Why Is Oprah Winfrey So Dumb?

Perhaps it isn’t shocking stupidity but merely more common (and oh-so-boring) ignorance that fueled Oprah Winfrey’s orchestrated “me too” performance at last night’s Golden Globes ceremony where a roomful of Hollywood elite gathered to applaud their most favorite of all subjects – themselves. 

(Above: Oprah Winfrey recently sucking on disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s ear. Weinstein has a decades-long history of abuse against women that was known by many in the industry, likely including Winfrey herself. She, like so many others in Hollywood, didn’t seem to mind then when Weinstein was giving her roles in his films.)

Standing up for women’s rights is fine – even admirable when done with sincerity. Last night Ms. Winfrey was far from sincere, though. No, instead she once again careened into the trenches of racism, bringing up a horrific crime that took place 65 years ago in which a group of white men raped a black woman. Winfrey told that story while emphasizing the word “white” in her description, spitting it out like a curse word, then declared, “Their time is up.” The juxtaposition of that story and “their time is up” was impossible to miss and was what made an opportunity to justifiably challenge the elitist status-quo of the Hollywood power structure be wasted on gutter racism dressed in a gown with layers of spackled-on makeup.

Basic facts call out Winfrey’s lie. It is not white men who are doing the vast majority of raping in this country – particularly of black women. Nor is it white men who are assaulting and/or murdering black women at alarmingly tragic rates. No, those terrible deeds are overwhelmingly being carried out by black men. It should also be noted that back on white crime is much-much higher than white on black crime. Since the 1970’s, black on white rape is 10x more often than white on black rape. TEN TIMES! Overall violent crime statistics indicate white criminals choose black victims less than 3% of the time while black criminals choose white victims more than half the time.

Ms. Winfrey failed to mention any of these facts in her racist speech last night. (Nor did she bring up the more shocking and potentially widespread plague of foundational pedophilia involving men and women alike throughout Hollywood – an omission that is yet another example of the speech’s insincerity.) She opted for easy and empty race-based emotionalism – the very thing that made her hundreds of millions of dollars as an afternoon talk show host – a career primarily built upon the viewership of white women. (In that sense Oprah Winfrey owes nearly the entirety of her considerable success to white folks!)

If she had had real courage and honesty, she would have pointed her finger directly at the black community, and specifically black men, and demanded they get their sh*t together. That would have been a far truer moment of honesty and empowerment. Instead, Winfrey held up her little award given to her by Hollywood’s white power structure, rehashed a racial blame-game script as tired as the day is long, and then shuffled off the stage as she returned to her ongoing irrelevance.


Source: “What Should Be Done,” US News & World Report