DISGUSTING: Senator Jeff Flake Attends Soros-Sponsored Globalist Festival With Democrats (VIDEO)

He is a senator soon to be out of a job because the voters of Arizona were disgusted by his refusal to support then-candidate Donald Trump and now President Trump. Jeff Flake is certainly living up to his namesake. Here he is yesterday standing shoulder-to-shoulder with “good friend” and fellow globalist senator, Chris Coons at a George Soros-sponsored “Global Citizen Festival” where Flake makes a joking reference to the elevator confrontation that he says made him request a one-week FBI investigation into allegations against Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The women who confronted him in that elevator were paid Soros operatives. The entire thing was a sham, a set-up, and now Mr. Flake himself appears to be directly on the Soros payroll. 

They don’t call it the D.C. swamp for nothing…

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Deep State Moves In Hard To Block Kavanaugh Nomination: “They Got To Him.”

Via Senator Jeff Flake’s squishy request to “pause” the Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmation vote in order to allow for yet another FBI investigation, the Deep State is now poised to unleash a flurry of anti-Kavanaugh stories (and direct threats to a group of Republican senators) through their multitude of media operatives.

Hold on tight. If you thought it was crazy before, the next 72-96 hours are going to be brutal as the Deep State no doubt is counting on enough Republicans to buckle under the immense pressure that is about to be applied to them. 

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Senator Kamala Harris (left), who is a direct link to the Obama-Valerie Jarrett D.C. power circle, led the charge to intimidate outgoing Arizona senator Jeff Flake (right) into pushing for an FBI investigation. Flake, who has been an outspoken Republican enemy of the Trump White House, obeyed the demands of Harris and other leading Democrats, an act which led to fellow Republican senator Lindsey Graham to reportedly tell staff as he was walking out, “They got to him. They got to him.”

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The committee chair, Senator Chuck Grassley, was even more visibly upset as he made his way to a closed-door meeting with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. “These people won’t stop this nonsense. They’re all nuts.” 

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Democrats, on the other hand, were openly elated by Flake’s move, knowing full well the media-generated anti-Kavanaugh barrage that is about to be unleashed.

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Never-Trumper Senator Jeff Flake Just Got Called Out For Being A Big, Fat, Lying, Steaming, Hypocritical, TURD

RINO Senator Flake gave a speech to an empty room today that had CNN giving high praise, oohhhing and ahhhing how “brave” it was for Mr. Flake to call out President Trump for his ongoing war against a Fake News media. Flake likened POTUS Trump to Stalin, implying it was dangerous to have a leader who didn’t bow to the media-driven agenda. (apparently fighting back against lies and smears makes one a dictator in the world-view of Senator Flake. Arizona must be so proud.)

BUT WAIT A MINUTE. What CNN neglected to also share is how Senator Flake just yesterday voted to give Donald Trump (a man Flake says is dictator) even more domestic surveillance powers. In essence, Flake is calling Trump a dictator out of one side of his mouth, while granting that dictator more power out of the other side of his mouth!


Flake is a con-man who most likely is now angling for a CNN contributor job and/or position at a D.C. lobbying firm that represents globalist interests.

Good riddance.