Why Did Barack Obama Choose To Play The Role Of A Murderous, Bisexual, Political Pervert?

The character of Frank Underwood was a murdering, bisexual, political psychopath played by Kevin Spacy, a real-life sexual deviant with allegations that outline decades of abuse against multiple young men/boys. 

Barack Obama idolized both the character and the man, as can be seen in the following video where Obama says Underwood/Spacey learned it all from him:

And here is the near-entirety of the political and Mainstream Media elite embracing Underwood/Spacy. Remember – nearly everyone knew who Kevin Spacey was/is. They not only didn’t care – they embraced him as one of them.

Because he is…

Just like Harvey Weinstein – nearly EVERYONE IN THE INDUSTRY KNEW about the kind of man Kevin Spacey was. Here is a clip from 12 years ago that speaks to this fact as a cartoon child runs screaming that he’s just escaped from Kevin Spacey’s basement. This is the same Kevin Spacey/Frank Underwood who Barack Obama emulated as President of the United States. If you don’t find such things troubling, then you’re either not paying attention, or you’re part of the problem…