre-election coordination with Russia. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

But the lie is out there while the correction remains muted by the Establishment Media. Once again it is up to you to share and educate with others.

Set the record straight. POTUS Trump is fighting hard. He deserves your help in fighting back with him.


The Deep State Hopes To Weaponize Michael Flynn Against Trump In Pre-Christmas Attack

The news was getting too good for President Trump of late so the Deep State is now pushing out an alleged Michael Flynn plea deal with the FBI that has Flynn admitting to one count of lying to the FBI in exchange for cooperation in going after, “Trump, family, White House Staff” according to a Drudge headline.

The Deep State is fighting back and not just threatening the Trump presidency, but everything Donald Trump has – including his children.

The media reports for this morning were all carefully coordinated by Deep State operatives who unloaded a scripted leak that detailed the parameters of Mr. Flynn’s sudden cooperation with the FBI and the Mueller investigation. All the headlines shared the following:

Flynn said Trump directed him to make contact with the Russians

It is a headline absent perspective of course. A headline that attempts to paint in very broad strokes the term “collusion” back onto the Trump campaign.

What it actually amounts to is a truthful lie – a gross misrepresentation of what really happened.

Consider this – Trump won the election. He directs his would-be National Security Adviser to reach out to Russia.

So? That’s not illegal. It’s prudent.

The Deep State and the media are turning something every incoming administration has done in preparing the normal change in power into something nefarious hoping the American public are dumb enough to swallow the bait whole. Some will.

Hold on tight readers. This Trump vs the Deep State ride is about to get real bumpy. The Deep State is getting particularly nasty as it begins to use the President’s own children as sacrificial pawns in its war to destroy everything Trump. No man has risked so much to do right by this country than one Donald J. Trump.