Will Dems Go 0-4 After Tonight’s Georgia Special Election?

The Mainstream Media and its far-left Democrat Party cohorts are desperate to turn tonight’s Georgia special election into a win that they can then declare was an anti-Trump referendum. 

To ensure that victory, out-of-state dollars have poured into what is now the most expensive congressional race in U.S. political history.

President Trump has directly entered the fray, potential political damage be damned, via a couple of tweets this morning:

Democrat candidate Jon Ossoff, who doesn’t even live in the district he now hopes to represent, has benefited from nearly $30 million that has poured into his campaign. That is FIVE TIMES the amount his GOP opponent Karen Handel has raised.

America’s far-left, from Hollywood to New York City, have been sending cash to Ossoff in the hopes of using him as a symbol of anti-Trumpism.

The question that remains, and it will be answered very soon, is if the voters of Georgia’s Sixth District will have been influenced by all of that outside money. They can make the Democrat Party’s post-Trump election record go to 1-3 or keep them in the losing column at 0-4.

If Ossoff and all that money loses, the far-left gnashing of teeth will be considerable.

If they win, the haughty crowing will be unbearable.