As Opposition To Obama-Iran Deal Grows, White House Demands Top Democrats Fall In Line…

Republicans are pondering the possibility of a sudden and unexpected new ally of opposition to the disastrously one-sided Obama Iran nuclear deal – soon to be Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer,  D-NY.

President Obama and his longtime Iranian-born Senior White House Adviser, Valerie Jarrett are said to be “livid” over what they are calling an “act of betrayal” by the man who most would deem the most powerful and influential Democrat in the U.S. Senate and it is Schumer’s expected move to replace outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid that the Obama White House is using to directly threaten Schumer’s opposition to the Iran nuclear deal.

Let Schumer’s office know he is now in danger of being challenged for the minority position.

That is the word that went out to Obama loyalists in the Senate late last week and is being repeated again this week by White House operatives. As of now, Senator Schumer has if anything strengthened his opposition to the Obama-Iran nuclear deal, calling out the agreement as one that ensures the world’s number one state-sponsor of terrorism will in the near future develop a “robust nuclear program” that would endanger the entirety of the Middle East and thus, the world.

Schumer appears to be marginalizing the Obama White House, perhaps even calling the president himself out as ignorant of the reality of Iran’s true intentions, a move that is said to have the notoriously thin-skinned Barack Obama fuming as the White House scrambles to isolate Schumer’s opposition before it spreads to other Democrats.

It should be noted the last high-ranking Democrat to publicly denounce an Obama White House foreign policy was New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez. Senator Menendez raised concerns over the Obama administration’s sudden acceptance of the communist regime of Cuba (and to a somewhat lesser extent the deal with Iran) and within weeks of voicing those concerns publicly, was indicted on federal corruption charges by the Obama Department of Justice.  The case against the senator is still pending.

Various whispers have circulated throughout the D.C. corridors of power that the Obama DOJ acted with particular speed and aggression in its treatment of the Democratic senator so as to make an example of him and use the threat of a trial and possible imprisonment to keep other Democrats in line – a charge the Obama administration has publicly denied.

Privately is another matter…

Joint Chiefs Staff On Obama: “The Most Dangerous Kind Of Arrogance”

Since becoming President of the United States and this nation’s Commander in Chief, Barack Obama has had a consistently strained relationship between himself and the U.S. military. It appears that relationship has reached an all new low following what some are indicating to be among the most lopsided and disastrous negotiations in all of American history.

Above: The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, will continue to salute the president in public, “but over the last several months has grown to loathe Barack Obama’s indifference to long-standing military tradition and practice intended to keep America safe and secure.”


General Dempsey is said to have made repeated overtures to the White House in the final weeks of the now infamous Iran nuclear negotiations. The primary sticking point was the administration’s initial desire to immediately lift restrictions on conventional weapons sales to the Iranian government, an action lobbied for heavily by both Russia and China who hope to make billions off of future military deals with Iran.

Dempsey was repeatedly pushed off to State Department officials who assured the Joint Chiefs Chairman his concerns would be “shared with others” within the State Department and that he would be better served limiting the sharing of his views with Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter. This process is rumored to have first annoyed Dempsey and then eventually infuriated him to the point he was openly criticizing a sitting president to military staff, something said to be well beyond his normal pattern of behavior.

“General Dempsey has always been a company guy. That’s why the White House put him there. They wanted someone who kept quiet and followed orders. That relationship began to fall apart during the Iran nuclear negotiations and then blew up in the final days when he went to Congress and on record issued a public ultimatum. There was to be no immediate allowance for weapons sales to Iran by other nations. Instead, the Obama White House and Iranian representatives agreed to continue freezing such sales for an additional five to eight years. The White House blinked.”

If he was feeling any satisfaction over getting at least some of his concerns finally addressed, General Dempsey was apparently not sharing that satisfaction with those around him. Instead, staff close to the general had this to say regarding the Obama White House:

“Rank amateurs and the most dangerous kind of arrogance. China dominated these negotiations from the beginning to the end and the White House seemed more than happy to let it happen.”