WEIRD: Former Obama CIA Director John Brennan Praises Washed Up Athlete Who Called Police Officers Pigs…

It’s well established John Brennan is a weird one. How a man who once voted for a communist to be President of the United States became head of the CIA is a story unto itself (See: China) but just as confounding is how Mr. Brennan has conducted himself since riding into the proverbial has-been sunset. The most recent example is his effusive praise of washed-up former NFL quarterback turned racist division-maker, Colin Kaepernick. Mr. Kaepernick lost his starting position due to lackluster play and soon after he declared himself an anti-white and anti-police advocate who was then warmly embraced by the radical Black Lives Matter crowd. Nike threw Kaepernick some “good boy” bucks for which Brennan is now glorifying as the Second Coming.

Perhaps both men share common communist ground and a love of self-promotion?


Former CIA director John Brennan, now an MSNBC commentator and frequent critic of President Donald Trump, praised former quarterback Colin Kaepernick for his new Nike campaign.
“Well done, Colin, well done,” he wrote approvingly on Twitter Monday evening to the athlete who once wore socks to football practice that portrayed police officers as pigs.

Kaepernick launched his new Nike campaign on Labor Day, asserting that he sacrificed his football career for his right to kneel during the national anthem

Sacrifice? Mr. Kaepernick sacrificed nothing. His contract was not renewed because of a lack of talent. In fact, he was still paid millions in the final year of a guaranteed contract even though he wasn’t playing. In a seeming (and desperate) attempt to remain relevant, Kaepernick (who is of mixed race and was raised by an upper-class white family in Wisconsin and California) grew an oversized afro, donned a dashiki, and started to openly declare police officers to be pigs.

This, coming from a man who made insane amounts of money throwing a pigskin…

Mr. Kaepernick has done nothing substantive to lessen the rampant inner-city violence (perhaps because he’s never lived in such environments) while he continues to preach divisiveness and anti-Americanism at every turn via private flights, high-rise cocktail parties, and Nike sponsorships.

Kaepernick has inserted increasingly volatile racialism into the NFL and in doing so, helped to spread that corrosive division across America ultimately making the country weaker.

Anyone paying attention knows THAT is what John Brennan is actually praising Kaepernick for.


Did Obama CIA Director John Brennan Just Call For The Assassination Of Donald Trump?

It is a bizarre and deeply troubling response from the former top spook in America that even has some far-left media pundits raising their collective eyebrows. John Brennan blasted Donald Trump for the (justified) firing of the FBI’s #2, Andrew McCabe. McCabe is believed to have been implicated in a far-reaching scandal of cover-up and intimidation at the highest levels of the Obama-era FBI after which an independent investigation then strongly suggested McCabe be fired.

Why is the former head of the CIA so upset that an FBI official who it seems was clearly involved in wrongdoing, was then rightfully terminated? Could it be that same wrongdoing is linked to Mr. Brennan as well? When someone of Brennan’s former stature and Deep State connections declares a sitting President to be corrupt and will soon be “triumphed over” he is speaking in the language of overthrowing the current U.S. government.

This is remarkable both for its frothing-at-the-mouth aggressions and its very-very serious suggested implications: