Justice Clarence Thomas Provides Viral White House Pic Of The Day

He went through what he termed a “high tech lynching” back when a group of Democrats attempted to smear his reputation with unsubstantiated claims of sexual harassment. The Democrats’ tactics divided a nation then just as the very same tactics did so more recently. Noone knows more than Clarence Thomas the depths to which the far left will go to try and win. Now joining Judge Thomas on the bench is another who knows this as well – Justice Brett Kavanagh. The below is a photo taken today at the White House for the ceremonial swearing-in of Justice Kavanaugh. The photo is now going viral not only for how happy Justice Thomas looks but for how frail and lost Justice Ginsburg appears. It’s almost as if each is representing the two political parties in America today—one remains strong and virile while the other is just barely hanging on. (As an aside, we do hope Justice Ginsburg actually feels better than she looks here and isn’t in too much discomfort.)

The 2018 Midterms are sure going to be interesting.


Why Does Ruth Bader Ginsburg Refuse To Hire Black Law Clerks?

It’s long been whispered in and around Washington D.C. that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg might have a bit of a problem when it comes to minorities. It was an issue that started many years ago during her own Senate confirmation hearing in 1993 when Ginsberg was questioned about her seeming refusal to hire minority law clerks, particularly those who were black. Ginsburg promised senators then that she would ‘do better’ and that, “…if you confirm me for this job my attractiveness to black candidates is going to improve.”

Well, it hasn’t. 

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“She doesn’t trust people of color to do the job she requires.”

So goes the sentiment of more than a few individuals with ties to those who have worked within the Supreme Court over the last four decades.

The problem for Justice Ginsburg is that her own hiring practices confirm that sentiment. Since becoming a member of the Court a quarter-century ago Justice Ginsberg has hired just one black law clerk.

That’s right – just one.

On his very first day as a member of the Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has already hired as many black law clerks as Ginsburg has hired in twenty-five years.

Ginsburg’s seeming dislike of minority clerks is a subject well known among Court watchers, but a subject completely glossed over by the liberal news and entertainment industries which portray her as a lovably eccentric legal waif who has succeeded among a High Court-world dominated by men. And yet Justice Ginsburg doesn’t seem to take issue with men—unless they happen to be black.

You won’t read about that in your far-left history books but the facts say otherwise.

Hopefully, when the time comes for Justice Ginsburg to step down from the Court her replacement will not continue the same troubling hiring practices that she has long engaged in. Racism has no place in America, least of all on the Supreme Court.