Trump Set To Slash Federal Funding To Planned Parenthood

It’ll be another promise kept to his supporters as Donald Trump is set to drastically slash federal funding to Planned Parenthood despite the collective wails of discontent from the far left.

Via The Hill:

The Trump administration may take action to cut federal funding to Planned Parenthood as a result of pressure from congressional Republicans and anti-abortion lobbyists.

Opponents of abortion have launched an all-out campaign urging the administration to bring back Reagan-era abortion restrictions on federal family planning dollars that would target Planned Parenthood.

…“We’re pleased with the promises President Trump has upheld, but we also need Congress to stay on top of this,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life, a grass-roots organization that mobilizes young people opposed to abortion.

The push from abortion opponents has enraged congressional Democrats, who say the changes would restrict access to reproductive health care.


Republicans in Congress have been raising money from anti-abortion voters for decades only to lose interest in the issue once they win election. Donald Trump is among the very few who is willing to do what he says he will do – a primary reason why his millions of supporters are so enthusiastic about the job he’s doing as President.

Love him or hate him – it cannot be denied he keeps his word.