AUDIO: Listen To Panicked DNC Workers Following News Of Justice Kennedy’s Retirement From The Supreme Court

Of course, D.C. Whispers shared the information of Justice Kennedy’s retirement months earlier (scooping the New York Times no less!) so this wasn’t news to our regular readers.

Just wait until these same DNC employees learn of yet ANOTHER Supreme Court vacancy that is rumored to be in the works.




New York Times: Trump Preparing To Nominate A Second Supreme Court Justice

Nice to see the NYT finally catch up to D.C. Whispers which reported this very thing nearly a month earlier. (Perhaps they’ve been too busy pushing the fake Russia/Trump narrative to deal with news that is actually real – and matters.)


“…For the second year in a row, rumors that Justice Anthony M. Kennedy may retire from the Supreme Court are sweeping Washington…Justice Kennedy has long held the decisive vote in the Supreme Court’s most contested and consequential cases.”

If Justice Kennedy does, in fact, step down the confirmation battle of his replacement will be epic.



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Trump White House Preparing To Replace Liberal Supreme Court Justice?