Michelle Obama Mocked For “Illiterate” College Thesis After She Claims To Be Smarter Than Most World Leaders

While on her international book tour to promote Becoming, Michelle Obama made a point to say how world leaders were “not as smart as they seem.” The remark was quickly mocked by noted author and historian Dinesh D’Souza, who reminded the world that Ms. Obama’s own college thesis was once described by Christopher Hitchens as both, “hateful and laughable” and one that was obsessed with Michelle’s own blackness, latent racism, and the topic that clearly interested Michelle the most—herself. 

Michelle's college thesis made headlines amid Obama's 2008 presidential campaign when Princeton University initially restricted access to it until after the election. It lifted the restriction after the Obama campaign sent a full copy to politico 

The far right filmmaker hit out at the former first lady after she stopped in London (pictured) as part of a book tour for her memoir Becoming - now the best-selling book of 2018

Ms. Obama, looking rather tired and bloated as she promoted her book this week in London, was quick to elevate her own self-importance at the expense of those world leaders she came in contact with during her eight years in the White House:

“I have been at probably every powerful table that you can think of,” she said. “I have worked at nonprofits, I have been at foundations, I have worked in corporations, served on corporate boards, I have been at G-summits, I have sat in at the UN. They are not that smart.

D’Souza found Michelle’s all-too-quick willingness to call others stupid impossible to ignore from someone who’s own college thesis pointed to a jarring lack of intelligence:

D'Souza referenced the later author Christopher Hitchens, who tore into Michelle's thesis while Barack Obama was running for president in 2008



LOL: Establishment Media’s “Mass Trump Protests In London” Lie Exposed.

First, a poll out this week showed 51% of Brits approved of Donald Trump. Second, the “mass protest” stories now being churned out every hour on the hour are outright lies. The below photo shows no more than four or five hundred people gathered in Parliament Square which for those of you who know London, is filled with nearly that many people regularly at any given time of the day – it’s a huge tourist location. That, in turn, means the actual number of protesters is likely half that amount and the rest are curious onlookers and the media. Now even as the day goes on and the protest numbers “swell” to a couple thousand, in a city of some ten million, that’s hardly a mass protest. Fake News is at it again…


London Today: Knife-Wielding Attacker Goes After Englishman: (VIDEO)

This is London in 2018. Those who call the city home know scenes like this all too well. They have been increasing exponentially in recent years as emboldened thugs intimidate, harass, and sometimes openly attack innocent victims. A great many of these attacks are perpetrated against women. 

This video shows a London man running for his life after a knife-wielding assailant attempts to gain entry into his vehicle. Also, note the two other men who come running not to help the driver but clearly to give aid to the attacker. The criminals often run in packs. A once great city has been laid low, the victim of its own idiotic, open-door, don’t dare speak out against wrongdoers, policies.


How Did A Defender Of A 9/11 Terrorist Become Mayor Of London?

Forget the media-hyped back and forth between President Donald Trump and London Mayor Sadiq Khan that has Trump rightfully condemning Khan for Khan’s “no big deal” approach to dealing with the repeated terrorist attacks in London.  What continues to go largely unreported are Khan’s long-standing ties to Islamic extremists, including his defense of a 9/11 terrorist.

What is going on here? How is it a supporter of radical Islam becomes mayor of London and is being fast-tracked to be a future Prime Minister of Great Britain? And why is the Mainstream Media so clearly determined to cover up Khan’s shocking extremist past?

Consider that today Mayor Khan is asking to ban President Trump from visiting London due to Khan’s view that Trump is “too extreme” and does not represent what “London stands for.”

And yet, Khan was not too long ago demanding American Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who has described Jews as ‘blood-suckers’ called Hitler ‘a very great man’ and advocated violence against non-Muslims,  be allowed to visit London. (Great Britain has long banned Farrakhan from entering the country.)

In 2004 Khan defended the radical Muslim scholar Yusuf Al-Qaradawi who Khan argued was being unfairly portrayed as an extremist by political conservatives in England. And yet, Al-Qaradawi authored the book The Lawful and Prohibited in Islam which advocates for the subjugation of women and condones  suicide bombings against Israel which he considers to be ‘God’s justice’.  That is the real Al-Qaradawi, the man Mayor Khan says is NOT an extremist. (But Donald Trump is in Mr. Khan’s eyes.)

In 2006 Khan signed a letter that lay blame for the terror attacks in Great Britain on the policies of Great Britain, saying those policies (namely support of Israel) were motivating Muslims to attack them. During the mayoral race that saw Khan elected, when this subject was briefly brought up it was condemned by the British Press as an act of Islamophobia. Khan was given a pass, the British people were kept ignorant of his statements, and he won the election.

In 2009 Khan said on Iranian television that liberal Muslims were “Uncle Toms.” Again, the British Press covered for him and attacked any political opponent who tried to use Khan’s own words against him. It was during this time that Khan began to express publicly how he supported gay marriage. He used this to great effect to alleviate concerns about his Islamist past. And yet, even as Mayor Khan was saying this, his treatment of his own wife AFTER the election makes clear his demand that she subscribe fully to his more “traditional” Muslim views on women which places them as second-class citizens fully subservient to the authority of men:

All of the above are true – including Khan’s defense of 9/11 terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui.

Please ask yourself how it is that an anti-Semite who is now telling Londoners that Islamist terror attacks should be accepted as a “way of life” for them and wants to ban an American president for being too extreme but welcomes a racist radical Muslim who calls for the killing of Jews and Whites into London with open arms – was allowed to become the mayor of one of the greatest cities of the Western World?

Remember, after each Muslim-inspired attack, Mayor Khan said little by way of condemning those attacks. He said far more in telling London citizens to accept those attacks – and the media does not call this out as outrageous?

There is a sickness throughout Europe. It is now infesting Canada and doing all it can to invade the United States.

That sickness comes in the form of political correctness and complicity in the destruction of freedom and security.

Everyone deserves to feel safe and be allowed to live their lives as they choose. Figures like London Mayor Sadiq Khan think differently. Khan’s devotion is found in his radical religious views and not with freedom and liberty.