ALERT: Democrat & Republican Leaders To Declare Donald Trump “Mentally Incompetent” (UPDATES)

Apparently this isn’t a joke, nor is it merely another snide attempt to smear Donald Trump and the Trump campaign.

Sources indicate a concerted effort is now underway among a group of Establishment Democrats and Republicans to try and convince the American people that Donald Trump is mentally unfit to serve as President of the United States. These forces don’t need actual medical verification of their claims, but rather seek to merely have it confirmed within the court of public opinion.

It is an effort initiated by Barack Obama himself when he declared during a recent press conference that Mr. Trump was “unfit to serve” (then quickly echoed by New York Republican Congressman Richard Hanna) as American’s next president. That claim was a planned attack that is to be followed up by similar claims coming from both Republicans and Democrats and then magnified 24/7 by media cohorts intent on derailing the Trump campaign once and for all.


UPDATE #1: Georgia Republican Electoral College representative, Baoky Vu, a naturalized U.S. citizen, just announced he may not be casting a vote for Donald Trump because he feels Trump, “…antics and asinine behavior has cemented my belief that he lacks the judgment, temperament and gravitas to lead this Nation.”

UPDATE #2: Former Republican candidate for governor of California, Meg Whitman, just announced her intention to support and fund raise for Hillary Clinton, calling Donald Trump a, “dishonest demagogue” who has, “…undermined the fabric of our national character.”

UPDATE #3: CNN just went live with reports of an alleged “Trump Intervention” to take place in the coming days for what the network declares to be, “…a disastrous 48 hours” by the candidate himself. John Harwood just declared that Trump campaign staff are, “suicidal.”

UPDATE #4: The Daily Caller is now spinning a story that has top GOP officials “actively exploring” options to get Trump to drop out and then, “…replace him on the ballot” with someone else.

UPDATE #5: In what is perhaps the strongest confirmation yet of the above D.C. Whispers report, it has just been announced that Congresswoman Karen Bass is launching a petition demanding the evaluation of Donald Trump’s “mental fitness.” Here is her just-released comments on that petition:

“Mr. Trump appears to exhibit all the symptoms of the mental disorder Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Mental health professionals need to come forward and urge the Republican party to insist that their nominee has an evaluation to determine his mental fitness for the job.” (via, The Hill)


It appears increasingly certain the political and media Establishment’s “Trump is mentally incompetent” campaign is now fully underway, and willing to stop at nothing to see it succeed…




Paul Manafort vs Ted Cruz: Texas Senator Balances Personal Ambition Amidst Calls For Unity

It is said Paul Manafort doesn’t care much for former Trump GOP rival and current Texas Senator, Ted Cruz.

Apparently, he trusts him even less.

Cruz reps have met several times with Mr. Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager and convention supervisor, and though progress has been somewhat slow, it has also been described as steady.

At the heart of the near-impasse is Senator Cruz’s alleged desire to use the speech to elevate his own status within the Republican party, while avoiding alienating millions of Trump supporters who are determined to see the New York billionaire elected as the next President of the United States. Trump has cobbled together a very unique and disparate coalition that includes upper and lower income voters of all kinds – voters who might one day play a crucial role in furthering Mr. Cruz’s future political ambitions.

Manafort remains determined to make this the “Donald Trump convention” and to this point, has succeeded in doing just that. Minus a minor hiccup involving allegations of a small portion of Melania Trump’s speech sounding a lot like a previous Michelle Obama convention address, the 2016 GOP Convention has been a smoothly run operation and media ratings bonanza. 

The Cruz camp is said to have been reluctant to show a completed version of the senator’s speech tonight, but Manafort has indicated to media sources he is confident Cruz will remember who is priority #1:

“I think you’ll see [after] the end of his speech tonight that Senator Cruz will be part of the campaign going forward — in what capacity, I’m not certain, but his words will leave no doubt that he wants  Donald Trump to be president of the United States.”

As of this writing, the Cruz camp is said to have given no indication the senator will give an actual endorsement of Donald Trump during his convention speech tonight, an omission Paul Manafort is reportedly fuming over behind the scenes.


UPDATE: Cruz might have just blinked. Reports indicate Cruz has given a copy of his speech over to Manafort for review…




Paul Ryan Campaign Scrambles To Survive As Poll Shows 30-Point Drop In Approval

Just a quick update on the Paul Ryan vs Paul Nehlen primary battle. Speaker Ryan, one of the most powerful Establishment Republicans in the nation, and a constant critic of Donald Trump and Mr. Trump’s popularity among voters, is now officially in a fight to keep his own Wisconsin congressional seat.

Nehlen, a businessman and Trump supporter, has in just a single month, closed the gap by more than half between himself and Ryan. Should that trend hold for another four weeks, he could very well defeat the House Speaker, a result which would be a seismic shock to the political status-quo in America.

Ryan is currently polling at 43% to Nehlen’s 32%. Just a few months earlier, Nehlen was in single digits.

Nehlen had this to say about the most recent poll numbers:

 “Everything that Americans despise about their government, Paul Ryan represents… Can you name one time when Paul Ryan fought as hard for you and your family as he’s fought for corporate America?”

In one month, Wisconsin voters in Ryan and Nehlen’s congressional district will have a chance to decide of Mr. Nehlen criticism has enough merit to warrant Paul Ryan is sent packing.


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PATHETIC! Weekly Standard Calls For Republican Convention Coup To Oust Trump

There was a time when Bill Kristol’s Weekly Standard was considered one of the bastions of conservative publications in this country. Mr. Kristol has made a very comfortable living claiming to be a spokesperson American conservatives.

And yet, today, this same Bill Kristol appears all too willing to see Hillary Clinton win the White House instead of Donald Trump, a man who has amassed more GOP primary votes than any Republican in history.

trump record votes

Trump is also polling higher among Hispanic voters than either Mitt Romney or John McCain – the very “growing the party” mantra Kristol repeated so often in recent years.

Yet here we are today, though, watching and listening as Bill Kristol declares there should be a revolt at this year’s GOP convention – a revolt whose goal is to snatch the nomination away from Donald Trump and give it to someone Kristol deems “appropriate” to be the Republican nominee:

“This election cycle hasn’t been kind to Republican big shots. Their favorite presidential candidates—Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and Marco Rubio—fell short. Their opposition to Donald Trump was ineffectual, and their subsequent submission to him inglorious.

Now they have one last chance to do something that would bring credit to them and benefit to their party and country: Support the effort by hundreds of delegates to free themselves to vote their conscience at the GOP convention.” -Bill Kristol

Mr. Kristol reveals what was always the Establishment’s true intent this past election cycle. There were three candidates this Establishment deemed “acceptable and those were Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and a somewhat outlier, Marco Rubio.

When Donald Trump’s support surged, it turned over the table and Bill Kristol and others were caught unaware and found themselves scrambling to reassert control. This effort had them working side by side with the liberal media, Democrat operatives, and it would appear, the Hillary Clinton campaign as well.

Collusion is the name of the game in American politics these days. It is a comfortable collusion whereby both sides make lots of money pretending voters have a choice when in fact, there is hardly a difference between the two parties anymore. It is why a Republican-controlled House and Senate has done almost nothing to halt the authoritarian progression that has been the hallmark of the Obama White House. Too many Republicans want merely to give a speech or two, attend DC cocktail parties, and count the cash that is rolling in as they peddle their legislative influence to the highest bidder. (Which these days most often is the House of Saud and its affiliates.)

Bill Kristol isn’t a conservative. Nor is he a Reagan Republican. He is merely another opportunist grown fat off the world of pretend that is Washington D.C. His attacks against Donald Trump have nothing to do with saving the Republican Party or America, and everything to do with saving himself.

Donald Trump is pulling back the curtain on all of this, and in doing so, is enemy #1 of the political machine that has for too long suffocated OUR American potential.

Mr. Trump is the here and now.

Bill Kristol is the sad and pathetic past that Republican voters are rejecting by the millions as they unify behind Donald Trump.

America wants real change, and its tired of being lied to, manipulated, and made to sit down and shut up.

Those days are over.


BOOM! Longtime Establishment Congressman Loses Primary To Pro-Trump Challenger

It’s the very thing the GOP Establishment fears most – loss of control.

This week, an example of that diminished control reverberated throughout D.C. as challenger Scott Taylor, who is a former Navy SEAL and current Virginia State Representative, defeated longtime Republican Congressman Randy Forbes.

Taylor supported Donald Trump and Trump’s America-first economic platform. Randy Forbes did not.

Virginia voters just fired Randy Forbes.

Taylor hosted a Virginia Trump rally as far back as September, and has since repeated his plan to support the New York billionaire in his upcoming presidential battle against Hillary Clinton.

Polling data indicates one of the issues that doomed Forbes’s primary campaign was the longtime Congressman’s support of Obamatrade – the fast-track trade deal that many feel would ship yet more jobs outside of the United States, further debilitating an already suffering American Middle Class.

Congressman Forbes was successfully painted as an Establishment elitist who too often sided with party leaders over the needs of Virginians, and it cost Mr. Forbes dearly at the polls even though his campaign outspent Taylor by a three-to-one margin and had the support of both the state and national Republican machine. Forbes even attempted to jump from his state’s Fourth District to its conservative voter-dominated Second District to run for re-election, a move supported fully by the GOP establishment.

It appears that attempt failed.

Reports indicate a stunned House Speaker Paul Ryan was quick to phone Taylor and offer his support in his General Election bid this November as Republicans in D.C. brace for yet more pro-Trump influence that is already shaking the Establishment foundations of the party.




Hispanics/Latinos For Trump Movement Sweeping Across America (VIDEO)

Establishment Republican/Media figures like Bill Kristol continue to wage war against the likely GOP presidential nominee, Donald Trump. And yet, it is Donald Trump who is at this very moment expanding the base of voters in the upcoming 2016 Election like no other Republican candidate has done since the days of Ronald Reagan.

This video makes that fact all too clear, leaving one to wonder whose interests  Mr. Kristol is really shilling for, because it certainly isn’t the American voter.

Check out this video, and share with others…

Trump Already Beating Hillary. She Is Becoming JEB! 2.0…

Something is terribly amiss within the Hillary Clinton campaign these days.

They know it. Their supporters in the Mainstream Media know it. The DNC knows it.

And so too does Hillary Clinton herself know it.

With the General Election race not yet officially underway, Team Hillary is dealing with an increasingly unpopular candidate with a very weak base of support upon which to build a national campaign and despite hundreds of millions of dollars at the ready to make her more appealing, voters so far appear reluctant to give her much attention and even less respect.

Mrs. Clinton is looking very much like her political establishment counterpart, Jeb Bush.

And like JEB!, Hillary faces the political grassroots phenomena that is Donald Trump.

For months the Mainstream Media and politicos from both parties attempted to convince the American public Trump was not electable. Trump defeated his GOP primary rivals one by one until he it was he and he alone left standing – persistent critics be damned. 

These same critics warned Trump could never defeat Hillary Clinton in the General Election, but more recent polling shows Mr. Trump enjoying a continued popularity surge while Mrs. Clinton finds herself losing yet another primary battle to 74-year-old socialist, Bernie Sanders.

Trump and Clinton are already at a statistical dead heat in a head-to-head match-up, but momentum is clearly on the side of the New York billionaire.

Yesterday’s West Virginia Democrat primary gave the Clinton Camp even more heartburn-inducing statistics. Perhaps the most telling and daunting of these was the fact a third of Democrats indicated they would vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the General Election. (And remember, this is a state Hillary thumped Barack Obama in during the state’s 2008 primary race)


That is the kind of crossover voter appeal that more than rivals that of Ronald Reagan, whose two General Election victories were of historic landslide proportions unmatched by any other modern era candidate. The polling data also indicates that women are not flocking to Hillary as the Hillary campaign had hoped they would. In fact, despite months of negative media portrayals regarding Trump’s alleged lack of popularity among female voters, actual election results show women voting for Trump at a ratio comparable to other past GOP candidates.

In short, Donald Trump continues to build upon his success in what was a very competitive and volatile GOP primary battle and is poised to potentially crush Hillary Clinton in the General Election.

There are months yet before the November vote of course, and the Clinton Machine, however reduced from the days of its former and formidable glory, remains an entity capable of a comeback. 


Media Declared Trump Campaign DOA – Over & Over Again…(VIDEO)

It is the fundamental root of the anti-Trump sentiment that still festers among so many within the media and political elite. A candidate who appears to break nearly every one of their manufactured rules, namely fear of their opinion, and then somehow seemingly grows stronger for having done so.

Since early summer last year, these same media and political elites have been chortling over the end of the Trump campaign.

Time and time again, Donald Trump and his growing base of supporters proved them wrong as Trump bypassed the Mainstream Media filter and communicated directly to the people in a way that has never been done before in the modern era of American politics.

“We can’t control him.”

So goes the refrain from so many who have for so long controlled the corridors of power in this country, and what they cannot control, they fear and the greater that fear, the more the American people now embrace the potential that is the Trump campaign.




The Day Paul Manafort Put The Fear Of God Into The Hearts & Minds Of The GOP Establishment

Some are still stunned with the speed at which Donald Trump suddenly elevated himself from front-runner to presumptive nominee following Mr. Trump’s landslide victory in Indiana on Tuesday.

Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s campaign supervisor, a man who has navigated the often turbulent waters of national politics for several decades, is likely not a bit surprised, for it was Manafort who just a few short weeks ago put the fear of God into a collection of anti-Trump GOP Establishment figures during a posh resort retreat in Florida – a meeting which it can now be said altered the trajectory of the Republican primary race and quite possibly, the future of the country.

The Trump campaign pre-Manafort was winning primary elections, but losing delegates and found itself time and again being excoriated via the Mainstream Media for various and repeated messaging hiccups. 

Then came the sixty-seven year old Manafort, a man who has known Donald Trump for some thirty years. The longtime political operative saw in Trump a political candidate with significant potential but potential that was being pummeled by a less than stellar campaign operation. Donald Trump was loyal to his stripped down, low-cost political team. Manafort felt it was loyalty that was ultimately coming at too great a cost to the candidate himself.

After a series of on-air media appearances by the new campaign supervisor that signaled Team Trump would be a more focused and effective endeavor, it was Manafort who was then dispatched to Florida for a series of sit-downs with some of the most influential figures inside the Republican Party – the very people who had for months wanted to see the Trump campaign destroyed and had facilitated the spending of tens of millions of dollars to make it happen.

A brief recording of Manafort commenting on Donald Trump’s ability to “evolve” during the General Election received a few days of media attention, but that commentary was secondary to Manafort’s true purpose inside the expansive Hollywood, Florida resort that week. Many of the GOP power brokers were all too familiar with Paul Manafort. They knew him, but more importantly to the goals of Team Trump – they feared him.

Paul Manafort is not a man to be trifled with, and when he sets his dark-eyed gaze upon an individual, there is a brief but all-important moment of silent self-contemplation within which he asks if you are to be a friend or a foe.

You would do well to choose wisely.

And so that stare was in full effect in Florida on that day and well into the evening and by the multiple meet-and-greet’s conclusion, Paul Manafort is said to have put the fear of God into most attending the event. He first focused on Trump’s impressive resume of success, and explained how that success would play out in a General Election victory. This was later reinforced in more intimate meetings in which Manafort repeatedly emphasized the disaster that would be a contested GOP convention, a disaster he implied would be of biblical proportions. With his low-voiced and utterly confident delivery, he laid out the longer-term implications should such a thing be allowed to happen and each time, he left powerful men and women accustomed to getting their way, shaken and uncertain should they continue on their anti-Trump path.

Word of Manafort’s success in Florida no doubt reached Trump quickly. The New York billionaire was not yet entirely convinced of the legendary abilities of his new hire. Indiana was to be Paul Manafort’s first real test. The Cruz campaign and the StopTrump operation were dropping millions of dollars into the Hoosier state. The ground game Cruz often bragged about was once again out in force. One can almost hear Manafort as he cracked his knuckles, issued his hungry, just-before-battle smile and then set out to pummel the Cruz campaign in a state that on paper, should have been a relatively easy win for Team Cruz. Remember, just a few weeks earlier, polling data had indicated it would be just that.

Trump’s success in Indiana was the direct result of Paul Manafort’s involvement and it was a success that reverberated throughout the GOP Establishment and reinforced Mr. Manafort’s earlier warnings in Florida to that same establishment that Donald Trump and his campaign were not to be underestimated.

Upon taking the stage in the gold-tinted Trump Tower following his landslide Indiana primary win, Donald Trump gave thanks to those who helped secure that victory.

The very first name he spoke was that of Paul Manafort.

And now the eyes of Manafort are focused fully upon Hillary Clinton.