Self-Described “Prince of Light”, John Kasich Declares Convention Chaos Will Be “So Much Fun”

Not so long ago on the GOP presidential campaign trail, Ohio Governor John Kasich declared himself to be, the prince of the light.

It appears the prince of the light is very much looking forward to the chaos of the convention as primary votes are washed away and the Republican political machine takes over.

“I am the prince of light and hope.” -John Kasich to radio host, Hugh Hewitt, January 2016


Kasich’s light is shining upon the Republican convention floor this summer where, if Donald Trump fails to secure a majority of delegates prior to that convention, Kasich believes he will emerge from the chaos as his party’s presidential nominee as he told ABC News over the weekend:

“It’s going to be so much fun. Kids will spend less time focusing on Bieber and Kardashian and more time focusing on how we elect presidents. It will be so cool.”

Cool might not be the term used by Trump supporters, who number several million more than Kasich or Cruz supporters, but unlike his two GOP rivals, Donald Trump is not plugged in to the political machine that so often dominates presidential primary outcomes.

Kasich knows that, as does Cruz. It is why party insiders have been repeating the mantra for months that, “Trump will not be our nominee.” It was open admission that the votes of the people would be pushed aside in favor of old fashioned Establishment party politics.

Hope and Change has been replaced by Kasich and Cruz’s Light and Hope, and both appear more than happy to carry that charge into Cleveland and the GOP convention this summer. The carrot Kasich is dangling to the RNC Masters is the state of Ohio, though, a motivator Ted Cruz does not have. Texas will go Republican in the General Election regardless, but Kasich is promising party bosses he can deliver Ohio, and by doing that, telling them he is the only one who can defeat Hillary Clinton.

Make no mistake, the Republican Machine is listening.




Some secrets are better left dead…


ALERT: Political Elite Move To Prepare Kasich For Brokered Convention Nomination

“He is the most electable.”

So went the declaration of political power-broker, Charlie Black who is Chairman of the powerful lobbying firm, the Prime Policy Group.

Approximately three weeks earlier, Kasich was told by a small but highly influential cartel of D.C. elite to win Ohio at all costs and then prepare himself for what would be a brokered convention this summer that would see him emerge by the third or fourth floor vote, as the party’s nominee.

This is not speculation.

This is fact.

Today the above scenario was confirmed by Charlie Black’s public comments today to MSNBC that the party is preparing for that very scenario. Black indicated the delegates now allocated to Donald Trump would prove less than motivated to stay with Mr. Trump should there be a floor vote, at which point they would be freed from having to support Mr. Trump.

Black then indicated Ted Cruz’s delegates would be more “dedicated”, but so long as enough delegates were corralled to the John Kasich side, the smallish in number Cruz delegates would be easily minimized.

It should be noted that Mr. Black’s lobbying firm works with both Democrat and Republican clients as well as a broad swath of corporate interests. Black is a former campaign manager for John McCain’s failed 2008 bid, as well as an “informal” adviser to Mitt Romney in 2012 and also worked within the George H.W. Bush  and Ronald Reagan administrations.

Interestingly, Black is also pitting himself up against Trump supporter, Roger Stone, a former colleague of Mr. Black’s.

Twenty-four hours earlier, Black was officially hired by the Kasich campaign as part of a “strategy council” which appears primarily purposed to prepare the candidate for the brokered convention scenario – a scenario Mr. Black has been repeatedly speaking to since that hire. He relishes the idea of a convention where delegates become “free agents”, and also hinted of an ongoing outreach to the now suspended Rubio campaign to have Mr. Rubio’s cooperation in securing his delegates for Mr. Kasich come convention time.

Black also referred to the possibility of having millions of Trump and Cruz votes wiped out by a brokered convention to be a “historic” opportunity.

Some have suggested it is Black, who in 2013 was among those working behind the scenes for the now infamous “Gang of Eight” immigration reform bill, who had Kasich come out even more openly in favor of a similar immigration reform proposal and it is Donald Trump’s more aggressive “protect the border” views that appear to have Mr. Black most concerned.

As for the will of the voters, it appears Charlie Black has little use for those voters, and even less respect for them.



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Establishment Plan Is Working: Rubio Moves Into Second Place (UPDATE)

The following headline was first made public here at D.C. Whispers several weeks ago:

Republican Establishment Prepares For Trump’s Demise – Enter Marco Rubio Stage Left…

Some scoffed at the suggestion Mr Rubio would ever be a serious contender in the GOP presidential race.

They’re not scoffing anymore…

And now with some 20/20 hindsight in hand, take a look at just how accurate the source who comprised much of that earlier D.C. Whispers report has been proven right:

“They’ve chosen the Senator…The senator’s team is positioning to take Carson’s support over the next two months and then emerge as the dominant candidate in the nomination race.”

(Republican Establishment Prepares For Trump’s Demise – Enter Marco Rubio Stage Left…)

This exactly what has unfolded.


Ben Carson’s support has plummeted over the last two weeks while Marco Rubio has gone from a back of the pack candidate to a slow yet steady increase in support that now has him emerging in second place just ten points behind Donald Trump in the latest Quinnipiac national poll. And while ten points might appear to be still-considerable lead, it is a lead Mr. Rubio has cut in half in just the last month.

Momentum, supported in full by the GOP Establishment, clearly appears to be in Marco Rubio’s favor. (which is no fault of the Rubio campaign – he is in it to win it.)

There has been one significant wrench that has emerged from the machinations of the Republican power brokers, though:

Senator Ted Cruz.

Like Rubio, Mr. Cruz’s standing in the polls has improved dramatically as well. He is just a point behind Senator Rubio in the latest national poll and in the last week has come out aggressively against Mr. Rubio’s former work with leading Democrats to pass an immigration bill that included amnesty provisions. It is a fight that will most likely increase in intensity as the next GOP debate nears over the next two weeks and has CNN already declaring the battle between the two senators a “smackdown.”

Which then leaves the current Republican front-runner:

Mr. Trump remains atop the national polls, as well as leading, albeit by slimmer margins, in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. He appears to enjoy a base of support among Republican voters of 25-30 percent that refuses to leave him regardless of what the latest media-generated political faux-pas might be.

The question remains if Donald Trump can then take that base of support and expand upon it into a General Election challenge against Hillary Clinton. The political and media establishment is saying NO WAY.

Mr. Trump continues to prove them wrong and appears quite determined to do so in the coming months.

UPDATE: Word is now circulating of RNC operatives having initiated talks with the Jeb Bush campaign. Team Bush insists it will stay in the fight until New Hampshire. If it fails to register a top three performance there, the Bush campaign has agreed to give Marco Rubio an endorsement from which the GOP Establishment hopes to see Mr. Rubio emerge as the GOP frontrunner by the time the South Carolina primary takes place on February 20th.

UPDATE #2: The above scenario involving the Bush campaign is said to also include the Kasich campaign as well. The GOP powers are now coalescing in real-time behind Marco Rubio.


Kasich Forms 527 Group As Ohio Governor Continues Eyeing White House Run

Last week D.C. Whispers reported Ohio Governor John Kasich was giving serious consideration to a 2016 presidential campaign. That report can be found  HERE .

Today the Washington Post has indicated the Kasich team is further solidifying its 2016 hopes with a 527 campaign group titled, New Day in America in New Hampshire, headed by former New Hampshire governor, John Sununu. Sununu remains a highly influential figure within that state’s political power structure.

Kasich visited New Hampshire last week along with several other would-be GOP presidential nominees and is said to have received high marks from state political power brokers who listened to him speak.


It appears the Ohio governor might be forming a strategy of bypassing the Iowa caucuses and initiating his campaign in the first true primary election state of New Hampshire.


There is some likely disappointment within the Kasich camp today though as it is being reported the Koch Brothers have indicated their support of rival governor Scott Walker’s bid to be President of the United States. D.C. Whispers reported last week the Kasich team was working hard to earn the Koch Brothers support:

Ohio Governor John Kasich Reaching Out To GOP Mega Donors?



For the very best insider news regarding the national political landscape, be sure to visit the D.C. Whispers report daily.

Ohio Governor John Kasich Reaching Out To GOP Mega Donors?

The Koch Brothers Machine and its many related affiliates were apparently first on a short list of GOP mega donors a small and trusted team of operatives for Ohio Governor John Kasich recently contacted to gauge potential support for a potential Kasich presidential campaign.


The calls were said to have been made some time last month as Governor Kasich continues to give “very serious” consideration to going ahead with a presidential campaign – a campaign that would be based upon his considerable record of success in turning around an important Midwest swing state that has garnered him admiration from both sides of the political aisle. Under his leadership and ability to work with the state legislature, Ohio now enjoys a $2 billion budget surplus while also cutting taxes by $3 billion and creating over 350,000 new jobs. He won re-election last fall by 30 percentage points, picking up 26 percent of the minority vote and nearly two-thirds of women.


John Kasich is already among the nation’s most popular governors. Despite his success in Ohio though, Kasich would need all-important campaign dollars if he is to make the successful transition from governor to president by adding his name to an already impressively strong field of Republican White House contenders.


Considered a man of strong faith who manages to also appear politically middle-of-the-road, Kasich would likely appeal to a broad base of support – IF he can generate the kind of national awareness of who he is that such appeal requires. Political insiders are quietly calling the Ohio governor the potential presidential candidate nobody should overlook.


If at least one of those GOP mega-donors took a liking to him, they may be right.