Georgia Special Election Proves Democrat Party Is In Meltdown Mode: Check It Out

Tens of millions of dollars poured into a Georgia congressional district race that the far left and Mainstream Media were certain would prove the nation was tilting against Donald Trump. Their polling data said it would be so. Media report after media report called it. 

And then the voters of Georgia’s 6th District voted and proved them all wrong. The Republican won and won by an even larger margin in that district than Donald Trump did over Hillary Clinton thereby smashing the false narrative of a national Trump backlash. It doesn’t exist. It never did. And all those manufactured polls the far left loves to site? They don’t reflect true American sentiment.

The Democrat Party is in complete meltdown.

The media won’t report this fact. It will continue to attempt distraction with bogus Russia investigation coverage, etc. even as more and more Americans see through their lies.

Democrats have not won a single “referendum” election since Donald Trump became president.


And in Georgia’s 6th District the Republican winner EXPANDED on Donald Trump’s margin of victory of Hillary Clinton. Democrats are LOSING ground since the 2016 Election.

A Trump backlash? Hardly. It appears voters are handing out backlash after backlash against the Democrat Party.



Republicans Win AGAIN: Karen Handel Becomes First Woman To Serve Georgia’s 6th District

She was outspent by more than 500% compared to her Democrat opponent and also faced a frenzied Mainstream Media campaign set on defeating her. Despite that, the 6th Congressional District voters of Georgia gave Karen Handel a big special election victory.

CNN’s election night coverage didn’t say much verbally regarding the outcome, but their faces said plenty:

They are all clearly thinking the exact same thing: Why doesn’t America agree with us? Could it be because Americans are sick and tired of your repeated anti-Americanism? Just a hunch.

Kellyanne Conway was quick to remind the political and media elite they were proven wrong yet again:

President Trump, who urged voters to give Handel the win, was quick to congratulate her: