THE EMPIRE FIGHTS BACK: D.C. Machine Prepares To Destroy Trump Following Comey Firing

Democrats are salivating at the opportunity to paint President Trump as a Nixonian-like president who is firing those directly involved in the ongoing (and what intelligence officials have repeatedly declared to be utterly bogus) Russia/Trump campaign investigation. Rumors are now rampant that a number of high-profile Republicans are willing to help coordinate that effort with their Democrat counterparts.

The D.C. Machine is fighting back and Donald Trump and his still-emerging administration is to face a political/media onslaught the likes of which have not been seen during this nation’s political modern era.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is said to have called the president following the Comey firing and declared, “You’re making a big mistake.”

Republican Senator John McCain declared, “More shoes are going to drop” on the Russian investigation and likened Trump’s actions to disgraced president Richard Nixon. The Nixon comparison was one that the far left media began to run with as well indicating collusion between Senator McCain and those far left media figures.

Look for this join effort to crippled the Trump presidency to intensify in the coming days and weeks. James Comey was a man many thought could ultimately be controlled by the D.C. Machine as he had been a part of it for so long. If Trump were to bring in a more independent and truth-minded FBI Director to replace Comey, the entirety of the D.C. Machine knows it would be at risk as it is an entity that has been mired in the worst kinds of corrupt politics and behaviors for a very-very long time.

The Empire is fighting back.


UNHINGED: Harry Reid Just Accused FBI of Working With Russia To Make Trump President

He is among the highest ranking Democrats in the nation, and today Harry Reid went full on tinfoil hat territory with accusations the FBI’s James Comey was working with Putin’s Russia to make Donald Trump President.


“It’s obvious he was a parts in all of this. Comey. Yes… We know there were people in the campaign for Donald Trump were in touch with the Russians. And now it’s very clear. One of the big mysteries that people think exists. Why didn’t he do something. There’s no mystery to me…” -Senator Harry Reid


Trump Signals To FBI On Clinton Foundation Investigation: JUST DO YOUR JOB

Over the weekend, Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes attempted to paint President-Elect Donald Trump into a corner regarding his oft-repeated campaign-trail promise to have a real investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal – one that could even include a Special Prosecutor. It was a promise that had Trump supporters chanting “Lock her up!” in the final months of the campaign. Trump shrugged off Stahl’s questioning on the subject, stating he didn’t wish to “hurt” the Clintons, but what was left unsaid actually spoke volumes.

It is the Clinton Foundation FBI investigation that remains very much ongoing, though given the absence of Mainstream Media coverage on that fact, many Americans might not realize that to be the case.

In her interview with Trump, Stahl’s questioning focused on Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server – NOT the foundation. This was no accident, but had been most likely considered and perhaps even negotiated by Trump surrogates and CBS News prior to the 60 Minutes interview.

You see, it is the Clinton Foundation scandal that has the entirety of Washington D.C. whispering to itself. Will the FBI unleash hell upon the foundation and its multi-tentacled contacts both within the U.S. government and across the globe that had U.S. policy being illegally sold to the highest bidder?  That doomsday possibility is why current Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch had already attempted to terminate the investigation, even as Director Comey continues to proceed with it.

Lynch’s role remains that of an investigative firewall between the FBI and the Clintons. (and Barack Obama)

But with Donald Trump mere weeks away from assuming power, and a new Attorney General who will accompany that transition, that firewall will soon be no more. And though Mr. Trump’s first 100-days political priorities are clearly focused upon the economy, immigration/border security, and ISIS, his refusal to state Mr. Comey’s job at the FBI is secure is an equally clear signal from the President-Elect that he expects the FBI to do its job regarding the Clinton Foundation investigation.

If justice is to be served, so be it, and because such a move will be coming from the FBI and not the White House, Trump’s detractors will find it far more difficult to accuse him of unfairly “going after” the Clintons should the FBI ultimately recommend to the new Attorney General that charges be filed.

In other words, the Clinton Foundation issue is far from over, and Donald Trump is already proving himself capable of navigating that particularly pungent swamp with considerable skill.


STUNNING: FBI Did Not Require Hillary Clinton Be Put Under Oath & Interview NOT Recorded

THIS is undeniable proof the fix was in, and that Hillary Clinton was being treated as a high-profile political celebrity and not a person under criminal investigation for a myriad of government-related crimes.

James Comey admits Mrs. Clinton was not even required by oath to tell the truth, and even more stunning, that no recording (per FBI policy) or detailed transcripts of the FBI interview with her, even exist.

Here is video of FBI Director Comey admitting that very thing. 

Many have defended Director Comey as an honorable man. That defense has become significantly more difficult given the unbelievable fact that Hillary Clinton was not sworn to tell the truth prior to her interview/interrogation, and that there is no audio record beyond some general notes, of what she actually said. Comey also admits he didn’t even bother to speak with all of the agents who interviewed Mrs. Clinton prior to making his decision to not recommend charges against the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee.

Mrs. Clinton quite possibly compromised State secrets and put lives in danger, and she is not required to take an oath of truthfulness when questioned about that possibility?  This is an outrage even by Clinton-standards of getting away with what would normally land others in jail.

Here’s video of the admission by James Comey. This needs to be shared far and wide:


Watch FBI Directer Outline Multiple Reasons For Hillary’s Indictment (VIDEO)

Via direct questioning from Congressman Trey Gowdy, the man most responsible for discovering Hillary Clinton used a private, unsecured server to conduct top secret government business – and then lied about it, we see FBI Director James Comey repeatedly admit as much.

After watching this, all of America should be asking why Hillary Clinton is being allowed to run for President of the United States. It certainly isn’t because she followed the law, or deserves it. The only answer left that makes any sense is because we live in an era of the political elite who pass laws by which they themselves have no intention of following. (Obamcare, anyone?)

This video is informative – and infuriating when one realizes just how much Hillary Clinton got away with: