FAKE NEWS AGAIN: Claims Polish 1st Lady Refused To Shake Hands W/Trump. NOT TRUE (VIDEO)

A clearly edited version attempts to bolster the claim the First Lady of Poland refused to shake hands with POTUS Trump. The actual video proves otherwise. Here’s the headline via Vanity Fair:

The First Lady of Poland Smoothly Avoided Shaking Donald Trump’s Hand

And here’s the video Vanity Fair used to support it’s FAKE NEWS headline:

Ah, but HERE is the unedited video:

This FAKE NEWS is so ridiculous. They deserve every bit of ridicule they are now getting from the American public.


As Obama Fumbles Handshake & Hillary Ducks FBI – TRUMP TAKES LEAD

Barack Obama was seen giggling on the world stage once again as he was caught in a fumbling, awkward, testosterone-devoid handshake with his Canadian and Mexican counterpart. (video below) Hillary Clinton was not yet caught, (by the FBI that is) as reports indicate she continues to avoid an FBI interview regarding the ongoing CRIMINAL investigation into her private server, compromised top secret information, etc.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump just took the lead in the presidential race – trouncing Clinton by 5% points.

White House Watch - 06-30-16

Trump’s rise follows measured performances from the GOP candidate during speeches on both the economy and national security, as well as a slightly shifting political climate among voters after the Orlando terror attack, and the stunning Brexit vote that has British voters denouncing their country’s involvement in the globalist European Union. 

For now, Trump is trending.

As for the current but soon-to-be outgoing American president, Barack Obama, he made a mockery of himself yet again as he smiled and giggled while the young and handsome Canadian Prime Minister held Mr. Obama’s hand.

The video of what is perhaps the single oddest and cringe-worthy handshake in international political history took place:

This isn’t the first time Mr. Obama’s version of a handshake has left the world shaking its head.

Let us not forget his limp-wristed effort with Cuban communist leader, Raul Castro:

Is it November yet? This guy is about eight years past his expiration date…