“Trump doesn’t stop. He barely sleeps. It’s almost impossible to keep up with him. He is truly obsessed with restoring American greatness.”

“Donald Trump doesn’t stop. He barely sleeps. It’s almost impossible to keep up with him. He is truly obsessed with restoring American greatness.”

So says National Economic Council Chairman Larry Kudlow who has been at President Trump’s side for the last twelve months pushing for sweeping reforms intended to further bolster an already remarkably successful Trump economy.

Via Washington Examiner:

Kudlow’s foreword in the book by Stephen Moore and Arthur B. Laffer, his partners in the 2016 kitchen cabinet of Trump economic advisors, makes the case that while his tactics are unconventional in Washington, Trump is scoring big wins on the economy, trade, taxes and energy.

“And it has happened faster than anyone imagined possible,” he wrote in the book published by All Points Books/Macmillan and due out Oct. 30. A copy was provided to the Washington Examiner.

Moore and Laffer give the behind-the-scenes stories about developing the tax cut bill and president’s trade policies.

They said their book is “not a celebration” of all things Trump, and they reveal, for example, their skittishness over his trade policies.

But more importantly, it details just what “Trumponomics” is and why it is hard to stuff into a box labeled “Republican,” or “Democrat” or “Libertarian.”

“So just what is Trumponomics all about? Does it have any cohesive theme, or is Trump just making this all up as he goes along? We wish we had a bitcoin for every time we’ve been asked that question,” they wrote.

They gave hardline Trump adviser Stephen Bannon credit for directing the world view that Trumponomics represents. “Trump is a non-politician who was promising a paradigm shift,” he told the authors.

“That’s the understatement of this still-young century. Trump didn’t run as a Milton Friedman-Reagan free marketeer. He is not a libertarian — far from it. He also didn’t run as a ‘kinder and gentler’ Bush neocon. Trump upended two decades of stale Republican dogma with a freshly minted populist agenda,” they wrote.

The duo revealed over 300 pages that Trumponomics has 10 key points:
Put America first, reject globalism.
Restore American patriotism, like former President Reagan did.
End the nanny state by empowering Americans to make their own decisions on issues like education and health care.
Rebuild inner cities with a focus on curbing crime.
Secure U.S. borders and end sanctuary policies that lure in illegal immigrants.
Promote U.S. businesses.
Attempt to eliminate polarizing identity politics.
“Reject declinism,” and promote an agenda to better the future on several issues, including ending cancer.
Promote democracy and free enterprise abroad.
Speed economic growth.


POTUS Trump Delivers ‘The Economic Boom Most Thought Was Impossible.’

Larry Kudlow is right. This should be by far the #1 news story of 2018. The U.S. economy is doing better than it has in a generation and instead of celebrating this remarkable turnaround that is benefitting millions of Americans regardless of race, gender, or religion, the Establishment Media is busy attempting to convince people the good times don’t actually exist.

Some feel we should all be thanking Donald Trump for the job he’s doing as president. Given the remarkable economic record so far, it seems those people are right.

Fox News:

Larry Kudlow: ‘Single Biggest Event’ of 2018 Is Trump’s ‘Economic Boom Thought to Be Impossible’

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said the “single biggest event” of 2018 is “an economic boom that most people thought would be impossible.”

Addressing reporters in Washington, Kudlow said President Trump’s policies have led to a positive economic outlook.

In a “Fox & Friends” interview earlier Thursday, he said that the Obama White House “mantra” was that America could never surpass 2 percent gross domestic product (GDP) growth.

“Now we are growing at 4 percent, and they’re saying Obama should take credit. In other words, we couldn’t grow at 2, but uh-oh we just doubled that to 4, so we’re going to give credit to our man, No way,” Kudlow said.

He said Trump deserves credit for lowering tax rates and removing regulations on business.