Glenn Beck Now Apparently Wants MORE Muslim Immigration Into America

Just a few years ago he was selling a book declaring the dangers of the Muslim faith. Now, with President Donald Trump calling for a temporary 90-day ban on immigrants from a handful of countries known to be hotbeds of terrorist activity, Beck is declaring to CBS that Trump’s immigration policies are “dangerous” and that America cannot abide another year, let alone another four, of a Trump presidency.

Here is Beck a few years earlier warning Americans about the dangers of Islamic immigration and the threat it poses to Western Civilization – the very same immigration he now supports here in America:

And here is the 2015 Beck book titled, It IS About Islam

It IS About Islam: Exposing the Truth About ISIS, Al Qaeda, Iran, and the Caliphate (The Control Series Book 3) by [Beck, Glenn]

From the book’s own description:

“…From the barbarians of ISIS to the terror tactics of Al-Qaeda and its offshoots, to the impending threat of a nuclear Iran, those motivated by extreme fundamentalist Islamic faith have the power to endanger and kill millions. The conflict with them will not end until we face the truth about those who find their inspiration and justification in the religion itself.”

So, what happened to change Mr. Beck’s mind regarding the dangers of Muslim immigration  from the above book’s publication in 2015 to now? Could it be the reported financial difficulties of his Blaze media company? The numbers of radio stations who have dropped his program? The reduction in advertising profits? His decision to support Hillary Clinton for President in 2016?

Who knows.

What is more clear is that Glenn Beck was once among the loudest voices opposed to globalism.

That is no longer true.


RIP Glenn Beck. It Seems We Hardly Knew Ya…

“Glenn Beck begged CNN for forgiveness.”

So went several incredulous messages yesterday, leaving the few remaining Beck loyalists surely shaking their heads in disbelief. This could not be. Not CNN. Not the very news network Beck once railed against as the Mainstream Media’s version of the “pit of despair” just a few years earlier. Today, Mr. Beck is grovelling before that same pit…

Surely Glenn Beck was aware of CNN’s complicity in promoting, NOT reporting on, Hillary Clinton for the last eighteen months? That complicity was proven time and time again via a litany of leaked John Podesta emails, proving the very state-run media Mr. Beck once spoke out so strongly against.

And yet, Beck did not speak out against CNN. He did not condemn them for their part in colluding with Mrs. Clinton, going so far as to have a CNN contributor feeding the Clinton campaign debate questions during the primary race against Bernie Sanders – or Wolf Blitzer requesting suggestions from Team Clinton prior to conducting an interview with Donald Trump.

No, instead, Glenn Beck cried out this week to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, bemoaning he has no credibility with CNN’s viewers because he, “made mistakes.” CNN – the insidious propaganda arm of the globalist threat that Mr. Beck once outlined in such alarming detail.Perhaps Beck, facing rumored financial ruin, wants nothing more than the opportunity to be given his thirty pieces of silver and the pretense of relevance from his media masters.

RIP Glenn Beck.

It seems we hardly knew ya…


Glenn Beck Goes To War With Matt Drudge

Yesterday, radio personality Glenn Beck called longtime conservative news icon, Matt Drudge, “EVIL” for Drudge’s decision to feature a story that had Beck pondering having a “patriot” kill Donald Trump.

That feature led to Beck further describing Mr. Drudge as a, “…despicable, lying scumbag.”

The current war of words has been a long time coming as Beck, a strong supporter of the now-finished Ted Cruz presidential campaign, and Drudge, who lent a great deal of positive news coverage to the (victorious) Donald Trump campaign, appeared on a political advocacy collision course that is now playing out primarily through Beck’s radio broadcast denunciations of Matt Drudge and his Drudge Report.

The animosity between the two media giants escalated recently following an interview between Mr. Beck and frequent Beck guest and thriller author, Brad Thor that had Mr. Thor speculating “as a thriller writer” that the American people might need to end a Trump presidency via assassination carried out by a, “patriot.”

Beck then stated, “I would agree with you on that.”

Drudge then linked to an American Mirror article that outlined the exchange between Mr. Beck and Mr. Thor, titled:

Glenn Beck, Brad Thor discuss a ‘patriot’ taking out Donald Trump

The above story has since been widely disseminated thanks in great part to the link on the Drudge Report.

Glenn Beck went on to ask his audience if Matt Drudge was, “crazy.”

As for Drudge, as is his longstanding habit on such things, has so far remained personally silent regarding the dispute between himself and Mr. Beck – though the Drudge Report will no doubt link to a story or two discussing the matter.