Media Caught AGAIN Fabricating “News” – This Time With Today’s “Trump Tower Smoking Gun” Coverage

With the Mueller investigation floundering big time and Trump voters getting increasingly motivated to deliver a 2018 Midterm smackdown against the President’s political opponents, the Establishment Media pushed out yet another overly-hyped bag of tricks in the form of today’s “Trump Tower Smoking Gun” hoax. The gist of the story is that 1800 pages of meeting transcripts were made public that point to nefarious goings-on by Trump campaign staffers and Russian operatives. As is so often the case, though, the headlines don’t match with the actual facts. 


In what appears to be yet another ill-advised attempt to revive the Russia hysteria of early 2017, the Senate Judiciary Committee has released more than 1,800 pages of interview transcripts with Donald Trump Jr. and others who attended a June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower that has become a key focus of the Mueller probe. However, instead of damning the Trumps, the transcripts offer more proof that Don Jr.’s account of the meeting – that Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya used the opportunity to lobby against the Magnitsky Act, prompting Trump, who had been promised dirt on Hillary Clinton, to end the meeting after 20 minutes – is, in fact, what happened.

Further revealing the media’s false spin on these transcripts is the fact they’ve been around for months now. If any truly damning details existed within them it would have been leaked long ago.

Second, the media is falsely spinning this as transcripts of the actual Trump Tower meeting. That is an outright misrepresentation. The much-publicized transcripts are merely the interviews with the Senate committee – meaning the “doc dump” is nothing more than the Senate releasing pages of its own questions to a handful of people who were at the meeting. There is no new information. No smoking gun. NOTHING.

The entirety of the story is an attempt to keep the Mueller investigation alive/relevant even as a majority of Americans see it for what it really is – a very expensive witch hunt.