THE HORROR! See How Washington D.C. Destroyed Joe Biden’s Looks

What kind of horrible soul-sucking transformation is this? A once-handsome young man travels to Washington D.C. as a young senator from Delaware, only to see his visage malformed into a leering, villainous, wretch?

Dear Joe, what the hell happened, man?

A young Joe Biden smolders for the ladies. (AP)

The photo on the left is pre-DC Joe Biden. Young, tan, fit, and a magnificent head of hair. The photo on the right is approximately just seven years later, and only a few years after Biden became a U.S. Senator. Yikes!

Things became so bad, New York Magazine actually ran an article with the following title:

Does Joe Biden Have Butt Hair on His Head?

The greater mystery than what does or doesn’t reside atop Joe Biden’s head is what kind of deal with a hair-loving devil did he make some forty years ago that saw his appearance devolve from a handsome young man to a hideous caricature of that same man a mere handful of years later?

The horror…the horror…


Joe Biden Gives Most Ironic Of Oscar Presentations

The Vice President attended the Oscar ceremony to call on others to “TAKE THE PLEDGE!” to help those on college campuses who “have not or cannot” give consent for sexual advances. It was a strangely ironic moment given Mr. Biden’s long history of making being a handsy and hugsy kind of guy, but even more troubling is that it comes at a time when the likely Democrat presidential nominee will be Hillary Clinton, a woman who has attacked and demeaned the women who accused her husband of just that –  sexually assaulting them.

ABOVE: It doesn’t appear Joe Biden took his own pledge…


And of course, Hollywood, perhaps the most ironic place in the entire world, gave the Vice President a standing ovation.


Examples of powerful Democrat men engaging in uncomfortable displays of unwanted public attention, or worse, appears to be the norm:

Once again the Oscars cooks in its own stew of moronic irrelevance.



What do you do when your own government is the thing trying to destroy you?

Answer: FIGHT.




Democrat Party Bosses Panicked Over Bernie Sanders

“This has gotten way out of hand.”

So goes the oft-repeated refrain from top-tier DNC bosses to rank and file operatives who are all now scrambling to try and figure out what is an increasingly serious Bernie Sanders dilemma.

The Sanders’ dynamic playing out within the Democrat Party is in fact a far greater and more important story than the Donald Trump vs GOP Establishment meme that the Mainstream Media has put on a repeating loop for the last several months. As combative and boisterous as Trump can be, his views represent a significant wing of BOTH the Republican and Democrat parties and are ultimately, a newly emerged America first sentiment that appeals to millions of voters.

Bernie Sanders on the other hand is a devoted socialist who has for the entirety of his adult life denounced the fundamental tenets of the Great American Experiment. He left the United States to honeymoon in the then-Soviet Union, a top-down government monstrosity that literally enslaved hundreds of millions of people across the globe. The USSR was, as President Ronald Reagan so assertively put it decades earlier, “…an evil empire.”

Sanders is the epitome of the radical 1960’s I hate America, crowd and his current appeal to so many younger voters is the direct result of an American educational system that has for some forty years been controlled by that very same hate America agenda. If not for the Democrat Party’s selection of Hillary Clinton as its 2016 nominee (a direct result of an earlier agreement between the Obama and Clinton Machines) Bernie Sanders would not be posing a serious challenge for the Democrat presidential nomination.

Hillary Clinton is simply an unlikable, lying, and utterly out of touch with reality choice that has now come back to haunt the Democrat Party Establishment.

“They have no idea what to do with Sanders. They don’t want to offend and politically displace his supporters while at the same time knowing that if this thing continues to grow, it will destroy the Democrat Party.”

Things are said to have become so panicked and contentious inside 430 S. Capitol St, (DNC headquarters) that current DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been warned this could prove the end of her career if she does not somehow find a way to successfully navigate the morass of the Bernie Sanders phenomena.

“She won’t be able to get a job washing dishes in this town.”

A clear sign of the panic button being pushed was when the Clinton campaign most recently was literally begging for more public debates and the DNC power structure happily encouraged that request. It was their hope that the more Sanders spoke, the less appealing he would become – a similar ploy utilized by the RNC to handle the, “Trump factor.”

Unfortunately for them, that tactic has yet to work. If anything, it has diminished Hillary Clinton’s appeal as the sound of her strident voice, her repeated wide-eyed refusal to accept any blame for wrongdoing, and the ever-increasing allegations of pay to play scandal and Wall Street millions has educated an entirely new generation of voters to the stink that has always permeated the Clinton political dynasty.

South Carolina is now the proverbial fire wall for Clinton 2016. The Clinton Machine has deep ties to the southern state and is spending millions to ensure victory in that soon-to-be primary battle. From there, the campaign hopes to see Sanders pushed back and ultimately off, of the nomination stage.

There is one very significant caveat to that outcome, though:

Should the FBI move forward with a recommendation that formal charges be brought against Hillary Clinton for the myriad of allegations surrounding her use of a private email and the possible pay-to-play wrongdoing involving the Clinton Foundation, Mrs Clinton will not likely survive that outcome. If the Obama Department of Justice refuses to proceed with the FBI’s recommendation, (as has already been rumored) Hillary Clinton would prove too toxic even for the notoriously forgiving Democrat voter.

At that point the DNC will be operating at DEFCTON 1 – Doomsday scenario with a candidate still ready and willing to whisper sweet nothings to the American voter in an attempt to make this persistent Bernie problem all better:



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Joe Biden’s 24-Hour About-Face: Adviser Tells VP, “They’ll Destroy You.”

Yesterday evening, Vice President Joe Biden was intent on running for President of the United States.

By morning the following day, he is said to have grimly agreed to the suggestions of a high-ranking adviser who warned the Clintons were “fully prepared and willing” to utterly destroy Joe Biden’s “past, present, and future.”

(Above: Biden fades into political oblivion while Hillary prepares her march back into the White House.)


Though not yet confirmed, some point to the Vice President’s Chief of Staff, Steve Ricchetti as the likely “trusted adviser” who had a lengthy sit-down with Mr. Biden and convinced the former two-time presidential candidate it would be in his best interest not to go to war against the Clinton Machine.

“They’ll Destroy You.”

Interestingly, Ricchetti is a well-connected D.C. fixture who knows the Clintons well as a high-ranking former employee.  He served as the White House Deputy Chief of Staff during the Bill Clinton administration and then later used that clout to found Riccchettic Inc., a government relations firm.

(ABOVE: Steve Ricchetti seen golfing with President Bill Clinton in 2000.)


Rumors are now swirling that Ricchetti was actually coordinating with the Clintons weeks before Biden’s announced decision today that he would not not be seeking the presidency. This has led to further speculation that Mr. Ricchetti might find himself the beneficiary of a powerful position within a Hillary Clinton administration in the not too distant future as reward for a job well done.

If true, it is yet further evidence that when it comes to political warfare, Joe Biden was sorely outmatched by a Clinton Machine that has spent the last five decades plunging the political knife deep into the backs of its opponents time and time again.


UPDATE: Another source just indicated we should not count Mr. Biden out just yet. Is there a bit of double-dealing trickery afoot?

Behind The Scenes Debate War: “You Don’t Attack Hillary.”

Though the Mainstream Media has ignored it, there is a war going on behind the scenes at the DNC and it is a war which played a pivotal role in the tone and tenor of the first Democratic presidential debate last night.

The prevailing theme during the 72 hours prior to that debate was this:  YOU DON’T ATTACK HILLARY.

That battle was clearly won.

Above: Team Hillary is said to be “thrilled” with her debate performance last night though is saying nothing regarding allegations of ongoing intimidation by DNC officials to keep both the candidates and the media from directly challenging either her or her record.

Above: DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a longtime Clintonite, has been pushing back aggressively against anyone who attempts to exert influence on debate format and content other than that coming directly from her office. This includes what is said to have been an “extended and thorough” back and forth between the DNC and CNN when negotiating the terms of last night’s debate.

Above: DNC Vice Chair Tulsi Gabbard was disinvited to last night’s debate by Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s office due to Gabbard’s demand there be more Democratic candidate debates. Both Schultz and Hillary Clinton want as few debates as possible to ensure the process is more easily controlled by them.

Above: Former President Bill Clinton continues to exert significant influence within the Democratic Party. He is said to have promised substantial fundraising efforts to key Democrat officials in exchange for continued and unyielding support for Hillary’s campaign. Bill Clinton’s influence also extends into the Mainstream Media outlets like CNN, ABC, and most notably, NBC.

What last night’s debate did do without question was solidify Hillary Clinton’s hold upon the current Democratic Party power structure. So much so in fact, many are speculating a “get in the race” version of Joe Biden might soon be replaced by a “get out of the way” Joe Biden.

There is that matter of the FBI actively investigating Hillary Clinton, though. There was a brief moment when fellow presidential candidate, Martin O’Malley motioned toward Hillary Clinton and mentioned both email and FBI in the same sentence. The seeming perma-smile on Mrs. Clinton’s face suddenly vanished and was replaced by a grim tightening as she quickly looked toward DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz as if to say, “He needs to be punished for that.”


Joe Biden Jumps To Second Place In Latest Poll As He Prepares To Announce Run…

A second place showing for a man who hasn’t yet formally announced he intends to run for president has to be creating more than a touch of heartburn for Team Clinton. The latest Bloomberg poll went live today and it shows Vice President Biden now in second place and just a handful of percentage points behind the greatly diminished campaign of Hillary Clinton.

The friendship between Vice President Joe Biden and the Clintons is said to have become a far more chillier affair in recent weeks as Mr. Biden appears ready to mount a significant challenge to Hillary Clinton’s hope of being this country’s next president.

Here are the current Bloomberg poll results:


BIDEN:  25


Biden operatives have hinted often in recent days the Vice President intends to make a “significant announcement” some time after the Pope’s visit has concluded.

This Biden is running trend was first reported here by D.C. Whispers several weeks earlier:

Jarrett Operative Pays Biden Visit In South Carolina To Push For Presidential Run…

“Biden Is In.”

What Did And Didn’t Happen During That “Secret” Joe Biden & Elizabeth Warren Meeting…

It was reported this week the Clinton Machine has been sending increasingly strong hints Mr. Biden’s way that they have no intention of sitting back and allowing him to steal the nomination from Mrs. Clinton. Presently it appears the Biden team has been unimpressed by the potential implications of those threats and is instead working furiously to further consolidate financial backing from some of the most significant Democratic donors – namely Big Labor.

The Vice President is said to be considering an announcement as early as next week.



The Campaign Image Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Want You To See…

Check out this almost empty campaign event in Ohio today which was heavily promoted by the Clinton campaign as a “women’s event” where Mrs. Clinton would be discussing women issues and her plans to continue pushing for those issues as the next president.

Apparently the women of Ohio wanted nothing to do with Mrs. Clinton’s plans for them. Nobody showed up. What few people who are seen in the below photo are either media, Clinton staffers, and/or representatives of Mrs. Clinton’s Ohio get out the vote team.

Embedded image permalink

(ABOVE: The campaign event took place at a location intended to house hundreds of Clinton supporters. It appears fewer than a handful bothered to show up.)

This image comes on the very same day a Politico report indicates Bernie Saunders has overtaken Hillary Clinton in Iowa, meaning Mrs. Clinton’s socialist opponent might very well win the first two primary state battles early next year. Yet another Drudge report story out today has Clinton operatives “raging” over the now-imploding campaign.

Paging Joe Biden…

Knives Come Out: Hillary Clinton Operative Declares Joe Biden To Be, “Appalling”

It appears the Clinton Machine has had quite enough of the Joe Biden campaign threat and is fully engaged in a push-back campaign involving both media figures and the largest big-dollar donors.

Just 24-hours after declaring she respected Joe Biden and wanted him to be given space to think over the “difficult decision of running for president” Mrs. Clinton had a longtime media supporter declaring Joe Biden to be “appalling” for (racist) comments made about Barack Obama.  She also outlines a litany of anti-Biden history qualified by the statement that if anyone thinks that Hillary is bad, Joe Biden is much-much worse. You can actually see her reciting the script given to her by Team Clinton.

See video of the Clinton Machine in action below:

The unnoficial Clinton operative is Rebecca Traister, a regular MSNBC contributor and New York-based feminist writer.

In 2008, Traister was among the most vocal media supporters of the Hillary Clinton campaign who counts herself as among the most ardent new-age feminists and the author of no fewer than four pro-Hillary articles in almost as many months.

Here she is on MSNBC yesterday, no doubt instructed by the Clinton Machine to go out and give Joe Biden just a hint of what could be coming his way should he actually do what so many around him say he wants to do – run for President of the United States:

This is the first of what will likely be many more media shots across the bow of Joe Biden utilizing artillery generated by the Clinton Machine even as the Clinton campaign continues to place immense pressure upon the most significant Democratic donors to not consider supporting a potential Biden campaign. The question that remains is if Mr. Biden will now step back from his earlier private declarations that he intends to run for president, or will be proceed forward and begin fighting back?


What Did And Didn’t Happen During That “Secret” Joe Biden & Elizabeth Warren Meeting…

Joe Biden personally initiated the meeting and then traveled post-haste to meet with Mrs. Warren when she agreed to sit down with the Vice President. The meeting raised speculation of Mr. Biden’s presidential intentions and Mrs. Warren’s own potential political aspirations. Neither attempted to hide the fact they met, a clear sign both wanted the media and voters to know.

Whispers are now circulating as to why, likely originally sourced from operatives from within both the Biden and Warren camps.

(ABOVE: Democrats’ 2016 dream ticket?)


Here is what a D.C. Whispers source has confirmed DID happen during the Biden-Warren meeting:

-Vice President Biden confirmed to Mrs. Warren he was “seriously considering” getting into the race.

-Mr. Biden indicated he would be “honored” to have Mrs. Warren run with him as his vice president and/or have her endorsement should he run.

-Joe Biden confirmed the rumors to Senator Warren that he would only serve one term as president after which she would then be in a very strong position to become the nation’s next president after him.

-Mr. Biden suggested he had already secured the backing of the largest labor union groups and it was in fact one of the labor group leaders who initially suggested to him he choose Mrs. Warren as his running mate.

What has not yet been confirmed is if Mrs .Warren agreed to any or all of Mr. Biden’s terms. Both camps are playing coy at the moment which is proving quite effective in building up Mainstream Media anticipation for what is now an increasingly expected announcement from Vice President Biden that he intends to run for President of the United States.

Mr. Biden’s official schedule includes some rather candidate-like appearances next week including a Labor Day rally with AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and an appearance on Steve Colbert’s Late Show.



Joe Biden Tells Democrat Donors He Is “In It To Win It” In 2016 – Hillary Outraged

Apparently inspired by the too-soon death of his oldest son Beau who passed away following a battle with brain cancer, Joe Biden is said to have already met with a series of political bundlers in preparation for a “big announcement” regarding 2016 within the next month.

Biden is said to not only have been inspired by his son Beau’s earlier push to get his father to run for president, but he has also been closely watching the unexpected growth of support for Clinton challenger, Senator Bernie Sanders and thinking he could multiply that support many times more for himself.

The move would likely cause significant ripples of contention between Mr. Biden and Hillary Clinton. Biden has long stated he would not run if Hillary decided to do so. Apparently her inability to generate more than tepid support despite considerable efforts by the Mainstream Media to elevate her to “already won” status has made the vice president change his mind.

“At his age, he knows it’s now or never. He has always wanted to be president and  is telling a group of political bundlers who he became especially close to during the 2008 and 2012 campaigns that he is in it to win it this time around.”

As for Hillary Clinton, she is a candidate already agitated over the enthusiastic support among some liberal voters for socialist Bernie Sanders, particularly over the possibility that Sanders might keep his name on the ballot even if he fails to secure the Democratic nomination. Sanders could run as the socialist candidate for president and leak as much as 5% of the vote away from the Clinton campaign – a figure that could prove disastrous to her hopes of winning the 2016 race.

Sanders is now calling for a “political revolution” in America, a message that is being particularly well received by the radicalized far-left activists who some now believe control much of the Democratic Party.

Biden is said to believe he could bridge the gap between moderate Democrats and the more left-leaning activist Democrats who are currently aligning themselves with the Sanders’ campaign. Word of Biden’s move is rumored to have already reached Hillary last week, leaving the former Obama Secretary of State “outraged.”

In related news, the Hillary Clinton campaign just released figures indicating they have raised in excess of $45 million dollars which would be a new record for a campaign in its first three months. Political insiders suggest the number is meant to intimidate other prospective challengers into staying out of the race which will then allow the Clinton Machine to more effectively deal with Sanders and if need be, Joe Biden as well.