GM’s Overtly Political Move To Eliminate Ohio And Michigan Jobs In Order To Hurt Trump’s 2020 Chances

It’s not just that current General Motors CEO Mary Barra owes her high-paying position to former President Barack Obama, (The Obama administration had largely taken over GM with a highly-controversial taxpayer-funded multi-billion dollar bailout) or that she was on Hillary Clinton’s short list of potential 2016 Vice Presidential candidates, but that she is also largely controlled by the market influence of America’s #1 economic enemy – China. That’s right, China is likely the one behind the now-threatened closure of some of GM’s Ohio and Michigan manufacturing plants as the Establishment Media ramps up its “Blame Trump” coverage just days away from the president’s scheduled sit-down with China leader, Xi Jinping. Mary Barra appears willing to watch the destruction of American jobs in order to earn political points with her true master – China.  

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Via The Washington Times:

Trump urges GM to close plants in China instead of Ohio

President Trump said Monday he’s pressuring the CEO of General Motors to open a new factory in Ohio quickly following the automaker’s announcement of plant closings in the Midwest, a business decision that could complicate the president’s re-election bid.

On the same day that GM announced layoffs of up to 14,000 workers at as many as five plants in North America, including Michigan and Ohio, Mr. Trump told reporters he had a stern phone call with CEO Mary Barra in which he reminded her of taxpayers’ $80 billion bailout of the auto industry in 2008.

“The United States saved General Motors, and for her to take that company out of Ohio is not good,” Mr. Trump said. “I am not happy with what she did. They better get back to Ohio and soon. I was very tough when I spoke to her.”

GM said it is cutting production of several car models, including the compact Chevrolet Cruze, as part of a massive restructuring that will eliminate about 5 percent of its North American workforce.

The decision to halt production at the GM plant in Lordstown, Ohio, and its Hamtramck facility in Michigan are a blow to the states’ economies. And it could affect the re-election prospects for Mr. Trump, who won two years ago by capturing both states and has made big promises to those communities about his policies creating a resurgent American auto industry.


And there you have it. As a candidate, Donald Trump shocked the DC establishment by winning both Ohio and Michigan in 2016. The Trump administration has been an increasingly painful thorn in the side of China’s move to become the #1 economic power in the world and China is now using all its considerable influence to alter the political climate in DC back to the “let China win” mentality that marked the Obama years and that would have continued unchecked had Hillary Clinton won in 2016. Thousands of Americans are losing their jobs because of Democrats’ allegiance to China first and America last. They would rather support China and oppose President Trump.

If you think that’s seriously messed up – you’re right.

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