Watch Kellyanne Conway Decimate MSNBC Crew on Impending Death of Obamacare

What a brilliant, strong-willed voice for conservatism in America. Kellyanne Conway walks into the MSNBC lions den and proceeds to decimate their collective attacks against her and Team Trump. Note how at the 7:50 mark how the MSNBC panelist makes clear how impressed he is by Conway’s ability to verbally counter-punch their decidedly twisted version of recent political history.

She is woman. Hear her roar…

Trump Makes It Clear: Win or Lose – He’s Doing It HIS Way…

Two figures have been promoted this week within the Trump campaign, Stephen Bannon and Kellyanne Conway. Bannon has been named the campaign’s chief executive, while Conway will be its new campaign manager. Trump knows both of them well and  their promotions are largely attributed to their willingness to let “Trump be Trump” as the presidential election prepares to head into its home stretch.

Win or lose, Donald Trump is going to be who he is, not who some political handlers and/or political pundits think he should be.

Of the two, Bannon is the more intriguing and combative figure, a longtime anti-Establishment force known mostly for his involvement as CEO of the Breitbart News site. Bannon despises figures like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, thinking it has been so-called “moderate” Republicans who have directly aided the far left (and destructive) policies of the Obama White House, policies that have left the United States more in debt, less capable, and now floundering to find its footing in an increasingly dangerous world.

Conway is a well-known Republican strategist and pollster who just months ago, was a strong advocate for the Ted Cruz campaign. Since Cruz’s departure from the race, though, Conway has been urging Republicans to unite behind Donald Trump.

Paul Manafort, the seasoned political veteran who has been Donald Trump’s campaign supervisor, will remain in that role, though the recent promotions of Bannon and Conway would suggest Mr. Trump was not entirely on board with Manafort’s desire to see Trump fully “pivot” into a softer, kinder version of himself.

Trump’s instincts are telling him Americans want real and absolute change from the status-quo, not another moderate Republican or Clinton Democrat.

In November, voters will get to decide if Trump is right or wrong in that assessment.