INTERESTING: Senator Lindsey Graham Predicts Big Surprises To Come In House Midterm Races (VIDEO)

As a longtime senator with ties to national and state campaign operations, Senator Lindsey Graham is hinting that the ongoing media-driven narrative that Democrats are likely to take back the House might be yet another false projection. Senator Graham is looking for some ‘big surprises’ in that regard tomorrow night.

We shall see. If you haven’t yet voted make sure you do so.

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Senator Lindsey Graham Applauds POTUS Trump’s Demand To End Birthright Citizenship

Senator Graham calls birthright citizenship “absurd” and promises to introduce legislation in the Senate that fully supports President Trump’s desire to see the long-held practice to end due to rampant abuses by illegals. This very public support of Mr. Trump will do little to lessen the ongoing rumors that Graham very much wants to be the nation’s next Attorney General.