Leftists Demanded A Boycott Of New Kanye West Album. Guess What? Kanye Now Rules The Charts

Kanye West asked that all people, but especially black Americans, think for themselves. Part of that message was having an open mind about the work Donald Trump was doing as President to better minority communities – work the Democrats, after decades of broken promises, have never done. West’s words enraged liberals who demanded Kanye “shut up” and “go away.” Their reaction proved West’s point that liberals are the ones with hate in their hearts who practice racism day after day. Black America is not supposed to think for themselves but rather accept without question the false truths being force-fed to them so that they continue to remain on the political plantation. 

The result? Kanye West’s new album is now dominating the charts:

Kanye’s wisdom is making a fool out of Childish Gambino’s simplistic and plantation-inspired version of America – which is why the entrenched and white-dominated powers would see Kanye punished.

For now, the people have spoken and Kanye’s voice is ringing out across the land…


Democrat Nightmare: “Roseanne” Virtually Tied For # Of Black Viewers With “Blackish”

“How can this be!?” is the leftist lament as millions of minority families tune in to watch ABC’s Roseanne – one of the few shows in all of TV land to give a fair and honest glimpse into Working Class America.

First Kanye. Now these astounding Roseanne numbers. Could Black America finally be waking to the fact they’ve been bamboozled, pushed down, and marginalized by the very political plantation that has long claimed to be fighting for them?


The Most Important Voice In Black America Right Now Is Candace Owens – And Why The White Establishment Hates Her (VIDEO)

Candace Owens is a young, educated, and outspoken woman who refuses to be the kind of self-created victim that has become so popular among the young people of today. Her message of independence of thought and action is aimed especially at those like herself who are young people of color. She tells them to stop whining about the past and live in the here and now. We all have problems regardless of the hue of our skin. The difference is there are those who work to improve themselves and those who simply take repeated selfies of them complaining about things.



Note how many white males are now attacking Ms. Owens. That is no accident. White males have long dominated the message and manipulation of Black Americans for generations through institutionalized education bias, music, film, and television. The shared foundation of these examples is spreading a message of victimization which in turn breeds a culture of reliance upon the white-dominated government masters to improve said victimized lives.

The Civil War ended more than 150 years ago but plantation slavery has persisted in the form of white victimization merchants who have beaten down minorities wanting to think for themselves. The modern Democrat Party and Establishment Media are the masters of that plantation and minority entertainers and politicians their too-willing puppets.

This is a big reason why Donald Trump, despite the false narrative pushed forward by the media that he is racist, is more popular among minorities than any Republican president in decades. Trump communicates the truth and doesn’t hide it under layers of political-speak. Due to Trump’s economic agenda minority unemployment has fallen to the lowest levels in U.S. history and economic freedom gives one the opportunity for true freedom and the Black community knows this. Donald Trump is the first American president who did not come from the white masters’ plantation. No prior president of the modern era can say that – including Barack Obama. Mr. Obama was given the full approval of the political plantation masters and Obama’s policies as president reflected that which in turn caused minority communities to suffer greatly.

With Donald Trump that suffering has lessened. Opportunity and freedom for minorities in America are on the rise as more and more choose to leave the plantation. Candace Owens is helping to lead others to that path of self-determination. Others should join her.