Take A Look At This Picture And Decide For Yourself If America’s Priorities Are Out Of Whack

America is a caring and sympathetic nation. Imperfect? Yes. Sometimes deeply flawed? Certainly. That said, sometimes that caring and sympathy do appear to favor some over others, most notably where political benefit for certain benefit-seeking/divisive politicians are concerned. There is nothing wrong with taking care of those in need so long as we also take care of our own. Look at the below photo and decide for yourself if we are doing a good enough job of that these days.


PROOF: Illegal Immigrants Commit Far More Crime Than Legal Citizens In America (MUST-SEE VIDEO)

The U.S. government never released illegal immigrant crime data – until now. And guess what? The real numbers are shockingly bad. For years the far left globalists have been claiming illegal immigrants are hard-working, upstanding people. THAT WAS A LIE. Illegal immigrants account for 22% of all murders, 18% of all fraud, 33% of all money-laundering, 29% of all drug trafficking, and 72% of all drug possession charges in this country. 

America does and should welcome all LEGAL immigrants from every corner of the earth, regardless of race and/or religion. Illegal immigration is a plague upon society that harms everyone. It must be viewed as such and policies initiated and enforced to minimize its devastating impact. POTUS Trump is attempting to do so. The real statistics indicate he has been 100% right to do so. Not racist. Not alarmist. Not ignorant – but right.  We can and must do better to remedy the scourge that is illegal immigration. For those you know who might disagree, like and share the following video.

There is only one way to win out over mass ignorance – INTRODUCE IT TO THE TRUTH: