OBAMAGATE:Trump Wire Tap Ordered After Clinton Met In Secret W/Obama AG On Tarmac

Today (Sunday) Obama operatives were out in full force, as predicted, spinning deflection to a compliant Mainstream Media. The gist of this deflection was that Obama would NEVER (knowingly) order wire taps on a political opponent and that President Trump’s recent accusations regarding that possibility are beyond the pale.

Even as those denials are being voiced, though, an Obamagate timeline is forming.

Late yesterday, reports began to circulate that the source of the Trump wire tap was initiated by former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch. The same Loretta Lynch who met privately inside a government plane with former President Bill Clinton at the very same time the FBI was investigating then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Via the always-good GATEWAY PUNDIT:

“…We now know that the meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Lynch occurred at about the same time that the Obama administration filed a request with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) to monitor communications involving Donald Trump and several advisers.

The request, uncharacteristically, was denied.

Fast forward to October 2016.  Wikileaks began releasing emails of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, rolling out batches every day until the election, creating new mini-scandals.  These emails were virtually ignored by the mainstream media who were in the bag for Democrat Hillary Clinton but were spread widely by websites that chose to share the truth like this one.

At the same time, The Obama administration submitted a new, narrow request to the FISA court, now focused on a computer server in Trump Tower suspected of links to Russian banks.

No evidence is found — but the wiretaps continued, ostensibly for national security reasons, Andrew McCarthy at National Review later notes.

The Obama administration was monitoring an opposing presidential campaign using the high-tech surveillance powers of the federal intelligence services.”


The Moment Hillary Clinton Grabbed Obama By The B*lls And Warned Him To BACK OFF

Judge Jeanine Pirro was among the only ones to fully comprehend the warning Hillary Clinton fired at Barack Obama a few weeks ago when Mrs. Clinton told the media EVERYONE in D.C. knew about her private email server.

Within days of sending that warning, Barack Obama was telling the media there was nothing to see regarding the Clinton email scandal, and then just this week, Bill Clinton was having a private one-on-one with Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

“Translation: Mr. President, this ain’t happening.”


UPDATE: On Monday, July 5th, the FBI announced it would not be recommending charges against Hillary Clinton, despite calling what she did in relation to her unsecured, private email server that repeatedly transmitted classified information,  “extremely careless.”

It appears quite apparent Mrs. Clinton’s warning to Obama and others in D.C. did not go unnoticed…




Hillary FBI Interview This Weekend – Just Days After Bill Clinton Met In Secret With Attorney General

The DAILY CALLER is now reporting Hillary Clinton is to have an interview pertaining to her criminal investigation with FBI officials this 4th of July weekend at her Washington D.C. residence. The scheduling is likely intended to help bury the interview away from the attention of voters who will be celebrating the holiday. 

It should also be noted that the interview is taking place mere days after Bill Clinton met with Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a private jet sitting on the tarmac of a Phoenix Arizona airport. ( A meeting that would not have come to the public’s attention if not for a local media report) AG Lynch will ultimately have the final say on whether or not charges would be filed against Mrs. Clinton.


Attorney General Meets Privately With Bill Clinton Inside Private Jet

She is the current United States Attorney General.

He is a former President of the United States and husband of the woman now seeking to be the next President of the United States who also happens to be the focus of an ongoing FBI investigation into various surrounding her use of a private, unsecured email server that might have been hacked by enemies of America – a serious violation of federal law.

Lynch indicated the meeting was mere happenstance and involved talk of children and grandchildren and a round of golf the former president said he played in Phoenix. 

The Clinton campaign had no comment on what kind of conversation took place inside the private jet as it sat on the tarmac of Sky Harbor International Airport.

What is known is that AG Lynch owes her career to Bill Clinton. He appointed her to the federal U.S. Attorney’s office in the East District of New York in 1999.


Valerie Jarrett DEMANDED Loretta Lynch Confirmation Delay – And Got It


For the past several weeks the Mainstream Media has been detailing growing frustrations among Democrats and the Obama White House over the ongoing confirmation delay for Obama Attorney General nominee, Loretta Lynch. Apparently though, this delay was manufactured directly out of the office of White House senior adviser and de facto President of the United States, Valerie Jarrett. Jarrett is said to have demanded Lynch’s confirmation be postponed and then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid did just that for her.


This would indicate all of these “frustrations” from Democrats are fabricated and that the entire Lynch confirmation impasse was created by Valerie Jarrett for the sole purpose of creating yet further opportunity for divide and conquer politics that has become the foundational hallmark of the Obama administration as orchestrated from within Jarrett’s second-floor White House power center just a short hallway walk from the president’s much-used private study where he is said to verbally receive his daily schedule via Jarrett operatives or sometimes, from Jarrett herself if she deems the subject important enough. These true presidential schedules are never written down so as to prevent anyone else from obtaining them, a process that has been in place inside the Jarrett White House since day one.

Jarrett’s demand for a delay to Lynchs’ confirmation took place months ago WHEN DEMOCRATS STILL CONTROLLED THE SENATE.

Democrats could have confirmed Lynch easily prior to Republicans taking control of the Senate after January of 2016. Harry Reid refused to schedule the confirmation. This refusal is being whispered to have been at the personal request/order of Valerie Jarrett. Jarrett’s media office then verbally gave instructions to handpicked Mainstream Media operatives to ensure the delay would be turned into a divisive issue based both upon race and gender.

It has also been suggested that Senator Reid initially refused Valerie Jarrett’s delay request, wanting to make himself part of political history by overseeing confirmation of the first African American female Attorney General.

Apparently Senator Reid’s refusal was short-lived as the Lynch confirmation was then promptly tabled by his office.




Al Sharpton Said To Declare Himself, “America’s Black Gandhi”

It’s being called the “Confirm Loretta Lynch Fast” and is being orchestrated primarily by MSNBC host and noted tax cheat, Al Sharpton. Sharpton is said to be working in conjunction with a handful of Congressional Black Caucus members and other female civil rights leaders (whose names have not yet managed to push themselves in front of Sharpton’s own demand to be front and center in all things race related in America) who are demanding Loretta Lynch be approved as Eric Holder’s replacement as Attorney General of the United States.

The already emaciated Sharpton reportedly had a boisterous phone conversation with a leading member of the Congressional Black Caucus during which he laughingly declared he would be, “America’s black Gandhi!”


Word of the claim filtered throughout congressional offices with most taking it as a joke.


Al Sharpton appears quite serious about his intent – at least image-wise.


Two days ago Politico reported the suggested hunger strike is actually not a hunger strike at all. Those participating will rotate times in which they won’t eat. That’s right, what Sharpton is actually proposing is a “we’re all a little hungry right now but we’ll take turns eating soon so none of us will actually starve” strike.


Ah, but here’s where Sharpton believes he’ll hit public relations pay-dirt.


With his gaunt appearance in place, it is being rumored he has already ordered up clothing too large for him in which he will soon appear in public surrounded by the media, declaring Loretta Lynch be approved. With a face now fallen into itself sitting atop bird-thin shoulders and remnants of a once over-fed chest, Sharpton is absolutely convinced he can play the part of a hunger strike martyr. Further rumors suggest the plan has already been reviewed and given the nod by Valerie Jarrett herself.

So keep an eye out reader, and see if the “Rev’s” plans for Gandhi-like reverence actually develop…