U.S. Economy Shrinks (AGAIN) While Hillary Clinton Promises More Of The Same

1.2% GDP growth is a near-flat-line, representing a stalled economy, millions of unemployed, and a far less bright future.

In America, 1.2% just got worse.

A LOT worse.

And Hillary Clinton is promising more of the same, including a $2 trillion dollar tax hike, more debt, and fewer jobs.

To those who might try and defend the Obama economic record (and the media has plenty such tools) simply keep in mind these stark facts regarding how the U.S. economy has stalled for during the Obama era:

From 1947 to 2004, the American economy AVERAGED 3.45% growth per year.

During the years of Barack Obama, that average growth has hovered at just 1%, and is currently getting worse, not better. (Last quarter it was at 0.8%)

The only time the American economy grew less than during the Obama years was during the Great Depression.

That isn’t an economic record – that is a disaster.

And it’s killing good, high-paying jobs in this country, too.

From 1948 to 2006, job growth averaged 1.7%. It was the great American blessing to be born and/or a part of this country.

Now? Not so much. Under Barack Obama, job growth is about one-third that at just 0.5%%, and most of those jobs are government/tax-payer funded, meaning under current economic conditions, they add to the debt and cost taxpayers more. And with fewer real jobs being created, and thus fewer taxpayers to pay for government spending, this country is on a crash course to total economic collapse.

Hillary Clinton’s answer is to double-down on the Obama economy of more taxes, more regulations, more government, fewer jobs, and fewer dollars in your own pocket.

If voters want more of the same, vote Hillary Clinton.

If they are ready to truly try something different, Donald Trump will win in November.

Until that choice is made, the American economy will continue to suffer and decline, which a growing number are starting to wonder if that very thing was Barack Obama’s plan all along.


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