Why Is French President Macron Tweeting In Arabic?

Clueless. That is among the most common words being used to describe globalist French president Emmanuel Macron as he sends out a tweet in Arabic. And people wonder why Western Europe is so divided and chaotic, particularly in France where street fire protests have become an almost daily occurrence and where entire city blocks have been taken over by non-French migrants who then demand to be ruled by Sharia law and not French law. It’s a mess. What’s even more tragic is that it’s a mess that could have been easily avoided but for spineless globalist puppets like Macron who are doing nothing but making the situation worse. 

RIP France…

Translation: “France works on maintaining Lebanon’s stability and independence.”

Really, Mr. President? As France literally burns, as its people riot, you are concerned with Lebanon’s stability and independence? The same Lebanon that has long been governed in part by Muslim extremists who openly call for the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people?

Macron’s many critics are blasting the ill-timed tweet and calling it out as nothing more than the French president taking a submissive position to those Muslims in France who have been part of the riots, perhaps thinking they will stand down because he sent out a pro-Muslim tweet.

Appalling. No wonder so many in France have had enough of this political midget.

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The Trump Factor: Globalism In Total Chaos

They really do want President Trump gone in a very bad way. The globalist elites are seeing the first real 21st Century threat to their stranglehold upon the world’s neck and they don’t like it one bit. For nearly thirty years they enjoyed Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama presidencies that worked for them. Now, they are dealing with a Trump presidency that works directly for the American people. The globalists despise the American voters who made this happen as much as they despise Donald Trump himself. They have spent billions trying to alter the narrative and outcome and have no intention of quitting that task, but, for now, President Trump and his tens of millions of supporters, while losing some battles, are still managing to win the war.