Donald Trump Licks Wounds Then Sharpens Claws & Prepares To Win New Hampshire

“The lion has finally woken up – and he’s hungry for a win.”

That is the message received from a D.C. Whispers’ source very early this morning in regards to the tone and tenor of Team Trump a day after the New York billionaire found himself outspent and ultimately outmatched by an incredibly well-organized Ted Cruz campaign in Iowa.

ABOVE: Donald Trump was said to have been unusually contemplative as he took off from Iowa following his second place finish. That contemplation was temporary and has already been replaced by a man accustomed to winning who is now more determined than ever to win big next week in the New Hampshire Primary.


It is rumored the real estate mogul first heard serious indications of an impending Iowa loss at least a week before the caucus votes took place. He largely ignored the warnings, but campaign watchers noted his presence in Iowa was somewhat minimal except for the last two days.

Trump is believed to be taking a page from the Reagan playbook. He wants crossover appeal, and has always considered Iowa to be an outlier on the road to the GOP nomination. History agrees with Mr. Trump. The last two Republicans to win the Iowa Caucus were Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee and Ronald Reagan himself was defeated in Iowa in 1980 only to then win New Hampshire and eventually the White House in a landslide election against the incumbent, Jimmy Carter.

Still, there are members of this team who remain concerned over Trump’s failure to grasp how the political game works. (He apparently spent more on Make America Great Again hats than he did on get-out-the-vote efforts in Iowa) Trump appeared unwilling to spend cash on a what he had already been told was a difficult proposition – winning the Iowa Caucus. Given he still managed to place second after having failed to do so, has left both his staffers and many supporters wondering, WHAT IF?

As for Donald Trump, he is not known to be one who dwells on the what if but rather focuses almost entirely on the here and now, and that means New Hampshire, a place that feels far more home to him than the open fields, farms, churches, and university activists who make up the somewhat odd and conflicting mix that is the Iowa electorate.

A few hours earlier what was most likely an intentionally leaked story made its way to D.C. Whispers regarding an alleged early-morning response by an already impeccably dressed and coiffed Donald Trump to one of his most trusted advisers who upon seeing his boss seated in a chair asked him, “What now?”

Trump’s eyes flared as he looked up with a jaw tightly clenched. His mouth turned into an almost-snarl that was as much an affirmation of his refocused confidence as it was a declaration of intent.

“George…WE WIN.”






D.C. Whispers Confirmed AGAIN: Cantor Comes Out Of Hiding To Denounce Trump “Hype”

Nearly three weeks ago a D.C. Whispers report named names regarding a conspiracy by some among the global elite to diminish and ultimately dismiss the Trump 2016 phenomena.

Now one of those names has emerged from the shadows to engage in a verbal happy dance following Mr. Trump’s defeat in Iowa and declare the Establishment is back in the game and ready to take over the Republican nomination process. 

ABOVE: In the morning following the Iowa Caucus, former Republican Congressman and current global investment chairman, Eric Cantor declared Iowa proved Donald Trump is not, “…what the Republican Party is about.”


Cantor went on to explain that the Iowa elections results exposed what he deems (in clearly derogatory tones) “Trump hype”, whereby people will show up for Trump rallies but will not actually vote for the New York billionaire to be this nation’s next president.

Three weeks earlier a D.C. Whispers report titled Global Elite Fear Donald Trump Presidencyhad this to say regarding Mr. Cantor’s current role in attempting to control the 2016 GOP nomination process:

…These men and women whose far-reaching influence and wealth depends so much upon a world that runs at their discretion, see Donald Trump as the greatest potential disruption to the current global dynamic they have worked so diligently to maintain.

And they don’t like it – not one bit.

He (Trump) would be bad on trade.”

That is the sentiment of former House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, this year an attendee at the World Economic Forum who since being kicked out of Congress by the same anti-Establishment voter sentiment that has propelled Donald Trump’s rise, is now vice chairman at Moelis & Company – a global investment firm with considerable focus on Middle East investment and strong ties to various Muslim governments. Mr. Trump’s vocal opposition to immigration from the Muslim world without enhanced safety measures to ensure that immigration is not being used as a tool by radical Islamic terrorists is said to be a specific point of concern for Mr. Cantor’s firm.

Cantor’s CNBC appearance this morning was a victory-lap performance meant to convey to Donald Trump and to a somewhat lesser degree, Ted Cruz, that the Establishment will NOT be defeated in 2016 though it was an appearance rife with contradiction in that Cantor attempted to indicate Iowa meant nothing to Jeb Bush but everything to Donald Trump and though Ted Cruz won Iowa, Cantor doubled down on his apparent belief Iowa rarely chooses who will be the eventual GOP presidential nominee. (He even let slip a “McCain the Campaign” reference while doing so – and note too how Marco Rubio is not mentioned. Often what is left unsaid speaks loudest.)

This contradiction indicates two important things as the election moves into New Hampshire.

One, Establishment powers remain concerned they don’t yet have the nomination process locked up.

Two, they still consider Donald Trump to be the primary threat to their power structure because it is Trump Mr. Cantor continued to demean during his appearance this morning, and not Ted Cruz.

The New Hampshire primary is scheduled to take place on February 9th followed soon after by the even more important battle for South Carolina. After that, the ides of March will be upon us.


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REPORT: Global Elite Fear Donald Trump Presidency










“The Beginning Of The End For Trump 2016”

So says various Establishment voices salivating over reports of a near-non existent Trump on-the-ground organization in Iowa as caucus voters prepare to nominate a winner tonight.

Will these Trump detractors be celebrating soon?

Above: Has Trump support suddenly vanished on Election Day in Iowa?


“He has no ground game.”

“When it comes to Trump Troops, there aren’t any.”

“His support has always been about celebrity, not actual votes.”

“He’s facing a third place finish tonight.”

“Third in Iowa, a loss in New Hampshire, and he’s done.”

“Iowa is the beginning of the end for Trump 2016.”

The above statements were uttered by various media and political pundits today as word of an absence of a Trump get out the vote effort began to spread quickly just hours before the Iowa caucus vote is set to start. Mr. Trump himself appeared somewhat subdued earlier today, a fact some suggested was indication he had been told an Iowa victory was looking unlikely. Supporters shrugged it off as simply a man who was a bit tired after the long, hard grind of that is the Iowa Caucus.

Then came the Trump family and the candidate himself to promise they would be making personal appearances at several caucus locations tonight – a move widely believed to be a somewhat desperate attempt to once again utilize Trump’s celebrity to motivate people to actually show up and vote.

Donald Trump knows that much of his appeal is based upon an aura of winning.

Failure to do so in Iowa will certainly put a dent in his well-crafted image of absolute confidence and, some say, lead to many of his supporters jumping to another candidate.

Until the votes are counted in Iowa though, the above remains the speculation of those motivated to see Donald Trump fail.

It is now up to him and his campaign to prove those detractors wrong.

The clock is ticking.




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Cruz Courts Carson Supporters In Move To Defeat Trump

The numbers don’t lie.

If Ted Cruz can make last-minute inroads with Ben Carson supporters who fear a Trump victory, Cruz might very well emerge victorious tomorrow night in Iowa.

ABOVE: Are Carson supporters the key to victory in Iowa? Ted Cruz appears to believe so.


Check out the final pre-Iowa Caucus polling:

TRUMP:  28%

CRUZ:  23%

RUBIO: 15%


Carson’s approval numbers fell significantly in Iowa over the past month, indicating his supporters are already in the process of defecting to other candidates. The Cruz campaign, sensing this shift, is now openly imploring those Carson supporters to caucus for Mr. Cruz to ensure Donald Trump is defeated in Iowa.

Part of this plan was the recent defection of two former Iowa Carson campaign staffers defection to the Cruz campaign.

Iowa pollsters are indicating the majority of defections of Carson supporters appear to be going over to the Rubio campaign though. Rubio is now said to be making a legitimate threat to enjoy a very respectable second place finish in the Hawkeye State which will give him considerable momentum heading into the New Hampshire primary vote scheduled to take place  less than two weeks later, which will no doubt thrill the GOP Establishment that has long been hoping for an alternative to the insurgent Republican front-runner, Donald Trump.

Given both Rubio’s formidable debate skills, and his photogenic advantage over Ted Cruz, he might very well prove himself capable of being the true Trump alternative.




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Source: Trump Is Using Debate No-Show To Eliminate Ted Cruz

The following was received early this morning via a source calling themselves, “USMI” (acronym?)

Readers should determine for themselves the validity of the following claims. It is being re-published exactly as it was received.

(Images added by D.C. Whispers)


“…D.C. Whispers report is only half the story re: Trump boycott of FN debate.

TC center stage has been coordinated by DT campaign. 

As soon as Cruz directly engaged DT  he was slated to have his “…balls cut off.” They determined if DT steps off the stage that would leave TC receiving majority of challenges during debate. DT was already upset with Fox about debate ambush rumors. Polling data indicated DT had momentum for Iowa so it was determined debate no-show worth the risk. I don’t agree but am not a participant in those decisions.

Two candidates will challenge Cruz very aggressively tonight. DT campaign confident TC to be damaged by exchanges leaving DT in even stronger position heading into NH after which TC campaign will be all but eliminated.

Reports regarding ambush against Trump accurate. DT campaign knew of it days earlier and had lengthy internal discussion on not only appropriate response, but how to use it to their advantage. George pushed for debate pull away and counter event. After 24 hour consideration, DT agreed and plan was initiated via social media campaign and coverage like yours which they had already anticipated. Shiny object manipulation. SOP.

CNN notified.

DT still not 100% on no-show if Fox gives him something to use upon return to debate stage. (Kelly dismissal?)

Fox nervous regarding guest participant roster. Your coverage on that is accurate. Well done.

More to come if you want. This isn’t our first time. You decide on more or not.





JEB! Campaign Running Out Of Money…

For months the Jeb Bush campaign has attempted to alleviate the growing din of discontent from donors and supporters that it was far too early to panic regarding his stagnant polling numbers. An integral part of that alleviating process was the oft-repeated declaration that the campaign remained cash-rich and thus more than capable of weathering various incoming campaign-related storms.

Now with the anti-establishment waters still rising and the political levies appearing ready to break apart, Team JEB! is forced to admit it’s running out of cash and is reduced to begging for $5 donations.

Here is a message sent out by the JEB!  campaign imploring voters to send a contribution ASAP:


Jeb 2016

We’re on alert here at HQ! We’re reviewing our numbers for January, and right now we are close to falling behind. According to our math, we must raise $100,000 immediately to bridge this gap.

We need your help, and we need it quick. To encourage you, a group of donors have agreed to match all donations that come in the next 72 hours.

…We have three days to fix this and make sure we are on track to hit our January goal. Can you help out by contributing $100, $50, $25, or even just $5 right now.

Please rush any contribution right now.

Thank you,

Team Jeb


The onetime GOP, Establishment-approved front-runner sits near or at the very bottom of the polls attracting smaller and smaller crowds at campaign stops in Iowa and New Hampshire.

How the once-mighty have fallen.







Clinton Legal Team Scrambles To Delay Email Release Until AFTER Primary Elections

It would appear there is another batch of emails scheduled for release that Team Clinton would rather have remain hidden until after the Iowa, New Hampshire and other primary elections are held and  Mrs. Clinton’s army of lawyers is now scrambling to try and do just that, an act that would keep over 7000 emails from public scrutiny until after millions of Democrat primary election voters have cast their ballots.

A federal judge is scheduled to decide this week if Mrs. Clinton and the Obama State Department will be granted their request to delay the release of those 7000 remaining emails pertaining to Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State.

The State Department is attempting to argue that thousand of the emails in question have yet to be properly vetted for potentially classified information. Obama administration officials are asking for an additional four weeks to review said emails even though the request for disclosure came over six months ago.

Those advocating for the release of the remaining emails issued the following statement this week:

“The delay until Feb. 29, 2016, that State is requesting will deprive the voters of Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina of the ability to participate in the democratic process as fully informed as they would otherwise be under the current Jan. 29, 2016, deadline for the production of the Clinton emails.”

Perhaps it is Hillary Clinton’s intention to only release the emails until after she wins the Democrat nomination for President at which time she can throw up her arms and declare,






Glenn Beck Implores Voters Not To Support “Dangerous Man”, Donald Trump

Talk radio personality Glenn Beck has not only endorsed Texas Senator Ted Cruz, but spent even more time following that endorsement attacking current GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump.

In the last 48-hours Beck has publicly described Trump as a “…very dangerous man” who voters must now denounce.

Mr. Trump has not entirely ignored Beck’s most recent denunciations of him. Here is the New York billionaire’s responding at former Sen. Scott Brown’s “No BS Backyard BBQ” in Portsmouth, NH on Saturday:



Glenn Beck was badly embarrassed by his pushing of a false anti-Trump meme using a fake Tweet, an act which caused some of Beck’s own longtime followers to question his current mindset.

After apologizing for that incident, Beck quickly escalated his attacks on Trump. Here he is this past weekend doing just that on CNN, a network from which he was once fired from:

There are now whispers of concern within the Ted Cruz campaign that Glenn Beck’s continued attacks on Donald Trump are starting to appear more like Glenn Beck attempting to promote himself rather than Glenn Beck merely giving an endorsement of Senator Cruz. If so, what if anything Team Cruz can do about that remains to be seen.

What is known is that the Cruz campaign is quietly admitting Iowa is a must-win for them given the time and resources utilized to lock up a victory there. After leading in Iowa for a few weeks, Mr. Trump appears to have regained the momentum, leaving the Cruz campaign scrambling to remain a viable alternative to Trump for Iowa voters.

Seven days remain until the Iowa Caucus vote.


Is Fox News Preparing Proverbial “Kill Shot” Against Trump Campaign?







Iowa Voters On Trump: “Republicans Don’t Want Him, But Americans Do.”

Support for Donald Trump is currently surging again in Iowa just three weeks before that state’s caucus voters choose who they would like to see lead the GOP in 2016. Recently, political pundits have declared a belief (hope?) many of Donald Trump’s supporters won’t actually show up to vote.

It appears those pundits are going to be proven (yet again) to have been wrong.

D.C. Whispers was among the very first to outline a GOP Establishment view that Trump political support was “soft” and would not show up on voting day:


Iowa Republican Establishment Confident Trump Will Lose


Just as interesting is in the days following the above linked report, the Trump campaign saw a resurgence of support in Iowa.

The belief that Trump supporters would not actually take the time to show up and caucus appears to have been far more wishful thinking on GOP operatives’ part than factual – at least for now:

“It’s almost like Republicans don’t want Trump, even though a lot of the American people do.”

That sentiment was shared by an Iowan construction contractor by the name of Rich Lewerke, as outlined in a Washington Examiner report detailing Trump’s impressive on-the-ground support in the Hawkeye State.

An Iowan by the name of Donna, who had never participated in caucus voting before, said this about why she is now willing to do so this time for Donald Trump:

“I guess because there wasn’t a candidate that I believed in as much as this one.”

The Iowa Caucus is noted for often frigid temperatures and small groups of voters required to stand for hours in less than ideal conditions awaiting their turn to caucus for their candidate of choice. Republican power brokers were recently confident those conditions would see Trump’s support quickly dissipate on election night.

Now they’re not so sure.

As for Donald Trump, he is indicating a far more optimistic certainty:

“I think, actually, when it comes time, I think we’re going to actually over-perform. I have a feeling that far more people are going to vote than they even think.”

Mr. Trump has rarely been wrong so far on the campaign trail. If Iowa proves him right yet again, it will come at the expense of a GOP Establishment that wants nothing more at this point than to see him go away.










Trump Storms Back – Takes Lead In Iowa

After a handful of weeks where he slipped to second place behind Ted Cruz, the latest Quinnipiac poll has Donald Trump back on top with Senator Cruz in a very close second place.

Trump currently leads all Iowa contenders with 31% support while Cruz comes in at 29%.

Marco Rubio also enjoyed a bit of an improvement as well, pushing his support to 15%, a solid third place showing and further evidence he is solidifying his Establishment-favored status.

From there the field thins considerably as the remaining candidates are grouped in single-digits.

Mr. Trump, after being asked a media question, ignited a debate about Mr. Cruz’s eligibility to be President. Cruz was born in Canada to an America citizen mother. The senator’s father is Cuban. Trump simply indicated the issue should be “looked into” prior to Ted Cruz possibly winning the GOP nomination and from there a firestorm of media coverage on the issue ensued despite most Constitutional scholars indicating it a non-issue.

It is unclear if that recent controversy has played any role in Trump once again overtaking Cruz in the Iowa polls. It will most likely play a prominent roll in the upcoming GOP debate on the Fox Business channel and quite possibly be the impetus for the first public sparring between Trump and Cruz. To date, both candidates have remained relatively respectful of one another, a situation that has led some to speculate Donald Trump considers the Texas senator worthy of being a potential running mate should the New York billionaire win the GOP nomination.


Trump Gaining Support Among ALL Voters

Not so long ago, Donald Trump’s Establishment detractors dismissed his front-runner status as merely the result of a relatively small but vocal group of disaffected, white male, Middle Class voters.

Not anymore.

More recent polling data shows the New York billionaire’s appeal cutting a wide swath through the electorate, from strongly conservative to lifelong  Democrats grown weary of a party that has lurched much farther left than they are comfortable with. ‘Trump Voters” represent men, women, and perhaps most surprisingly to those who desperately want him to go away, minority voters.

A just-published report via Politico included this particularly telling insight:

“Essentially, the old base of the Democratic Party, non-college whites in the Midwest and Appalachia, have been cut loose and are floating like an iceberg in the middle of the electorate,” said one Republican strategist supporting another presidential candidate. “And they’ve glommed onto the Republicans because it’s a two-party system. But they have no affection for the Republican Party as an institution.

As noted here before, it is the landslide recipe utilized by Ronald Reagan in the 1980s whereby millions of Democrats voted for a Republican candidate for president and became known as “Reagan Democrats.” It is what allowed Reagan to bypass the Establishment controls of his own party in 1980 and then force that party to follow his lead in 1984.

Donald Trump appears intent on following that very same example now in 2016, an effort that continues to confound his detractors within the GOP, the Mainstream Media, and the Hillary Clinton campaign. And while immigration, terrorism, economic concerns are certainly front and center among Trump supporters, the real estate mogul does best against his political rivals when the subject of “strong leadership” is posed to voters and it is that concept of leadership that might give Mr. Trump his broadest level of appeal to what such a broad spectrum of supporters.

It is also something which provides a particularly striking contrast between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Though roughly the same age, Donald Trump is the far more dynamic and energetic candidate whereas Mrs. Clinton appears far older than her years:

And yet, Mrs. Clinton’s greatest ally in defeating Donald Trump might very well be the Republican Establishment she publicly claims to be ready to fight against:

“It’s one thing to have support from people in all these different groups,” said Mark Stephenson, a Republican data and analytics expert who was the chief data officer on Scott Walker’s presidential campaign. “It really is another thing to turn them into a Trump voter, or especially a Trump caucus-goer, on election night.”

It is a sentiment outlined here at D.C. Whispers weeks earlier – the belief that much of Donald Trump’s support won’t actually make it to the polls. (Ironically, that argument was also used against Barack Obama in 2008.)

So it will then be up to Trump voters to either prove the Establishment right – or to prove them wrong.

The first test comes in just three weeks with the Iowa Caucus.







BREAKING: Iowa Republican Establishment Confident Trump Will Lose

More and more Iowa Republican power brokers are said to be increasingly confident that Donald Trump will lose and lose badly during the February 1st Iowa Caucus vote.

“They are hoping to push Trump down into a third place finish.”


The most recent polling data shows Trump just a few points behind Senator Ted Cruz in the Hawkeye State with less than four weeks to go until voting. Senator Marco Rubio is in third place, more than fifteen points behind second-place Trump.

A longtime D.C. Whispers source elaborated on the Iowa GOP plan with the following statement:

“Forget the current polling numbers. In Iowa, they don’t count nearly as much as people’s willingness to show up and advocate for their candidate. It seems the state GOP machine in Iowa doesn’t think Trump supporters are going to bother. They might show up to a rally to see Trump in person, but apparently Iowa Republican leaders don’t think those supporters will actually show up to caucus on Election Day because that process doesn’t have the bling of a Trump campaign event. They are getting more and more vocal in their belief that Trump’s support is actually very soft. Their plan is to have Cruz take first and Rubio to “surprise” everyone with a strong second. They are hoping to push Trump down into a third place finish in Iowa which they think will humiliate him and cause much of his support in New Hampshire to then disintegrate.”

Interestingly, this week it appears the fight between Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio is heating up considerably, indicating that perhaps both of those campaigns are aware of the alleged plan by the Iowa GOP machine to elevate Rubio via Trump’s demise.

Cruz supporters are preparing an ad campaign portraying Senator Rubio as an unprepared and inexperienced candidate obsessed with Fantasy Football. The parallels being attempted between Rubio and Barack Obama are clear.

Rubio has already responded in a speech given just today in which he blasted his Republican opponents as “isolationists” who lacked credible understanding of how the world actually worked. Rubio then directed words specifically aimed at Cruz when he declared that “political stunts” will not keep America safe.



Ted Cruz Claims Trump Won’t Win While Trump Earns Black Leadership Support

Now that he is knocking upon the door of Donald Trump’s lead in Iowa, Texas Senator Ted Cruz appears willing to come out as the “smart alternative” to the New York billionaire as both men fight it out for support among Iowa caucus voters.

“I don’t believe Donald Trump is going to be our nominee. I don’t believe he’ll be our president.”

Cruz gave his comments during a campaign stop in Coralville, Iowa on Monday. It marks a departure from his earlier refusal to engage Mr. Trump head-on, though Mr. Cruz did qualify his statement by telling reporters he didn’t think it was a good idea for Republican candidates to go around, “blasting each other.”

As for Donald Trump, he has not yet responded to Cruz’s declarations regarding his political future. What he was doing was meeting with several black religious leaders at Trump Tower after which some of those black community leaders then came out to declare their support for Mr. Trump’s campaign.

Dr. Darrell Scott, Pastor of New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio went so far as to push back against what he views as a biased liberal media who does not know, “…the real Donald Trump.” Pastor Scott refuted the media-generated stories of Black pastors refusing to meet with Mr. Trump. While a few who were invited did so, it appears the vast majority not only attended the meeting, but left feeling very positive about the Trump campaign:

Did Trump Campaign Just Jump The Shark? Likens Ben Carson Struggles To Child Molester (UPDATED)

Even some of his most ardent supporters are shaking their heads and wondering what motivated Donald Trump during what was a bizarre 90-minute rambling display of attack against his GOP rivals to take it several steps further by linking Dr. Ben Carson’s earlier life struggles to that of a child molester.

Yes, Mr. Trump really did go there and it has confounded those who have stood by him and delighted his critics both in the Republican Establishment and the Mainstream Media who think Mr. Trump has finally delivered his own campaign death blow.

Some are suggesting fatigue as being a contributing factor to the what is widely viewed as a nearly incoherent rant that devolved into Trump calling out his primary Iowa rival as a liar, his Iowa supporters as stupid, and then eventually, linking Dr. Carson to a mental sickness, “like child molestation.” Trump’s many detractors are pointing to this attack as evidence the candidate is having a very difficult time accepting the possibility he could lose in Iowa.

Video of the tirade clearly shows Trump supporters looking increasingly confused and uncomfortable as they watch and listen to the candidate repeat over and over again how stupid voters must be to believe a word of Dr. Carson’s story.

Will Mr. Trump continue to inexplicably survive such outrageous moments on the campaign trail or will voter backlash result in his plummeting in the polls? His critics are now salivating at the prospect of making his most recent attacks on Ben Carson the top news item over the weekend. From there, it will be up to Donald Trump to try and navigate some seriously troubled waters that are entirely of his own making.

Here’s the video so you can judge for yourself:

UPDATED: Earlier today, though subsequently lost in the news of the Paris tragedy, was Dr. Ben Carson’s refusal to publicly respond negatively to Mr. Trump’s most recent attack against him. Carson affirmed he did not believe Donald Trump was calling him a child molester, though he was troubled enough over Trump’s behavior yesterday to say he would pray for him.

It was also indicated one of Donald Trump’s sons had a private meeting with his father regarding the Carson situation at the request of a senior Trump campaign adviser who was very frustrated over the trouble Mr. Trump’s comments were causing the campaign.

On-the-ground reports in Iowa included comments from Trump supporters who were at yesterday’s rally and were confused and or disappointed by Mr. Trump’s attacks on Dr. Carson. None of those supporters suggested they would change their support for the New York billionaire though, but would let the campaign know they did not approve of the comments.

As of now, Trump’s last public communication of the day was a prayer for the people of Paris. It would appear he doesn’t wish to talk politics following such a terrible tragedy – a prudent and respectful gesture on his part.


In Battle For The White House, It’s Trump-Trump-Trump…

Donald Trump continues his version of the political GOP hat trick, finding himself atop the polls of both the first Republican nomination contests in Iowa and New Hampshire, as well as leading the national polls according to the Real Clear Politics average. No other Republican candidate comes close to that kind of dominance. 

The question that remains is if it can be sustained.

(ABOVE: On the GOP side it remains for now a Trump-Trump-Trump show…)


Here is the Real Clear Politics most recent GOP polling data:

Battle for the White HouseRCP Poll Averages:
National Iowa New Hampshire
Trump25.3 Trump24.0 Trump27.5
Carson24.5 Carson23.5 Carson13.8
Rubio11.8 Rubio12.8 Rubio10.8
Cruz10.0 Cruz12.3 Kasich9.0
Bush5.5 Bush6.3 Bush 7.8

Beyond Donald Trump’s ongoing polling dominance is the very strong second place showing of Dr. Ben Carson, though it is being suggested that showing will find itself greatly diminished in the coming days and weeks. (See: HERE)

Then there is the ongoing emergence of Marco Rubio who has entered double-digit for the first time and appears poised to continue building upon that support. Texas Senator Ted Cruz enjoys support reasonable support in Iowa and the national poll, but hardly registers in New Hampshire. Beyond that it is Jeb Bush, who has seen his political fortunes collapse over the last month of tepid debate performances and repeated campaign reboot attempts.

With less than 90 days until the first votes are cast in Iowa for the next GOP presidential nominee, Donald Trump remains leading the pack as he has done since summer.

Will the Trump Train roll on to the GOP convention next summer, or begin to lose steam? Can his motivated base of voter support withstand a Republican establishment more determined than ever to see his White House campaign squashed?

Time will tell, but for now, time appears to be favoring Mr. Trump…


About Those Trump vs Carson Numbers The Media Isn’t Quite Telling You…

The Mainstream Media is noticeably giddy over a series of recent polls showing Donald Trump falling behind Dr. Ben Carson both in Iowa, and the latest New York Times/CBS national poll.

There is a very strong caveat to those polls this same media is neglecting to share, instead burying it at the bottom of their reports, if reported at all. It is a fact which links to earlier D.C. Whispers’ reports on this very subject of Trump vs Carson and directly ties into tomorrow night’s CNBC-hosted, GOP debate.

Here is a just-released and related CNN report on Dr. Carson’s challenge to the longstanding Trump dominance of GOP polls. It was a sentence buried at the very end of the story after a large-font headline declaring, “Ben Carson knocks Donald Trump from top spot nationally”:

The poll does carry an important caveat, however: 70% of respondents said they had not settled on a choice yet. Trump’s supporters, however, are more locked in with their support.

Donald Trump is not only at or near the top of every current GOP candidate poll, but has among the most loyal base of supporters. Dr. Carson’s current standing (and I say this as a fan of Mr. Carson on a personal level) is far more similar to the “here again gone again” cycles seen during the 2012 Republican primary race that had a series of candidates becoming polling front runners only to then fade quickly into oblivion.

The media, and the Establishment Republican Machine knows this fact well – and they have no intention of actually allowing Ben Carson to win the GOP nomination. See this quote from an earlier D.C. Whispers report:

“Ben Carson is being used as a political wedge against the Trump campaign…The senator’s team (a reference to the Rubio campaign) is positioning to take Carson’s support over the next two months and then emerge as the dominant candidate in the nomination race.”

See original report:  HERE

CNN acknowledged, albeit very quietly, how soft the current support for Ben Carson is in relation to Trump supporters. With that fact in mind, it becomes clear how accurate the above D.C. Whispers information is now proving to be.

The media, in conjunction with Establishment Republicans, are at this very moment utilizing Dr. Carson as a wedge against the Trump campaign. The second phase of this plan, and one interested voters should pay very close attention to, is when Dr. Carson finds his poll numbers suddenly declining while Marco Rubio’s continue to rise as the Rubio campaign succeeds in absorbing the majority of Carson’s previous support.

There is a nationally televised Republican debate tomorrow hosted by CNBC and moderated by far-left ideologue, John Harwood. In recent months Harwood has publicly defended Hillary Clinton, marginalized Donald Trump, and declared Republicans to be the party of the rich and that parents who opposed Barack Obama were stupid and racist.

He is the one the Mainstream Media has chosen to control the content/direction of tomorrow night’s Republican primary debate. Rumors suggest the Jeb Bush campaign sees this as quite possibly their last hurrah to regain some semblance of relevance, while the Rubio campaign is fully on board and with the plan referenced above. The question that remains is if Ben Carson will allow himself to be used by those who certainly don’t have his own best interests in mind, and if Donald Trump will finally do what so many have been saying he would do for so long – collapse under the forces being brought against him and his bid for the White House.

John Harwood has likely been given his marching orders, and will be more than happy to carry them out tomorrow night…





Political Elite Brace For “Trump Tsunami” – Increase Efforts To Terminate Trump Momentum…

It’s known by longtime presidential campaign operatives as the ultimate “hat trick” – a candidate who is able to effectively run the table in the three initial and influential nomination battles that are Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

In the modern era of American politics, it has never been done – not even by Ronald Reagan.

If Donald Trump is somehow able to maintain his current levels of support in those three states, he will do just that. It would be a stunning “Trump Tsunami”, an event the political elite are at this very moment determined to prevent from happening as it would effectively decimate their current stranglehold over the political process in this county.

Currently, Mr. Trump sits atop the polls by reasonably wide margins in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina:

In Iowa Trump holds a six-point lead according to the RCP average. In New Hampshire that lead is a more commanding eleven points and in South Carolina, Donald Trump currently outpaces his GOP rivals by nearly sixteen percent.

Historically, the Iowa Caucus by the very nature of caucus politics is often something of an election outlier where a seemingly lesser known candidate can often create a short-term political upset such as what happened in 2012 when Rick Santorum edged out Mitt Romney in that state or in 2008 when Mike Huckabee emerged victorious.

As the first actual primary election in the long nomination process, New Hampshire then acts as a counter-balance to the evangelical-heavy vote of Iowa. New Hampshire voters are notoriously independent-minded which often produces a result that is far different than the recent Iowa Caucus outcome.

To have a candidate leading both in Iowa AND New Hampshire is somewhat rarified political atmosphere.

Then comes South Carolina, the southern vote bellwether. There has never been a GOP presidential nominee who did not first finish among the top two in South Carolina since 1980 and but for 2012 when Newt Gingrich won, the winner of South Carolina has gone on to also win the Republican nomination.

So with that perspective in mind consider the very real possibility should current trends hold, of Donald Trump winning all three of the Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina elections.

It is an outcome unimaginable to the political elite in this country but a few short months ago and is why those considerable powers with long-reaching tentacles throughout the political-media machines will do everything in their power to prevent.

Some might recall this information from a related D.C. Whispers report nearly two months ago:

Of the candidates who are said to have been given their anti-Trump marching orders last night, one was apparently told with the greatest sense of urgency – Senator Marco Rubio…It was reportedly the Rubio campaign that was specifically given the directive to, “take Trump out. -D.C. Whispers: August 5th, 2015

Since that August 5th report, the Rubio campaign has been at the forefront of the anti-Trump attacks. This in and of itself is not to demean Marco Rubio but to simply point to confirmation of that information first published here at D.C. Whispers. It now appears clear that Senator Rubio finds himself the benefactor of at least some of the Republican establishment who hope to utilize his potentially formidable political abilities to break apart the still-ongoing Donald Trump momentum.

For fans of Donald Trump, this next bit of D.C. Whispers exclusive information might bring a smile to your face.

Representatives for Mr. Trump are said to have quietly reached out to the Rubio campaign regarding “potential future plans” between the two candidates.




It was a Trump-weekend to be sure, with the New York billionaire taking over the political oxygen in Iowa, followed by his being the topic of choice (yet again) for all of the Sunday news programs, and a turning of the tide by some among the media pundits who are now admitting for the first time the Donald Trump phenomenon is both legit, and potentially far-reaching enough to actually win the GOP nomination for president.

It is a first for the real estate mogul and reality TV star, who had been called previously but didn't appear

(ABOVE: This morning Mr. Trump is greeting by swarming media and onlookers desperate to catch a glimpse of the GOP presidential candidate as he reports for jury duty.)


“We’ve reached a turning point with Trump, the major establishment campaigns of both parties now think Trump could win Iowa, and most of them think he could win the nomination, and a significant number think he could win the White House.”

So says Mark Halperin, longtime political journalist who has been deeply involved in coverage of every major political campaign in America for nearly the last thirty years.

Halperin also hinted that Donald Trump is now seen as the single greatest threat to the Republican establishment. Everywhere Trump goes, GOP operatives are watching him, taking notes, and later analyzing that data. What they are finding is a political candidate who is surpassing all expectations, and generating an increasingly devoted following of supporters that is eclipsing all other Republican candidates on the campaign trail – combined.


Those were the repeated shouts from Iowans during Trump’s visit to the Iowa State Fair on Saturday. Trump flew on via his private jet, then from the airport took his private helicopter to a location near the fairgrounds, and then a short ride via a police-escorted motorcade that had the unmistakable appearance of being…presidential.

The media-savvy candidate then offered up his helicopter to children and their parents for short rides above the state fairground property. The reaction from Iowa voters was overwhelmingly positive, the throngs of crowds following Mr. Trump elevating his appearance to something akin to rock-star status:

A trusted D.C. Whispers source said this regarding the Trump spectacle:

“Right now there is Donald Trump, and everyone else. Anyone who disputes that isn’t dealing with the reality of the 2016 race. There’s a lot of time left, a lot of opportunity for Donald Trump to lose favor among voters but for now he is re-writing all the rules of a national campaign and everyone else is playing catch up. He’s gone from political sideshow to the only show in town. And there’s a part of this story the media is ignoring – Trump’s appeal to minority voters. It exists, it’s real, and it’s getting stronger.”

Proof of the above statement can be found in the simple fact that Donald Trump wasn’t the only high-profile candidate to visit the Iowa State Fair last Saturday. Hillary Clinton was there as well.

The difference? Few noticed and fewer still seemed to care…


Trump’s Iowa Poll #’s Down Slightly Following Lackluster Debate Performance

While Donald Trump’s campaign is far from finished as some Fox News pundits so readily declared, it does appear some voters have shifted their current allegiance to some of the other capable Republican candidates who gave strong debate performances last week – namely Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz. (Governor Scott Walker remains unchanged at 12%)

Carly Fiorina was seen as particularly effective during the earlier of the two GOP debates that day. Since that performance her campaign has been inundated with supportive messages and interested donors who now view her as a viable 2016 contender and she has seen her approval numbers double in the days following last week’s debate.

It should also be noted that the Jeb Bush campaign continues to flounder with the one-time GOP frontrunner having fallen to low single digit support among Iowa Republican voters.

Here is how the new Iowa poll numbers shake out with Trump remaining in the lead, though two percentage points lower than he was just prior to the debate:




The REAL Reason For The Attempted Hillary 2016 Reboot Last Weekend…(VIDEO)

While most in the Mainstream Media tried to downplay the fact Hillary Clinton is (once again) attempting to redefine herself to voters who continue to be less than enthusiastic about her campaign, the truth is out there.

Team Hillary remains in very big trouble…

Hillary overflow

(Image via White House Dossier)

The above is a photo of the “overflow” section for Hillary Clinton’s SECOND announcement speech over the weekend. Not a single person was to be found.

Apparently Team Clinton was well aware of the low numbers and was frantic to try and make certain the media did not communicate the lackluster turnout to the rest of the nation.

For the most part the campaign succeeded, though a particularly embarrassing clip did manage to sneak through. The below video is of the Hillary Campaign “Watch Party” that was to take place in Iowa during her big, much-advertised, weekend announcement.  Just six people showed up, and at least one was a campaign staffer.

Whispers now suggest when Team Hillary heard of the stunning lack of interest back in Iowa, they made certain to try and insulate candidate Clinton from the bad news.


“The campaign is getting more and more desperate to get some traction. They are blaming everyone and everything besides themselves but privately more and more are admitting the main problem is Hillary Clinton. They don’t have a show-horse but a tired, old mare who looks far more ready to be put out to pasture than a return to the White House.”


Check out the video below. This kind of thing happens to a no-name wanna-be candidate hoping to eek out some much-needed recognition. Never before has something so pathetic befallen a candidate who continues to be viewed as the “unstoppable” eventual winner for her party’s nomination to be the next president of the United States.