BREAKING: Jeff Sessions OUT As Attorney General

Many suspected it was coming but the official announcement is still rocking the foundations of DC at this time as President Trump makes it official:

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Why Won’t Jeff Sessions Resign? Answer: Because The Deep State Won’t Let Him

A stronger/less compromised Attorney General would have shut down the anti-Trump investigations months ago. The fake Russia collusion charge was found to be a hoax last year and yet Robert Mueller was allowed to then greatly expand his investigation and now seeks to try and destroy everything Donald Trump has built – including the president’s family, friends, and longtime business associates. All of them are being punished for one thing – winning the White House and putting America first. Jeff Sessions has been critical in allowing Mueller’s powers to expand and despite President Trump’s increasing (and understandable) frustration over that fact, Sessions refuses to step down. The reason why is simple – the Deep State won’t let him.

Were Sessions to resign, President Trump would be allowed to quickly choose a replacement who would not be required to obtain approval from Congress. As such, this replacement would be a direct threat to the Deep State’s actions against the current administration. An Attorney General would have the power to turn over the corruption tables in D.C. and expose everything and everyone should they choose to do so.

Sessions hides in his office while Obama-appointed DOJ officials are allowed free reign over the anti-Trump investigative machine.

If Trump were to fire his attorney general then replacements would have to come from individuals who have already been confirmed by the Senate. The first in line would be the DOJ’s #2 – Rod Rosenstein, a Deep State holdover himself who has been instrumental in helping create the current Mueller investigation that seeks to destroy all things Trump.

If Sessions resigns, though, Trump is allowed a far cleaner path to replace him with anyone he chooses – on a temporary/emergency basis and that is something the Deep State does not want. Imagine Rudy Guiliani suddenly being made Attorney General. Should Sessions resign President Trump could do just that. And imagine then Guiliani with the power to rip through the corrupt DOJ and FBI and uncover just how deep that corruption goes – and who it truly implicates. (most certainly former presidents)

Consider that in 2017, Devin Nunes, a Republican congressman investigating the Russian collusion hoax, was sounding the alarm against Attorney General Sessions. Nunes said the following:

“…Give us the information in a timely manner. I mean, just give us all the information. Just give it to us so that the investigators that have the oversight role can properly go through everything. But when they — the more that they spread this out bit by bit by bit, the more ridiculous they look and the more dishonest they look and the more corrupt –“

Sessions has sat back and allowed the DOJ’s anti-Trump corruption to not only continue but to thrive while he hides behind his self-imposed recusal exile.

He should resign but he won’t. If he steps aside President Trump has an opening to put somebody to head the DOJ unincumbered by whatever power the Deep State now holds over Jeff Sessions.

In the meantime, the Mueller witch hunt continues and all of the success America has enjoyed since the 2016 Election faces greater and greater peril.


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