THE HORROR! See How Washington D.C. Destroyed Joe Biden’s Looks

What kind of horrible soul-sucking transformation is this? A once-handsome young man travels to Washington D.C. as a young senator from Delaware, only to see his visage malformed into a leering, villainous, wretch?

Dear Joe, what the hell happened, man?

A young Joe Biden smolders for the ladies. (AP)

The photo on the left is pre-DC Joe Biden. Young, tan, fit, and a magnificent head of hair. The photo on the right is approximately just seven years later, and only a few years after Biden became a U.S. Senator. Yikes!

Things became so bad, New York Magazine actually ran an article with the following title:

Does Joe Biden Have Butt Hair on His Head?

The greater mystery than what does or doesn’t reside atop Joe Biden’s head is what kind of deal with a hair-loving devil did he make some forty years ago that saw his appearance devolve from a handsome young man to a hideous caricature of that same man a mere handful of years later?

The horror…the horror…