Did San Francisco Jury Find Kate Steinle’s Killer NOT GUILTY Just To Make A Political Statement Against Donald Trump?

That’s the growing speculation by many following the bizarre “not guilty” jury decision involving the 2015 shooting death of 29-year-old Kate Steinle. Her killer, an illegal immigrant named Garcia Zarate was a seven-time felon who had already been deported five times prior to shooting Stienle. She had been walking along a shoreline pier when a bullet fired by Zarate struck her. Zarate’s attorney argued his client has found a gun wrapped in a cloth and it when unwrapping it, the weapon fired. This contradicted Zarate’s own statements to police when he admitted to firing the gun at a seal. He claimed to have missed the seal and hit Kate Steinle instead by accident.

Jurors had the choice to find Zarate guilty of manslaughter, a far lesser charge than the murder charge the prosecution was seeking. Instead, Zarate was found not guilty of everything but being in possession of an illegal firearm. He was given no penalty for killing Kate Steinle.

The Steinle family told media they were “saddened and shocked” by the jury’s decision.

President Trump was a bit more forceful in his condemnation:

Even left-leaning Californians are stunned by the verdict.  A young woman was killed by a seven-time convicted felon and illegal immigrant who put up a defense of “oops, it was an accident” and was found not guilty of murder or even manslaughter.

That is not justice – it’s a political statement. It appears those sitting on that San Francisco jury cared less for the life and tragic death of Kate Steinle than they did for the chance to thumb their noses at President Trump and all the millions of other Americans who believe in the need for a more secure and safer border.

The precedent has been set. America is now a place where a many-times-convicted felon can shoot and kill a young woman and get away with it because of politics.