REPORT: Earth Is Heading Toward 100-Year “Mini Ice Age”

For decades the profit-driven climate change/global warming machine has been making repeatedly dire warnings of a warming climate due to humankind having the audacity to live a modernized lifestyle. Often these warnings are issued by elitists who travel the world via private jets and yachts belching more CO2 into the atmosphere in days than an entire middle class family will do in a year.

Now, a new report is states it’s all been a crock. The earth is not warming. Humankind has little to nothing to do with a changing climate and we are in for a very long cold spell…

Britain 1000 year ice age

Via The Telegraph:

Another Arctic ice panic over as world temperatures plummet

“The global temperature trend has now shown no further warming for 19 years.”

As for those record temperatures brought in 2016 by an exceptionally strong El Niño, the satellites now show that in recent months global temperatures have plummeted by more that 0.6 degrees: just as happened 17 years ago after a similarly strong El Niño had also made 1998 the “hottest year on record”.

The latest report above was a continuation of  a similar report that included the following:

“A GLOBAL cool down will “march in with vengeance” to usher in a 100-year mini-ice age that could freeze over the River Thames, climate scientists told Daily Star Online.”


And here’s another related tidbit from this week via The Hill:

Obama to discuss climate change in Italy

Former President Barack Obama is traveling to Italy, where he will speak this week about food security and climate change.

The former president is expected to go to Milan to meet with several Italians and discuss the issues.

On Monday, the former president is scheduled to meet with former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

That evening, he will attend a private dinner held by the Institute for International Political Studies.

American domestic and foreign policy has been bought out by the globalist climate-change machine for some time. Mr. Obama is already lining up tens of millions of dollars in speaking fees over the next couple of years with a primary subject of his paid speeches to be about climate change. And each time he gives one of these speeches, he will fly via private jet, stay at the finest hotels, party aboard the largest yachts, and dine at the swankiest restaurants while preaching to everyone else that people must learn to “make do with less” in order to save the planet.