Thanks To Harry Reid, Team Trump Set To Appoint 100 Federal Judges ASAP

Back in 2013 when still the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid defended his use of a highly controversial simple majority “nuclear option” to grant Barack Obama quick and easy federal judge appointments.

Well, as they say, turnaround is now fair play.

Adding insult to Reid’s injury is the fact that Trump has more than 100 judge vacancies now waiting to be filled by the same simple majority Senate rule Reid so aggressively advocated for in past years – a far greater number than what Barack Obama was working with.

In short, Harry Reid is largely responsible for Donald Trump now having the opportunity to greatly influence the entirety of the federal court system with a selection of judges that will likely tip the judicial balance in America for years to come – and he will do so using the same rules Democrats created against them.

And that doesn’t even include the Supreme Court!

In the world of Donald Trump and his millions of supporters, that’s simply called WINNING.


UNHINGED: Harry Reid Just Accused FBI of Working With Russia To Make Trump President

He is among the highest ranking Democrats in the nation, and today Harry Reid went full on tinfoil hat territory with accusations the FBI’s James Comey was working with Putin’s Russia to make Donald Trump President.


“It’s obvious he was a parts in all of this. Comey. Yes… We know there were people in the campaign for Donald Trump were in touch with the Russians. And now it’s very clear. One of the big mysteries that people think exists. Why didn’t he do something. There’s no mystery to me…” -Senator Harry Reid


Valerie Jarrett DEMANDED Loretta Lynch Confirmation Delay – And Got It


For the past several weeks the Mainstream Media has been detailing growing frustrations among Democrats and the Obama White House over the ongoing confirmation delay for Obama Attorney General nominee, Loretta Lynch. Apparently though, this delay was manufactured directly out of the office of White House senior adviser and de facto President of the United States, Valerie Jarrett. Jarrett is said to have demanded Lynch’s confirmation be postponed and then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid did just that for her.


This would indicate all of these “frustrations” from Democrats are fabricated and that the entire Lynch confirmation impasse was created by Valerie Jarrett for the sole purpose of creating yet further opportunity for divide and conquer politics that has become the foundational hallmark of the Obama administration as orchestrated from within Jarrett’s second-floor White House power center just a short hallway walk from the president’s much-used private study where he is said to verbally receive his daily schedule via Jarrett operatives or sometimes, from Jarrett herself if she deems the subject important enough. These true presidential schedules are never written down so as to prevent anyone else from obtaining them, a process that has been in place inside the Jarrett White House since day one.

Jarrett’s demand for a delay to Lynchs’ confirmation took place months ago WHEN DEMOCRATS STILL CONTROLLED THE SENATE.

Democrats could have confirmed Lynch easily prior to Republicans taking control of the Senate after January of 2016. Harry Reid refused to schedule the confirmation. This refusal is being whispered to have been at the personal request/order of Valerie Jarrett. Jarrett’s media office then verbally gave instructions to handpicked Mainstream Media operatives to ensure the delay would be turned into a divisive issue based both upon race and gender.

It has also been suggested that Senator Reid initially refused Valerie Jarrett’s delay request, wanting to make himself part of political history by overseeing confirmation of the first African American female Attorney General.

Apparently Senator Reid’s refusal was short-lived as the Lynch confirmation was then promptly tabled by his office.