Yet More Evidence Of GOP Establishment’s Opposition To Trump Agenda Confirmed

Two weeks ago, D.C. Whispers went live with the following report:

Ryan Works With Pelosi & Schumer To Stall Trump Economic Recovery

Matt Drudge was quick to second that concern. Today, Drudge has done so again, linking to yet another story that further confirms the original D.C. Whispers heads up:

Check out this commentary from an AP morning report:


…Republicans know they’ll need tons of cash, whatever they devise. The figure is currently unknown.

“Whatever we do in replacement is going to cost some money, and is there a way to generate money if we ditch all the Obamacare tax revenues or not? That’s where we haven’t achieved consensus,” said No. 2 Senate GOP leader John Cornyn of Texas…’They’re in a hell of a bind,’ said Joseph Antos, health policy expert at the conservative American Enterprise Institute.”


Disregard the now-repeated claims by GOP lawmakers regarding how “tough” it is to dismantle Obamacare. Remember, they have been running on dismantling Obamacare for YEARS. They have promised to do so. They have raised campaign cash from small donors saying they would do so. Since Obamacare became law, Republicans have been demanding it be repealed and replaced.

And yet, now these same Republicans are claiming to have no plan, no idea on how to proceed with doing just that after voters have given them all of Congress and the White House to do so.

Let that sink in, reader.

And it’s the same delay/it’s too hard/complicated tactic these GOP elites intend to continue using for much of the Trump agenda. If Donald Trump is to have any chance of overcoming all of Washington D.C. and the media elite, he needs YOU, the American people to afford him the chance to do so. For if there is one thing the D.C. elite fear most, it’s seeing their political careers sent packing.

2018 already draws near.


GOP Party Leader Considers Voting For Satan Over Donald Trump…

The Republican Establishment isn’t even attempting to hide their disregard for Donald Trump and his millions of supporters – supporters who have undeniably expanded the base of the Republican Party itself.

That same Establishment fears it could lose control of the primary selection outcome so therefore, is now stacking the deck against Mr. Trump to ensure he is kicked off the stage during a contested/brokered GOP convention.

“If Satan had the lead on him and was one delegate away from being nominated as our candidate, and Donald Trump was the alternative, I might vote for Donald Trump.” Indiana GOP leader Craig Dunn


Trump is facing a litany of state-GOP party bosses forcefully intervening on the makeup of state delegates who will be going to the GOP convention this summer, making certain the vast majority of those delegates will move to support another candidate after the first vote of a contested convention – regardless of how decisive Trump’s primary election in those states might have been.

The Cruz campaign is said to be coordinating directly with state GOP officials (at the urging of the RNC) to ensure Mr. Cruz is viewed as a viable alternative during the contested convention process, even in states where Cruz lost badly to Donald Trump.

With that as the backdrop, this Indiana state GOP leader admitted this to Politico regarding the delegate selection process now underway that will determine delegate support of the GOP candidate regardless of who the Indiana voters actually choose:

“One of my criteria for filtering out folks was whether or not they support Donald Trump. I didn’t care whether they supported Ted Cruz or John Kasich.”

This kind of talk no doubt has all those millions of Republican voters, many who are now just realizing how corrupted the presidential selection process truly is, feeling more than a bit like this as they consider taking a flamethrower to the GOP Establishment:

(Warning: Language)

Republican Establishment Mocks, Vilifies All Things Trump As Obama Celebrates Catastrophic Iran Deal

How telling is it to see a parade of self-important “conservative” journalists and commentators dismiss voters who support Donald Trump as nothing more than a mishmash of uninformed, immature, and quite possibly racist morons but say almost nothing on the eve of the Obama White House crowing about its “victory” in securing enough support in the Republican-controlled Senate to pass its highly controversial and dangerous Iranian nuke deal.

It would seem the distance between the far left, America-last ideology of Barack Obama and that of the mainstream Republican establishment is now so negligible it has become an exercise in pretending there is actually a difference between the Democrat and Republican parties.

The gentleman in the picture above is Bret Stephens, a highly regarded, University of Chicago-educated gentleman who is the leading foreign relations columnist for the still-influential  Wall Street Journal.  (He has also been a consistent supporter of Jeb Bush since December of last year.) One would think the stunningly pro-Iran nuclear deal orchestrated by a feckless Obama administration would be topic number one for Mr. Stephens.

Not so.

Instead, Stephens spent yesterday lambasting all Trump supporters with the following published description:

“Mr. Trump is a loudmouth vulgarian appealing to quieter vulgarians. These vulgarians comprise a significant percentage of the GOP base. The leader isn’t the problem. The people are. It takes the demos to make the demagogue…”

Other establishment “conservative” voices like George Will, David Harsanyi,and Mona Charen have all taken to mocking Donald Trump supporters in recent days, suggesting such people lack both intellect and common sense and going so far as to hint that Mr. Trump’s support is based on racism.

It is a stunning miscalculation of the mood of the electorate, and what better example can be found than the now almost finalized Iran nuke deal? Here is a proposition that Republicans loudly denounced in public while seemingly making a quiet deal with the White House to assure passage in private.  Voters kicked the Democrats out of the Senate for a reason – they were tired of the Obama administration’s ongoing anti-American policies and wanted Congress to make it stop.

Republicans were given control of the Senate and then what? Obama’s anti-American march continues, unfettered by even a suggestion of real political opposition.

Donald Trump represents the frustration of millions of us who know in our hearts something is terribly wrong with our country. The United States is not so much united as afraid – afraid of where we are going because we know it is a path that will not be kind to the next generation. The political class, including its media mouthpieces, don’t wish to confront this fact because they helped to create the very environment that has created the Trump surge.

“Make America Great Again.”

It’s a simple, effective, and understandable sentiment to so many who feel America has not been great for too long. Barack Obama began his presidency by sharing his belief America was nothing special and should not consider itself to be. He has spent the last seven years making certain his belief is our collective reality.

Donald Trump is short on specifics, he says things that are far beyond the boundaries of political correctness, and is aggressively dismissive of the very establishment figures who now attack him and his supporters with such open contempt. The establishment shakes both its head and their finger at us and then points to Jeb Bush and demands we fall in line and make him the 2016 Republican nominee.

One can almost feel the political establishment hand patting us reassuringly on the tops of our heads as it smiles and nods.

“See, it’s so much easier when you let the smart ones make the choice for you…”