Trump VP Alert: Fox Suspends Gingrich Contract – “Effective Immediately”

Has the Trump VP pick been leaked, or mere coincidence?

Check out this tweet from CNN’s Brian Stelter:

“Fox News Channel has mutually agreed to suspend its contributor agreement” with Newt Gingrich “effective immediately.” Story TK.


(REMINDER: It was D.C. Whispers that reported months earlier about a Trump-Gingrich alliance. That report indicated Gingrich was being considered for a White House Chief of Staff position, which is still a possibility.)



Megyn Kelly’s Influence At Fox News Badly Damaged Following War On Trump

It was a much-touted Megyn Kelly special intended to expand her viewership at Fox News.

Instead, it proved a ratings and financial disaster that has left Kelly in a far weaker position as she continues to negotiate a new contract with the network.

Weeks earlier, a desperate Megyn Kelly personally reached out to Donald Trump to coordinate an interview with the GOP front-runner as a means of securing a much-needed ratings bonanza for her first prime-time news special. It apparently took several attempts before Trump agreed – on his terms.

Kelly was quick to approve the interview and went to Trump Tower thinking its success would further solidify her leverage with Fox as she works to increase her contract by several millions of dollars per year.

What Ms. Kelly didn’t count on was millions of Trump supporters ignoring the interview, wanting nothing to do with helping the career of a woman they feel has been unfairly attempting to destroy the campaign of the Republican candidate they hope to be this country’s next president.

And apparently, even high ranking executives at Fox are pleased to see the increasingly self-important Kelly given a rather large portion of humble pie as her news special garnered just over half of what its expected audience of viewers, as reported by the Gateway Pundit:

New York’s Gabriel Sherman is reporting that in addition to being a ratings and financial failure, Megyn Kelly’s interview with Donald Trump has resulted in her losing most of the leverage she had in her upcoming contract negotiations.

Fox executives were willing to consider 9 million viewers a success, but Kelly’s supposedly mainstream appeal didn’t translate to the parent network, and she only netted 4.8 million viewers. It was, as one Fox insider told Sherman, “not good for her at all.”

In fact, her boss Roger Ailes was apparently so tickled by the fact that he would not have to pay her a reported $25 million to remain at Fox News that he was heard “snickering” in a Thursday meeting when the special was mentioned.

It should also be noted that The Kelly File is now generating far less viewers in the all important 25-54 demographic. Both Bill O’Reilly, who comes before Megyn Kelly’s show, and Sean Hannity, who comes after, have far higher viewership in the demographic according to the weekly TVNewser scoreboard. 

Kelly’s overall ratings are also in decline. She now once again trails Bill O’Reilly as the #1 nightly news program by a significant margin. Prior to her long running war of words with Donald Trump, she was often beating O’Reilly.


Guess Who’s In Charge Of Tomorrow Night’s GOP Debate? Hint…R-O-M-N-E-Y

Trump supporters will likely want to step outside for a moment after reading this regarding tomorrow night’s GOP debate being hosted by Fox News.

Most are likely unaware that a sizable portion of the debate’s ticket allocation was controlled by the Michigan Republican State Chair.

That position is held by the woman pictured above.

Her name is Ronna Romney McDaniel.

And yes, as the name implies, she’s a Romney.

Mitt Romney is her uncle. Her mother was the wife of Mitt Romney’s brother, Jack and thus the daughter-in-law of former Michigan Governor, George Romney.

In what is likely NOT a coincidence, Mitt Romney is scheduled to hold a press conference on his views regarding the current state of the Republican primary tomorrow as well. There is a great deal of speculation the former candidate for president is going to use that time to pummel the Trump campaign.

And then Trump will have the privilege of stepping in front of a GOP debate audience stacked with party operatives chosen by Mitt Romney’s niece.

And we wonder why Donald Trump has such little regard for these staged debates.

REPORT: Fox News DID Attempt Trump Political “Kill Shot”

D.C. Whispers Confirmed: Fox News planned Trump “kill shot” at upcoming GOP debate:

News broke late yesterday that confirmed an earlier report here regarding Fox News’ plan to try and do significant damage to the Donald Trump political campaign during the scheduled Thursday GOP debate moderated by Fox News.

(ABOVE: Muslim activist Nabela Noor was chosen by Fox News to participate in Thursday’s GOP debate. Noor has publicly condemned Donald Trump and likened him to Adolph Hitler. Previous reports also indicate she condemns the United States as a racist nation that suffers Islamophobia which is largely responsible for inciting terror attacks against it. Fox News has yet to explain why it would allow such a person to participate in a nationally-televised GOP debate despite requests to do just that.


Part of the moderating panel is network personality, Megyn Kelly, a figure with whom Donald Trump has sparred with over the last few months following a question many felt to be terribly out of line and biased in which she accused Trump of hating women. In the last few weeks heading into the this week’s Fox News debate, the Trump campaign communicated to Fox News their concerns over Kelly being part of the moderating panel. Then additional information is alleged to have reached the Team Trump regarding Fox’s intention to use the last debate prior to the Iowa Caucus to try and influence that state’s Caucus outcome.

This is the headline from the earlier D.C. Whispers report on the subject:

Is Fox News Preparing Proverbial “Kill Shot” Against Trump Campaign?

Now this from our friends at Breitbart News published late yesterday:

Google and Fox TV Invite Anti-Trump, Hitler-Citing, Muslim Advocate to Join Next GOP TV-Debate

“Fox News and Google have invited three YouTube personalities to ask questions at the Jan. 28 GOP debate — including a Muslim advocate (Nabela Noor) who describes Donald Trump as a bigot and who visually portrayed him as being in agreement with national socialist Adolf Hitler.”

Noor has also blamed what she deems to be America’s anti-Muslim culture for past, present, and possible future terrorist attacks against the United States, a nation she says suffers from “Islamophobia.”

It seems quiet clear that Fox News’ intent to allow such a radical, militant-styled Muslim advocate to participate in the GOP debate was to set up a moment intended to challenge and embarrass Donald Trump.  While it is far from certain Ms. Nabala would have succeeded in doing so, it goes to the network’s intent. Fox News was not merely playing the role of moderator, it was acting as an anti-Trump activist.

Breitbart News has attempted to get a response from Fox News representatives regarding the above information.

So far, the news network has refused to respond as rumors now swirl that staff directly associated with Megyn Kelly played a role in Noor’s selection to be a participant in the debate.

Readers can access the full Breitbart News report on this subject: HERE

Kudos to them for uncovering what appears to be decidedly underhanded and manipulative plot to damage the current GOP frontrunner. It will be interesting to see if any of the other candidates condemn Fox News for what was so clearly attempted.

This has nothing to do with voters who support or don’t support Donald Trump’s campaign. It has everything to do with a news media giant attempting to make that choice for voters via the direct manipulation of a presidential debate. That is an action worthy of widespread condemnation regardless of one’s political loyalties.