THE POWER OF TRUMP: POTUS Shakes Hand Of Young Man Assaulted For Supporting Him

It was among the more recent violent attacks perpetrated against Americans who openly support the America-First policies of President Donald Trump. This one was clearly caught on tape and rightfully ended in the arrest of the attacker. Be it college campuses or the work place, the disturbingly violent tendencies of the radical left socialists who have taken over the Democrat Party and who ooze hatred against the president and his millions of supporters has created an increasingly tense situation all across the country.

The young man’s name is Hayden Williams. He was beaten but not defeated and now stands as a reminder to all that the real hatred in America is coming from the socialist left. President Trump called him up to share the stage with him at CPAC to not only thank Williams for his courage and support but to also let the world know this kind of anti-Trump hatred has been put on notice.

From getting attacked on the campus of UC Berkeley to shaking hands with the President of the United States. That’s the power of Trump.