Adviser: Donald Trump Already Has “Huge Stack” of Executive Orders Ready To Destroy Obama’s Legacy

It appears turn around is going to be fair play come January 20th when Donald Trump is sworn in as this nation’s next president. Barack Obama infamously said he would use his “pen and phone” to enact multiple and far-reaching executive orders as a means of bypassing Congressional approval.

And so, Donald Trump is apparently very much looking forward to doing the very same thing as he moves to wipe out much, if not all, of those Obama executive orders with a several of his own that have already been prepared for the President-Elect.

ABOVE: Stephen Moore informed Fox Business today that President-Elect Trump already has a “huge stack” of executive orders awaiting Mr. Trump’s signature soon after he takes the Oath of Office.


Trump & Cruz Dominate Post-Debate Polls

It was perhaps the single most comprehensive and substantive GOP debate this election cycle and nearly twenty-four hours later it appears the two biggest winners to emerge from last night’s Fox Business-hosted debate are Donald Trump and Ted Cruz with Establishment-choice Marco Rubio coming in a distant third.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz revived their dispute over Cruz's eligibility in Thursday's debate. (Getty)

The two current GOP frontrunners had a good deal of back and forth as the debate progressed, with Cruz scoring points on his defense of his own eligibility to run for President and Trump coming back very strong in his condemnation of Mr. Cruz’s derogatory use of the term, “New York values.”

The single strongest attacks came between Marco Rubio and Cruz, though as each candidate delivered proverbial political uppercuts into the exposed chin of the other that might very well have left each campaign feeling the pain in the days to follow.

Post-debate polls have Donald Trump once again emerging victorious, while Mr. Cruz appears to have convinced a growing number of supporters and detractors that he is a candidate who is to be taken very seriously with polling placing him firmly in second place.

The online Drudge poll currently gives Trump an almost 54% rating while Cruz garnered 31% and Rubio just over 8%.

The Frank Luntz focus group declared Cruz the debate winner with Trump and Rubio close behind, while a Heavy online poll had Trump dominating with nearly 65% and Cruz at nearly 32%.

The next GOP debate is scheduled for Thursday, January 28th in Iowa just days before the Iowa Caucus.

Currently both Trump and Cruz are vying for top spot in the Hawkeye State.