IN TRUMP WE TRUST: GOP Takes In Record-Breaking $252 Million In Fundraising Donations

The GOP is awash in support for Donald Trump’s America-first agenda as evidenced by a record-breaking $252 million dollar donations haul that has even longtime politicos stunned. By contrast, the DNC has raised less than half that amount which represents a stark contrast to the much-publicized ‘blue wave’ the Establishment Media has been pushing for come the November elections.

Via Townhall:

The Republican National Committee has blown the Democratic National Committee out of the water—again—when it comes to fundraising totals ahead of the midterm elections.

Reaching another fundraising record, the RNC has pulled in $252 million this cycle, an RNC official told The Hill. August’s total came to $16.4 million, which is the largest monthly amount of the cycle.

The GOP now has nearly $42 million in the bank. In contrast, the DNC has raised approximately $116 million from January 2017 to July 2018, with only $7.8 million in the bank at the end of that month.


Make no mistake, the Establishment Media and its Democrat Party cohorts are terrified their predictions of a Midterms slaughter against Republicans doesn’t materialize. They were caught red-handed manipulating polling data in 2016 when outlets like the New York Times and CNN declared with 99% certainty that Hillary Clinton would defeat Donald Trump.

That didn’t happen.

Are Trump voters poised to prove the media and Democrats wrong once again in 2018 by voting en mass to protect the wildly successful Trump agenda?