Following Failed Compromise Vote, Globalists Demand Brits Concede Full Authority To The EU

Most believed British Prime Minister Teresa May’s monstrosity of a compromise would go down but few thought it would just a thoroughly disastrous defeat as more than 100 members of her own party voted no on the attempted Brexit compromise. The globalist labour party was quick to table a vote of no confidence in the May government while a growing number conservative members demanded the original intent of the Brexit vote, that Brittain withdraw from the EU and reassert its own political and financial independence, be honored in full. 

A monster of a fight looms as EU officials are now demanding the Brexit vote be thrown out entirely, a position which further emphasizes the EU’s belief all nations in Europe are to bow to a centralized globalist form of government. Interestingly, it is the very same sort of concentrated authority domination pushed by Adolph Hitler some eighty years earlier and being currently proposed by EU official, Donald Tusk:

Liberals in Brittain are using the fracture that arose within the conservative wing of government caused by those who wanted to move to complete the Brexit mandate with withdraw from the EU and those, like May, who wanted some sort of hybrid withdrawal that kept much of the EU’s authority over Great Brittain in place. British liberals wish to throw away the Brexit vote altogether and allow full implementation of EU authority into nearly every aspect of British governance – a situation some are calling treasonous.


The Trump Factor: Globalism In Total Chaos

They really do want President Trump gone in a very bad way. The globalist elites are seeing the first real 21st Century threat to their stranglehold upon the world’s neck and they don’t like it one bit. For nearly thirty years they enjoyed Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama presidencies that worked for them. Now, they are dealing with a Trump presidency that works directly for the American people. The globalists despise the American voters who made this happen as much as they despise Donald Trump himself. They have spent billions trying to alter the narrative and outcome and have no intention of quitting that task, but, for now, President Trump and his tens of millions of supporters, while losing some battles, are still managing to win the war.