D.C. At War With Itself Over Illegal Surveillance Bombshell Investigation (VIDEO)

Private citizens had their identities illegally “unmasked” by Obama-era operatives in order to engage in political warfare against the opposition. This opposition included Donald Trump and apparently many others. Those participating in this highly illegal activity are said to be “very well known” and “very high up” within the Intelligence community – and NOT FBI. 

Civil rights were trampled upon for attempted political gain – the epitome of governmental abuse of power conducted during the Obama administration and allegedly with the full knowledge and blessing of Barack Obama himself. 


PROOF Hillary Clinton Violated Federal Campaign Laws – Over and Over Again

His name is Bob Creamer, a longtime Democrat Party operative who was caught on tape appearing to admit direct communication with the Hillary Clinton campaign, (a serious violation) and the Obama White House. It also indicates he was likely coordinating directly with Mainstream Media figures as well.

This man was Hillary Clinton’s do-anything-to-win, boots on the ground representative and, according to just-released video footage, he broke the law time and time again – with Hillary Clinton’s blessing to do so:


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