Valerie Jarrett Is Now Attacking Kanye West For Trump White House Visit

The Obama White House string puller herself has come out of the shadows to jump on the anti-Kanye West bandwagon after the iconic entertainer’s open endorsement of the Trump presidency during this week’s Oval Office visit. Jarrett even directly praised CNN’s Don Lemon AFTER Lemon giggled and guffawed at comments describing West as a “dumb negro.” 

These people are divisive, disgusting, and dangerous.

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“One President. One Country. One Love.”

It’s the pic from today’s White House gathering that has the far left seething. One of the most important and influential musicians/entertainers of this generation, Kanye West, is seen embracing President Trump while wearing the now-iconic Make America Great Again cap. So much good is being done every day of the Trump administration but the Establishment Media and its Democrat Party cohorts would have us believe otherwise. (They even went so far as to call Mr. West a “dumb negro” earlier this week for his support of the president.)

Ignore the negativity and embrace the positive. America truly is growing stronger and more unified once again.


NBC Cuts Off Kanye West MAGA Speech On Free Thinking & Supporting Donald Trump

It should have been one of the most significant cultural moments in America of the past year. An iconic black entertainer, Kanye West, took a moment to use the SNL stage to riff on free expression, liberal bias, and the long history of Democrat policies that have decimated black families, black culture, and black lives. 

The (mostly white) NBC executives promptly cut him off. Some of that footage is available, though, and well worth watching and listening to. Mr. West is speaking the truth. America, you have been lied to for a very long time. Don’t accept what the Establishment is feeding you without taking a moment to actually think for yourself. But know this, if what you decide to think goes against the mass manipulations of the Establishment, they will come for you. Be prepared to fight—and know you are not alone.



Leftists Demanded A Boycott Of New Kanye West Album. Guess What? Kanye Now Rules The Charts

Kanye West asked that all people, but especially black Americans, think for themselves. Part of that message was having an open mind about the work Donald Trump was doing as President to better minority communities – work the Democrats, after decades of broken promises, have never done. West’s words enraged liberals who demanded Kanye “shut up” and “go away.” Their reaction proved West’s point that liberals are the ones with hate in their hearts who practice racism day after day. Black America is not supposed to think for themselves but rather accept without question the false truths being force-fed to them so that they continue to remain on the political plantation. 

The result? Kanye West’s new album is now dominating the charts:

Kanye’s wisdom is making a fool out of Childish Gambino’s simplistic and plantation-inspired version of America – which is why the entrenched and white-dominated powers would see Kanye punished.

For now, the people have spoken and Kanye’s voice is ringing out across the land…


The Free Thinkers Movement Is Underway – MAGA!

Kanye West came out this week forcefully supporting free thinkers – including a supportive nod toward President Trump.  Predictably leftists continue to attack him for speaking out but something else is happening as well. More and more are joining the Free Thinkers movement. More and more are questioning the status quo. Things CAN be different. Things CAN be better without the racist and bigoted and predominantly white liberal Establishment Machine controlling everything we see and hear and think.

Donald Trump’s stunning 2016 Election victory started something that is scaring the status quo to death. It has helped to create millions of people who are now questioning the things being told to them. They are questioning the media, the politicians, Hollywood – everything. The foundations of power in America are for the first time in a very long time being shaken.