WHOA. Newt Gingrich Brings Up DNC Staffer Seth Rich’s Murder To National Media (VIDEO)

Mr. Gingrich is among the most astute survivors of smashmouth D.C. politics and one well versed in the Clinton-era of scandal that literally had bodies mysteriously piling up at a troubling rate.

Last summer DNC staffer Seth Rich was found shot to death on a D.C. sidewalk. Since that still unsolved murder, it is believed Mr. Rich may have been the primary source of the DNC leaks that plagued Hillary Clinton’s presidential election. Those leaks showed clear collusion between the DNC, the Clinton campaign, and the media. The DNC has said very little regarding the murder of one of their own. The national media has followed a similar silence. Now, months later, the murder is receiving new attention – and deservedly so.

The Mainstream Media’s response to Mr. Gingrich’s pointing out what is a bizarre murder made more so by the media’s unwillingness to investigate it, is to call the former Speaker of the House a “conspiracy theorist.”

Perhaps it would be far more accurate to call this same media “murder deniers” in regards to the Seth Rich case. If he was in fact the source of the DNC leaks, that truth would destroy the oft-repeated “Trump/Russia collusion” conspiracy theory the media is so actively involved in. It also means that Mr. Rich was likely killed for having done harm to the Clinton campaign and the very powerful forces who were supporting it.

Was the Clinton Machine willing to kill to win in 2016? Now THAT is a story worth investigating.


BREAKING: Senator Graham States Emails Prove Hillary Clinton, DNC & DOJ Colluded During Email Investigation

Interesting. If true, this is also Senator Graham implicating the Obama White House which would have to have known about/promoted such collusion:


Remember – FBI Requested Access To Hacked DNC Servers. DNC REFUSED That Request.

On one side of its mouth the DNC (and Hillary Clinton campaign operatives) were screaming out the Russian narrative regarding hackers accessing and then leaking damning DNC docs during the 2016 Election. (DNC staffers were caught making fun of minorities, poor people, Bernie Sanders supporters, etc.) And yet, when the FBI requested access to the DNC servers in order to try and locate the source of the hack – the DNC refused that request.

Why would someone claiming to be a victim of a crime then not allow investigators access to the alleged crime scene?

Why indeed.

The Mainstream Media has since the beginning called the DNC email scandal a “hack” while offering no proof of such an act.

What has and remains far more likely is that those DNC docs were in fact LEAKED by a DNC insider. This fact then decimates the carefully constructed “the Russians did it” narrative that the Mainstream Media and Democrat operatives continue to promote. If true, it means they have been willfully lying to the American people all along.

Consider this headline from January on this subject:

Comey: DNC denied FBI’s requests for access to hacked servers

“The bureau made “multiple requests at different levels,” according to Comey, but ultimately struck an agreement with the DNC that a “highly respected private company” would get access and share what it found with investigators.

“We’d always prefer to have access hands-on ourselves if that’s possible,” Comey said, noting that he didn’t know why the DNC rebuffed the FBI’s request.”

The above scenario is so critical to exposing the great DNC hack lie. While the DNC and the entirety of the then-Obama administration were repeating the false Russian narrative, that same DNC and Obama administration were denying the FBI access to the purported crime scene – indicating there was no crime but rather a cover-up by the DNC/Hillary/Obama machine.

With the above scenario outlined, now consider this D.C. Whispers headline from today:

Investigator Says Police Told To “Stand Down” Following DNC Seth Rich Murder (Hillary Related)

“At the time of his death, Rich was also involved in what some reports have described as a “highly important voter registration program” for the DNC. (See below) The DNC has not been forthcoming since Mr. Rich’s death regarding what that program might have been – though some have suggested he was preparing to blow the whistle on what was and likely remains, a massive voter fraud program:”

Is it possible part of the DNC’s motivation for creating the false Russia narrative regarding an alleged hacking was to cover up its implication in the murder of a staff member? That is speculation of course – but given how the DNC refused the FBI’s request to look at their servers, it certainly places a shadow over the entirety of the DNC’s motivations.

And note too how feeble then Director Comey’s response to his request being refused. There were members of Congress declaring that Russia’s alleged attempts to manipulate the 2016 Election was an act of war – and yet the FBI meekly goes away when the DNC refuses them access to the very servers that would provide the most critical proof of that “act of war”?

It doesn’t add up – UNLESS what you are adding up is a cover-up.

Then it makes perfect sense.

It also reveals the media and political establishment’s unhinged obsession with destroying the Trump presidency. Mr.Trump is a true D.C. outsider who is far too close to potential information that could more fully reveal the size and scope of corruption that has fueled our government for decades.

They cannot afford to have President Trump succeed. Their own survival demands he be destroyed.


New Book By Campaign Insiders Shreds Hillary Clinton: “A Fuming, Pissed Off” Mess…

Rumors of her instability were rampant during the campaign. The Mainstream Media ignored those, of course. Now, with the campaign over, and her defeat secured in presidential campaign history, insiders are going public with some of what was the real Hillary Clinton – an abusive, moody, all-demanding tyrant.

Via: The Gateway Pundit

Hillary Insiders Speak Out; New Book Reveals How Much of a Whiny B*tch She Was During Campaign

“…Her aides took the browbeating — one of several she delivered in person and on the phone that day — in silence. They had a lot of their own thoughts on what went wrong, some of which echoed Hillary’s assessment: her message was off for Michigan, and she had refused to go hard against trade; Mook had pinched pennies and failed to put organizers on the ground; the polling and analytics were a touch too rosy, meaning the campaign didn’t know Bernie was ahead; she had set up an ambiguous decision-making structure on the campaign; and she’d focused too heavily on black and brown voters at the expense of competing for the whites who had formed her base in 2008. The list went on and on. 

The underlying truth — the one that many didn’t want to admit to themselves — was the person ultimately responsible for these decisions, the one whose name was on the ticket, hadn’t corrected these problems, all of which had been brought to her attention before primary day. She’d stuck with the plan, and it had cost her.

While the campaign projected a ­drama-free tenor, it was reminiscent of other moments of frustration.

…Hillary’s severe, controlled voice crackled through the line first. It carried the sound of a disappointed teacher or mother delivering a lecture before a whipping. That back end was left to Bill, who lashed out with abandon. Eyes cast downward, stomachs turning — both from the scare tactics and from their own revulsion at being chastised for Hillary’s failures — Hillary’s talented and accomplished team of professionals and loyalists simply took it. There was no arguing with Bill Clinton.

You haven’t buried this thing, the ruddy-cheeked former president rasped. You haven’t figured out how to get Hillary’s core message to the voters. This has been dragging on for months, he thundered, and nothing you’ve done has made a damn bit of difference. Voters want to hear about Hillary’s plans for the economy, and you’re not making that happen. Now, do your damn jobs.

“We got an ass-chewing,” one of the participants recalled months later.”



It was repeated chaos and emotional outbursts behind the scenes of Team Clinton. The media knew this and yet, it went unreported. Instead, the media attempted to argue it was the Trump campaign that was in chaos, when in fact, on a personality level, Donald Trump was calm and measured throughout the process – even energized by it.


FBI Doc Drop: Threats To America DID Access Hillary Clinton’s Illegal Private Server (VIDEO)

While Hollywood whined about President-Elect Trump at the Golden Globes, the FBI quietly put out confirmation regarding the stunning danger Hillary Clinton’s incompetence posed to U.S. security. (A subject the Mainstream Media and far left continues to willfully ignore.)

It was as if during her tenure as Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton put out the red carpet for anti-American foreign operatives and declared to them, “COME ON IN!”


The latest FBI doc disclosure also details just how aggressively the Obama State Department was working to influence the investigative outcome into the Hillary Clinton unsecured email scandal.

How bad was it? How deep did this cover-up and collusion go?

It was very bad – very deep, and likely one of the primary reasons why some in government today are so upset at the thought of an outsider like Donald Trump entering the White House.

Drain the swamp, indeed…

H/T Gateway Pundit


Media, Obama, Clinton, Etc., Move To Delegitimize Trump Before Inauguration Day

The Russians did it! The Russians did it!

So goes the collective cries of the far left as they attempt to explain how millions of Americans turned their backs on eight years of a socialist agenda in the hopes that Donald Trump could reverse course and save the country from its own self-destruction.

The Washington Post just kicked off this effort in earnest, though it comes on the heels of Barack Obama himself telling the U.S. Military to question Trump’s authority. It was a stunning statement from a sitting president about the incoming one, one the Mainstream Media under-reported, thus signaling its overwhelming approval. This was quickly followed up with Mr. Obama announcing his order for a  “full investigation” into the DNC and Clinton campaign email hacks. (While giving no mention that Republican emails had been hacked as well. Those emails just didn’t outline direct collusion between Democrats, the media, and foreign powers as did the DNC and Podesta emails.)

Then came yesterday’s Washington Post headline blaring that unnamed sources had been “briefed” by the CIA following a “secret assessment” that is being reported to have concluded that “Russia was trying to help Trump win the White House.” The Washington Post article was then re-posted thousands of times by Democrat operative bots:

Busted! Army of Anti-Trump Twitter Bots Tweet Same Anti-Trump Story in Span of 30 Seconds

This is proof of the roll-out of the anti-Trump ploy intended to delegitimize Donald Trump prior to Inauguration Day where no doubt, mass staged protest with full and adoring media coverage is already in the works. The Mainstream Media intends to make the Inauguration not about the transition of power to another presidency and more hopeful era for Middle Class Americans, but rather will focus on the thousands shipped to D.C. to further promote the idea that the nation is deeply divided over Donald Trump’s Election Day victory.

Oh, and regarding that Washington Post Putin for Trump story? Not a shred of evidence presented.


It’s nothing more than the Mainstream Media back to its bag of tricks believing the people are still ignorant enough to fall for it once again.


CIVIL WAR: Americans Warn Clinton Machine Not To Meddle With 2016 Election Results

Economist Steve Moore is hardly the face of the aggressive Middle Class, but today it was Moore sending out a warning to the Clinton Machine that their intended attempts to tamper with the 2016 Election results could initiate a backlash far greater than the political ruling class in America would ever wish to face:

Mr. Moore is quite correct – Donald Trump won a near electoral landslide in 2016 and the political class who always opposed Donald Trump, are now attempting to alter the decision of the American voter.

History has not been kind to governments who engaged in such behavior, the very behavior which has been the genesis for civil war…


SAD! Hillary Clinton Caught Staging “Random” Shopping Encounter

Is there anything genuine left regarding the Creepy Clintons, or is every move a planned, self-promoting attempt at manipulation? Here is Hillary Clinton getting caught using a PR firm to try and convince others she is now just one of the “common folk.”

Weird. Sad. Creepy.

“I am going to pretend to go shopping for Thanksgiving. We should use that same PR firm we used before for this kind of thing, right?”

So goes the muddied minds of the Clintons before doing anything…


As Trump Signals He Won’t Pursue Legal Charges Against Hillary Clinton, Clinton Foundation Shows Signs Of Collapsing

Team Trump announced the small-potatoes investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server was not to be a critical component of the administration’s first one hundreds days. Instead, that focus is to be upon jobs/national security/immigration and healthcare.

It is believed Trump aide Kellyanne Conway was instrumental in laying out the pros and cons of President-Elect Trump pursuing an investigation against Mrs. Clinton. Conway wants the emerging Trump administration to “go big” and likely sees the Clintons as a matter that makes the presidency appear small and vindictive. In order for the Trump agenda to gain quick passage, a Trump White House will need the help of at least some Democrats to do so.

That does not mean the matter of the still-ongoing FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation is concluded, though.

In fact, that investigation is rumored to be far-reaching and will continue regardless of the Trump administration’s statements regarding Hillary Clinton’s private email server, though Conway wants to make certain the investigation maintains a the appearance of being entirely independent of any influence from a Trump White House.

A related story yesterday via Investors Business Daily titled, Is The Clinton Foundation Doomed? suggested the foundation’s future is indeed an uncertain one:

“…the signs aren’t good for the Clintons. Take as but one example the government of tiny but oil-rich Norway, which has one of the world’s largest sovereign investment funds. It will next year slash its giving to the Clintons by nearly 90% off the peak gift of $25 million last year.

No doubt, others are also sharply reducing their gifts to the Clintons — and will continue to do so in the coming years — now that Hillary won’t have an even bigger office from which to solicit “donations.” Without political clout to sell, the troubled Clinton Foundation has little if anything to offer.”

What Donald Trump has initiated is an epic Art of the Deal moment. He has defeated and humiliated the Clintons without the appearance of having personally done so. There will be a short-term political cost paid for that, given it lacks the “lock her up” moment many of Trump’s supporters wanted, but longer term, it sends a signal to both political friend and foe alike that a President Trump will be a far more politically capable institution than many thought likely.

The Clintons are fading into political insolvency. Barack Obama is packing his bags and preparing for his “don’t forget about me” tour. Republicans control both Congress and the White House, as well as a majority of state governors and legislative bodies.

The tide has turned.

The Age of Trump begins…


Julian Assange Explains How The House of Saud Owns Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

It is what Assange calls the most important of the secret Clinton emails to date – the link between the governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, the American media, and terror groups like ISIS.

The House of Saud has spent billions buying off figures like Clinton, and much of the Mainstream Media, turning the position of U.S. President into a manipulated puppet of the Saudi government.




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American Survivalist: RACE WARS OMNIBUS I: Seasons 1-5 Of An American Survivalist Series... by [Ulsterman, D.W.]

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Sick Hillary Clinton Cuts Campaign Rally Speech Short After Just Seven Minutes On Stage!

Rumors have been circulating of Hillary Clinton’s difficulty in having to navigate multiple campaign rally stops in recent days, and her abbreviated performance today in Pembroke Pines, Florida will do little to alleviate those concerns.

Watch as Mrs. Clinton arrives to the stage with voice hoarse, at times struggling for breath, and sucking on a throat lozenge and then abruptly ending the rally (ostensibly due to rain) after just seven minutes, perhaps fearing she would suffer another coughing attack similar to what plagued her during the summer months:


Hillary Clinton’s New Campaign Slogan: “EAT THE PAIN” (UPDATED)

Black Magic? Satanism?

Who knows. What we do know is that John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, is apparently into it as the below email shows:

(see update below)

The Podestas' "Spirit Cooking" dinner? It's not what you think. It's blood, sperm and breastmilk. But mostly blood.

WikiLeaks: Leaked email reveals Hillary Clinton's campaign chair attended disturbing "Spirit Cooking" dinner last year?

“Mix fresh breast milk with fresh sperm, drink on earthquake nights…with a sharp knife cut deeply into the middle finger of your left hand, eat the pain…fresh morning urine sprinkle over nightmare dreams”.

That’s some creepy stuff to be sure. That fact this kind of thing is part of the 2016 presidential race, and, apparently, Hillary Clinton’s inner circle, makes it even more so.

If you haven’t yet reached creepy-factor-10 just yet, here is the very woman who sent the above email showing how the above “Spirit Cooking” ceremony is performed, complete with a painted in blood/breast milk/urine on the wall recipe.

WARNING: Graphic images:

UPDATED: Here is an email that has Hillary Clinton herself inquiring about Marina Abromovic, the “Spirit Cooker” a ceremony that was created by Church of Satan founder, Aleister Crowley:

"Spirit Cooking": Clinton Campaign Chairman Practices Bizarre Occult Ritual

Read more on this story: HERE


Hillary Clinton Attends Campaign Rally – Can’t Remember Where She Is

Granted, she likely has a LOT on her mind right now, given multiple FBI and IRS investigations into her Clinton Foundation dealings. She also looks very-very tired.

And now this is trending: #HillaryHasDementia

OBSTRUCTION: Team Clinton CAUGHT Willfully Violating Law To Hide Known Emails

While the fact of this crime isn’t surprising, proving it was another matter.

That proof was just delivered via Wikileaks:

Via Gateway Pundit:

WIKILEAKS – RED ALERT: Jennifer Palmieri and Clinton Camp Commit Conspiracy – Caught Hiding 55k Emails


Jennifer Palmieri, the Director of Communications with the Hillary Clinton campaign, and top Clinton advisors conspired to withhold emails from FBI investigators.

Palmieri and top Clinton advisors committed conspiracy with campaign consultants to only turn over 55,000 emails to the State Department knowing there were more emails they were withholding.


Jennifer Palmieri’s role in this deception was first outlined here at D.C. Whispers nearly two years earlier in a blockbuster report that has since been proven accurate time and time again. Want to know why there has been so little news regarding Valerie Jarrett’s actions of late via the Mainstream Media? Because she has been working 24/7 attempting to insulate the Obama White House from the Beltway Wars now coming down upon the heads of the Clintons and the Clinton campaign.

This Beltway War involves every agency of the federal government, goes back decades, and is now culminating in the 2016 Election.

Hillary Clinton’s Secret Meeting With Obama/Jarrett/Rice

“…The secret White House meeting between Clinton, Jarrett, Rice, and Obama is alleged to have been orchestrated by current White House Director of Communications (meaning she answers directly to Valerie Jarrett) Jennifer Palmieri. (upper left) Palmieri was former head of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, the George Soros-sponsored political action wing of Center for American Progress – the very group Hillary Clinton was said to be meeting with prior to her “unscheduled” White House meeting in the afternoon of March 23rd. Palmieri has announced her intent to take a senior position within the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign thus making her the likely primary link between the Soros political influence machine and the Clinton Machine. Her involvement appears to signal a shift in interest by Soros back to the Clintons, likely giving the Clintons some much needed leverage against the power and influence of Valerie Jarrett.”


For the very best insider details of the ongoing Beltway Wars, check in here first and often at DCWhispers.com


BREAKING: DOJ Denied FBI’s Grand Jury Request Into Clinton Foundation

Whoa. According to CNN contributor Hugh Hewitt, (no friend of Donald Trump) the Obama Justice Department denied the FBI’s request for a grand jury pertaining to an investigation into the Clinton Foundation:


2. Justice Department officials reportedly denied the FBI’s request for a grand jury in that matter and pressured senior FBI officials Oct 31, 2016, 4:24 PM


Might this be why Barack Obama was playing so nice with FBI Director James Comey today, declaring Comey wasn’t doing anything wrong in updating Congress on new evidence pertaining to the ongoing Clinton investigation despite other Democrats crying foul at that update coming so close to Election Day?

Certainly the Obama White House would have had input into the DOJ’s decision to shut down the FBI’s grand jury request, thus adding yet another significant layer of government collusion into what is already a sordid, (even by Clinton standards) mess of backroom political dealing.


Panicked Clinton Campaign Goes All-Out For Early Voting Push

Team Clinton is making it clear how important it is to their Election Day outcome that as many people as possible cast early votes before more of Mrs. Clinton’s FBI investigation scandal continues to develop.

“DON’T WAIT! VOTE NOW!” has become the rallying cry of the Clinton campaign.

The campaign has no fewer than eleven early vote events scheduled over the next 48-hours.

That number suggests a political operation as far from confident of the Election Day outcome as can be.

“Please vote for Hillary now before you find out how corrupt she really is.”

Will it work?

America will find out soon enough…


Hillary Clinton Will Either Be The Next POTUS – Or In Jail.

For Team Clinton, Election Day can’t come soon enough.  Hillary Clinton (and the entire political and media establishment) is fully aware of the implications of either winning or losing the White House. If she wins, the gears of government will be at her disposal, and with the help of an all too-willing media, her scandal-plagued present can merely be another chapter of her already scandal-plagued past.

If she loses the election, though, Hillary Clinton will be looking at an entirely new set of rules overseen by someone who has already made it all too clear what he thinks of her long and growing list of wrongdoing:


Oh, Look, It’s Just Hillary Clinton’s $18 BILLION Payout To Clinton Foundation Donor

You won’t see this on CNN, that’s for sure. Watch as reporter James Rosen outlines the damning evidence of how Hillary Clinton turned the U.S. State Department into her own personal money laundering operation, using BILLIONS in taxpayer dollars to pay off those who in turn, earned her and her husband, tens of millions of dollars.

And watch too as Obama State Department spokesman John Kirby basically admit this is just how things are done in D.C.

And remember as well, this is but one example of many similar side deals Hillary Clinton was engaged in with her supporters. It’s why just this week, when asked about the Clinton Foundation, Watergate-era reporter Bob Woodward declared the foundation, “corrupt.”


PROOF Hillary Clinton Violated Federal Campaign Laws – Over and Over Again

His name is Bob Creamer, a longtime Democrat Party operative who was caught on tape appearing to admit direct communication with the Hillary Clinton campaign, (a serious violation) and the Obama White House. It also indicates he was likely coordinating directly with Mainstream Media figures as well.

This man was Hillary Clinton’s do-anything-to-win, boots on the ground representative and, according to just-released video footage, he broke the law time and time again – with Hillary Clinton’s blessing to do so:


RELATED: Hillary Clinton’s Dirty Money Machine EXPOSED By New James O’Keefe Video

Images source: HERE


Hillary Clinton’s Dirty Money Machine EXPOSED By New James O’Keefe Video

First, a reminder of what the previous O’Keefe videos showed.  The players are all linked directly to both the DNC and the Clinton campaign. This is a glimpse into the shadow campaign that runs alongside the public Clinton campaign. It is undeniable proof of their willingness to violate campaign finance laws. It should be noted as well that these violations were consistently rumored to have happened with the Obama campaign in 2008 and 2012 – vast sums of untraceable offshore funding (Saudi Arabia/China/United Nations etc.) that were then laundered through these political action committee fronts representing hundreds of millions of dollars in total.

James O’Keefe has proven that operation does in fact exist in the following video.