Trump VP Alert: Fox Suspends Gingrich Contract – “Effective Immediately”

Has the Trump VP pick been leaked, or mere coincidence?

Check out this tweet from CNN’s Brian Stelter:

“Fox News Channel has mutually agreed to suspend its contributor agreement” with Newt Gingrich “effective immediately.” Story TK.


(REMINDER: It was D.C. Whispers that reported months earlier about a Trump-Gingrich alliance. That report indicated Gingrich was being considered for a White House Chief of Staff position, which is still a possibility.)



BOOM! Trump Raises $50+ MILLION In June Alone!!!!

Will the astonishing amount be enough to silence the recent critics who declared just last month Donald Trump was not raising the kind of cash needed to defeat Hillary Clinton?

While those complaints were being leveled, Trump was raising a lot of cash for his campaign and the GOP. LOTS AND LOTS of cash…

Via the now egg-on-their-face, Washington Post:

“Donald Trump raised more than $26 million for his campaign and another $25 million in conjunction with the Republican National Committee in June, a hefty haul that his campaign hopes will put to rest anxieties in the party about his fundraising prowess.”

Word is, Trump’s July haul is already on a pace to eclipse the June mark.

It appears raising money won’t be a problem – just as Mr. Trump promised.

And in related campaign news, Team Trump is said to be huddling more often with possible Vice Presidential pick, Newt Gingrich in recent days. D.C. Whispers was the first to report of a Trump-Gingrich alliance several months ago, and since that time, those initial reports have been repeatedly substantiated. 

Today, Trump is scheduled to appear onstage with Gingrich at a campaign rally in Ohio. The Trump camp has been watching how potential VP candidates perform onstage with the New York billionaire, an effort based largely upon Trump’s demand that he have a running mate who matches well with his own naturally combative personality.

Gingrich is among the very few politicos who has the stage presence to not be entirely overshadowed by the larger-than-life Donald Trump. The former House Speaker would also provide the kind of tactical D.C. abilities some suggest is sorely needed within the still largely “outsider” Trump campaign. 

Word is that Gingrich has indicated he is very interested in the job of Vice President, but has already outlined some demands should he be chosen as Mr. Trump’s running mate. These demands center on his desire to be granted significant discretion in helping to run day-to-day workings of a Trump administration, namely being the primary link between the White House and Congress so that a Trump agenda has the best chance of actually being implemented.

In essence, Trump would provide the big picture outline, and it would be Gingrich who would then implement the details, a legislative operation very similar to what was incorporated during the Reagan-era.



Trump Insiders Increasingly Frustrated Over Billionaire’s Repeated Blunders This Past Week

Donald Trump had a bad week.

That’s not the word coming from the often anti-Trump Mainstream Media or Establishment politicians, but rather from the men and women working within the Trump campaign, including, it is said, Trump campaign supervisor and longtime politico, Paul Manafort, the man largely credited with ensuring Trump secured the GOP nomination.

“He needs to start listening. The campaign is a team sport now.”

Those were the words of Trump adviser, Newt Gingrich spoken to Fox News’s Chris Wallace this past Sunday. It is a sentiment said to be widespread throughout Team Trump of late as the presumptive GOP nominee finds himself taking incoming from the Clinton campaign, the media, and still some within his own Republican Party.

Mr. Trump’s performance was so uneven this past week it required a somewhat testy one-on-one between Trump and Paul Manafort. Whispers indicate Manafort was unnerved over what should have been the campaign’s primary focus following the rioting by American flag-burning protesters in San Jose following a Trump rally. Instead, the news cycle jumped upon Trump’s belief that the judge overseeing his Trump University civil lawsuit should step down from the case because, “He’s Mexican.”

The judge was born in Indiana to Mexican-immigrant parents.

It was a verbal misstep that has since become the focus of media attention, a focus the Mr. Manafort is said to be increasingly frustrated by. Newt Gingrich described Trump’s “He’s a Mexican” statement  as, “utterly innapropriate” and a “terrible mistake.”

It should be noted that since his meeting with Manafort, Trump has gone silent for nearly twenty-four hours, an uncommon occurrence for the normally verbose GOP front-runner.



Remember When D.C. Whispers Reported On The Trump-Gingrich Alliance First?

Several months ago, D.C. Whispers shared the below-the-political-surface whispers of an alliance being formed between then-insurgent GOP candidate, Donald Trump, and former House Speaker and presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich.

While some readers were enthused by the news, others responded with derision and claimed this blog to be guilty of baseless speculation.

Those responses have since gone silent as the Trump-Gingrich alliance is now being discussed openly via various media outlets.

“The former Speaker of the House and 2012 presidential candidate was the last to lead a Congress that was willing to send to the president’s desk a balanced budget, and Trump appears increasingly interested in utilizing Gingrich’s considerable talent and know-how to keep his White House on task and on time in delivering the kind of change Mr. Trump’s millions of supporters are hoping for in 2017.”

-D.C. Whispers: February, 2016


Now take a look at this sample of headlines from other media over the last 72-hours:

In Trump’s World, Newt Gingrich Is King — and Maybe VP

(National Review)

Growing support for Trump-Gingrich ticket

(Washington Examiner)

Donald Trump says Newt Gingrich is ‘absolutely’ on his Veep short list



If you want the political news before it’s news, D.C. Whispers is your must-read political blog.

Bookmark it now.

Trump Changes Tone After Gingrich Warns He’s Losing The War…

For months, former GOP House Speaker and 2012 presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich has been quietly advising Donald Trump as the New York billionaire solidified his Republican front-runner status following a series of resounding primary victories. Apparently consistent among these “discussions” between the two men has been Gingrich’s repeated desire to see the Trump campaign take on a “tough but inclusive” tone that gets away from the Twitter spats Trump has been known for since declaring his candidacy.

Then came the Trump retweet of an unflattering photo of Heidi Cruz and Gingrich is said to have given Mr. Trump an ultimatum. Either Trump start to listen, or all the work he and Gingrich had done together to help pave the path for the GOP nomination would fall apart.

The last 48-hours would indicate Donald Trump was quick to listen, and thus a reminder of just how much he values the opinion of Newt Gingrich. 

Gingrich knows well the power of the Establishment Republicans. He corralled them into a unified Congress during the Clinton-era, only to see them turn on him when his popularity and influence was deemed to great a threat.

Then came 2012 and the presidential campaign when Gingrich himself was a candidate for president. Once again, the donor class that controls so much of the primary outcome pulled away from Gingrich, who would have been a far more formidable challenger to Barack Obama, in favor of the soft-spined Mitt Romney.

It has been suggested Gingrich had watched Trump’s initial break-out into the Republican primary with great interest. He saw significant potential in Trump’s media experience, the brand name, the brash but often on-the-mark demeanor. 

More important, Newt Gingrich saw in Trump a man who might actually be able to take on the entrenched powers in D.C. – and win. With Trump’s repeated offerings to his enemies of verbal blunders that are then easily used against the GOP front-runner, Gingrich fears that potential might never be realized.

After the Heidi Cruz re-tweet, and then the awkward response to a question regarding abortion that now has the media spinning it into yet another “war on women” meme, Gingrich is said to have told Mr. Trump the nomination would be taken from him, that he was losing the war against the Establishment, and it was Trump himself who was to blame. It’s not that Donald Trump has actually done anything wrong, it’s just that he has allowed over the last few weeks to be portrayed as a candidate who has done little, if anything, right.

Since that Gingrich-rebuke, Trump’s tone in Wisconsin has been far more conciliatory. He even admitted to New York media if he had it to do over again, he wouldn’t have re-tweeted the unflattering facial photo of Ted Cruz’s wife juxtaposed with that of a far more attractive Melania Trump. 

For Wisconsin though, it might be too little too late. 

And for Gingrich, and perhaps America, Trump might soon be yet another in a long line of “what ifs” as the Establishment powers march on undeterred, in control, and as always – deciding the outcome.

On Tuesday we will see if Mr. Trump still has enough support among voters to alter that outcome.




Some secrets are better left dead…


Newt Gingrich Helping Donald Trump Navigate D.C. Political Swamp

Weeks earlier a D.C. Whispers report broke news of a seeming alliance between new-to-politics GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and conservative stalwart and former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich.

Trump In Talks With Gingrich For White House Chief of Staff Position?

This week it appears the accuracy of the above information has been significantly solidified.

ABOVE: Newt Gingrich leaving a private meeting in Washington D.C. between himself, Donald Trump, and several leading conservative power players. It is rumored Gingrich is playing the role of broker between the political outsider Trump and figures Gingrich trusts can allow a Trump administration to successfully navigate a city long noted for chewing up and spitting out unprepared presidents.


The meeting’s attendance list, according to the New York Times, included such influential voices as Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Jim DeMint, the former South Carolina senator who is now president of the conservative Heritage Foundation.

D.C. Whispers sources have indicated Mr. Trump was mostly quiet and “contemplative” at the meeting, listening to the opinions of those seated around a large, conference room table as topics included his prospective foreign policy team, and further ways Trump can move to unite the party behind his campaign.

Mr. Gingrich is said to be playing a pivotal role in coordinating both ventures, making him appear, at least for now, as Donald Trump’s unofficial Washington D.C. Chief of Staff.

Trump’s day in D.C. included an appearance at his soon-to-be opened high-end hotel just across the street from the White House, where he conducted an impromptu job interview with a freelance reporter who had an interest in joining the Trump organization. (she apparently got the job)

The day was capped off with what many now regard as the single best speech performance by any of the presidential candidates from either party at the AIPAC Conference – a speech it is now being whispered, was directed at least in part, by Newt Gingrich.



What do you do when your own government is the thing trying to destroy you?

Answer: FIGHT.