EPIC FAIL: How Many Attended March For Our Lives? Answer = NOT THAT MANY

March For Our Lives organizers boasted days before the event that more than a half-million people would be attending the anti-gun, anti-NRA march.

The real numbers are now in via CBS and the turnout was actually less than half that amount. Given the 24/7 gushing media advertising of the event, it’s an astonishingly poor showing that further bolsters earlier polling data that indicated the vast majority of Americans don’t see yet more gun control legislation as the answer to school violence issues.


“CBS News reports there was actually an estimated 200,000 people at the march. The number comes from Digital Design & Imaging Service Inc. Organizers were hoping to reach a crowd size of 500,000.

DDIS says there were an estimated 202,796 people. The company’s margin of error for its estimate is 15 percent.”