Liberal Juan Williams & Conservative Sean Hannity BOTH Call Out CNN For Fake News Gun Incident

CNN went to air with allegations that Sean Hannity pointed a weapon at fellow Fox News contributor, Juan Williams. The bent of the CNN report was to suggest Williams and others felt threatened.

The story is at best a gross misrepresentation of what really happened – more commonly known as a lie.

The incident in question was an off-air moment between Hannity and Williams, longtime friends, that had Mr. Hannity showing Mr. Williams, a firearm for which Hannity has a conceal and carry permit for. Dylan Byers of CNN printed a story indicating Williams felt threatened.


Here is Juan Williams himself responding to CNN’s fake news claim:

What the above words by Juan Williams above show is that CNN NEVER BOTHERED TO ASK HIM ABOUT THE INCIDENT. Let that sink in. CNN creates a story claiming Williams was threatened at gunpoint by Sean Hannity – but never interviews the supposed victim. Instead, it goes to print with said story without the facts – the “facts” are simply made up.

That has been CNN’s (and others in the Establishment Media) mode of operation for a very long time. They create a narrative, and then simply make up/exaggerate stories to fit that narrative. How many lies/exaggerations have they pushed regarding politics, global warming, the economy, immigration, foreign policy, education, race relations, etc.? The count now is easily into the thousands.

Oh, and in related information. The CNN attack on Sean Hannity took place within days of Hannity taking time on air to expose the “corporate jihad” against President Donald Trump that CNN and its Establishment Media cohorts have been involved in for the past several months.

Coincidence? Not likely.


Dems Prepare To Disrupt President Trump’s Address To Congress

The invite list by Democrat members of Congress reads like yet another staged protest like so many in recent years that resulted in costly mayhem and damage. This time, though, it won’t be a protest on city streets, but rather within the halls of Congress itself as President Donald Trump takes center stage to lay out his year one agenda for the nation to the legislators responsible for turning that agenda into law.

Both Democrats and the Establishment Media see it as yet another opportunity to try and challenge and embarrass the president.

The anti-president mood will be unprecedented. Remarkable that the very same party and media who not so long ago vilified a Republican congressman for shouting out that then-President Obama was lying about Obamacare (a truthful claim), who demanded that despite political differences the Office of the President must always be respected, is now the party of unhinged opposition – the Office of the President be damned.

The list of guests will be people Democrats feel have been unjustly harmed by an administrative that is barely a month old. Those “harmed” include immigrants both legal and otherwise. Children of illegal immigrants who had criminal records and then were deported will be brought into Congress. So too will Muslims claiming to have been victims of hate crimes as well as a handful of people Democrats will use to represent the “good” that Obamacare has done.

It is rumored some of these guests will boo and hiss the president and that the media is already preparing to highlight those examples in its coverage of the prime-time address.

President Trump will address Congress on Tuesday.


ICE Calls Out CNN, NBC, Etc., For “False, Dangerous & Irresponsible” Fake News Reporting

President Trump told a gathering of news media yesterday, namely the Mainstream Media that is not accustomed to having its status questioned, that they were constantly perpetrating fakes news to create an intended reaction from the American people. 

ICE, the nation’s largest immigration enforcement agency, just did the very same thing, calling out the media for its fabricated/highly slanted coverage of recent immigration raids and reminding everyone that under previous administration these raids were far more numerous – and the media then said NOTHING.

What the media is doing in creating a false narrative of sweeping Trump-initiated immigration raids is creating hysteria – hysteria which in turn puts law enforcement at further risk. The media doesn’t care about that, though. The safety of law enforcement has always been a low priority for them when it comes to the work of highly biased media spin as was so clearly outlined by this Washington Examiner report:

“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is pushing back hard on media reports that President Trump has unleashed a mean-spirited national raid on immigrants, noting that it rounded up over 350 percent more during one sweep under former President Obama.

In a series of tweets, ICE called the reports, in the Washington Post and elsewhere, “dangerous and irresponsible.”

The agency this week said that had made 683 arrests of mostly criminal illegal immigrants, or those with multiple cases against them beyond illegally crossing the border.

To make its point, ICE tweeted out a “Throwback Thursday” story from 2012 during which 3,168 illegals were rounded up in a sweep that drew little media complaints and coverage.”


ICE is going about its normal course of business, but the media, because it is now a Trump administration, is portraying normal as something radical and abusive. It is a portrayal that has been forwarded by all the major news networks and publications and is merely another part of the media’s intention to delegitimatize the Trump presidency.  Every Trump-related story that comes from the Mainstream Media is colored by its inherent anti-Trump bias.

Every. Single. One. 

Don’t fall for it, reader. Help to spread the truth. Bookmark D.C. Whispers today.


Trump Pledges To Continue Speaking Directly To American People – To Hell With Mainstream Media

The long-entrenched establishment powers that be, don’t much care for Donald Trump’s remarkably effective use of social media to bypass the Mainstream Media filter and communicate directly to the American people. And so, a campaign was initiated to create pressure to have the President-Elect agree his Twitter and related social media accounts would not be utilized once he enters the White House.

It appears Mr. Trump will once again ignore the requests of his political enemies, and continue doing what he thinks is best for America, namely talking above, and through, those who would much rather keep him silent.

With some 39 MILLION combined followers, Donald Trump can at any moment, create a message many times over more powerful than MSNBC, CNN, ABC, or any of the other established media outlets. It was this ability that propelled Mr. Trump to the forefront of a then-crowded GOP field, allowed him to survive attack after attack, and ultimately, win the White House.

And it has his globalist-enemies increasingly concerned.

This week, incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer signaled that as president, Donald Trump will continue to utilize that direct-to-the-people outreach as he will no doubt be battling a barrage of anti-Trump media spin throughout his presidency:

“I think that his use of social media in particular … is gonna be something that’s never been seen before,” Spicer told Rhode Island news station WPRI in an interview published Monday. “He has this direct pipeline in the American people, where he can talk back and forth…I mean, he does communicate in a much bigger way than there’s ever been before, and I think that’s gonna be just a really exciting part of the job.”

And combating media bias isn’t the only use Trump will have for his social media army of devoted supporters, as indicated by Congressman Tom Cole:

“I don’t think people are used to having a president that can reach into their districts the way that I think Donald Trump can…I mean, he’s very popular with the Republican base. And a guy that can sit there and tweet out of the White House and generate several thousand calls to your office is somebody you ought to take pretty seriously, because I suspect he’s gonna be very serious about pushing his agenda.”


For more  on this story, read about it at Politico:  HERE


Mainstream Media CAUGHT Creating Fake News Regarding Trump’s Climate Change Views

Donald Trump met this week with representatives of the New York Times – a publication the President-Elect has repeatedly denounced as a far left, biased, and ultimately, failing publication. Part of that meeting was a discussion on Mr. Trump’s views regarding climate change. And from that discussion, the Mainstream Media is now blaring the following headline:

Donald Trump backflips on climate change … 

President-Elect Trump has long been a skeptical voice of reason in the ongoing discussion of human-made global warming/climate change, which in turn has made him an enemy of media outlets like the New York Times that earn millions of advertising dollars from Middle East funding that continues to push the climate change agenda in an attempt to curtail U.S. independent energy production.

With that said, here is the Mainstream Media getting caught red-handed fabricating news in an attempt to create a wedge between Trump and his now-growing base of voter support.

Mr. Trump did not engage in any backflipping on the issue. Far from it. In fact, he directly challenged the NYT representatives more than once – but those challenges are being omitted, left out of the false narrative that somehow Trump is now agreeing with the false premise of human-caused global warming.


NYT columnist Arthur Sulzberger attempts to blame bad weather on climate change. Trump quickly counters by reminding Sulzberger that New York has always dealt with bad weather:

Yes, we have ALWAYS had storms. That is a President-Elect dismissing outright the claim that bad weather is proof positive of human-made global warming/climate change. The media neglected to include this exchange in their “Trump flip flops on climate change” coverage.


Donald Trump brings up the ClimateGate scandal in which scientists were caught manipulating data in order to promote a global warming agenda – and keep their funding coming:

“My uncle was for 35 years a professor at M.I.T. He was a great engineer, scientist. He was a great guy. And he was … a long time ago, he had feelings — this was a long time ago — he had feelings on this subject. It’s a very complex subject. I’m not sure anybody is ever going to really know. I know we have, they say they have science on one side but then they also have those horrible emails that were sent between the scientists. Where was that, in Geneva or wherever five years ago? Terrible. Where they got caught, you know, so you see that and you say, what’s this all about. I absolutely have an open mind. I will tell you this: Clean air is vitally important. Clean water, crystal clean water is vitally important. Safety is vitally important.”

Trump is taking a nuanced approach to the issue, admitting, like most of us, her does in fact care very much about clean air and water, while also indicating how the global warming debate has been deeply flawed by institutionalized corruption from within. To date, no American president has been willing to discuss the subject in these terms – common sense skepticism. And again, the Mainstream Media has left this exchange out of its coverage and described nuance as back-flipping.


Here is Trump’s answer when pressed about his belief that there is some “connectivity” between human industry and climate change:

“I think right now … well, I think there is some connectivity. There is some, something. It depends on how much.It also depends on how much it’s going to cost our companies. You have to understand, our companies are noncompetitive right now.

They’re really largely noncompetitive. About four weeks ago, I started adding a certain little sentence into a lot of my speeches, that we’ve lost 70,000 factories since W. Bush. 70,000. When I first looked at the number, I said: ‘That must be a typo. It can’t be 70, you can’t have 70,000, you wouldn’t think you have 70,000 factories here.’ And it wasn’t a typo, it’s right. We’ve lost 70,000 factories.

We’re not a competitive nation with other nations anymore. We have to make ourselves competitive. We’re not competitive for a lot of reasons.

That’s becoming more and more of the reason. Because a lot of these countries that we do business with, they make deals with our president, or whoever, and then they don’t adhere to the deals, you know that. And it’s much less expensive for their companies to produce products. So I’m going to be studying that very hard, and I think I have a very big voice in it. And I think my voice is listened to, especially by people that don’t believe in it. And we’ll let you know.”

Trump gives the NYT folks a reasoned, economically-based response, but all the subsequent media reports state are along the lines of Trump admitting to “connectivity” between human activity and climate change, leaving out once again the nuance within Trump’s answer. The President-Elect is saying he’s open to some connectivity, but then also makes clear this pales in comparison to the economic impacts – especially when nations like China will happily sign climate change agreements they have no intention of following in order to gain economic advantage over those countries that do.

The sum total of Trump’s position on the subject is to indicate perhaps humans have some negligible impact on climate, though even that remains unproven, that rampant corruption has been proven to exist within the scientific community who are growing rich off spreading the global warming agenda, and that there are in fact many more scientists who are as skeptical of that same agenda as is Donald Trump.

But none of that is now being reported.

Instead, the Mainstream Media is determined to create dissatisfaction among Trump voters, even as Trump proves what he has long said about his world view. He is a man who leads via a pragmatic, common-sense approach to the task at hand, which is of course in stark contrast to the raving madman this same media attempted to portray him as mere weeks earlier.



For more on this story, please visit: Climate Depot


Why Does Hollywood & The Media Elite Hate The LGBT Community?

Is it ignorance, self-loathing, or a some troubling combination of the two?

Today the media elites are wailing over Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump, and throwing out charges of a “racist” America, and sharing how they fear “what is happening” to this country.

And yet, of the two candidates, it was Hillary Clinton who had the far more divisive and dangerous record, particularly against those of the LGBT community. And that isn’t hyperbole, but rather the undeniable fact for anyone who takes but a moment to learn (and then share) the truth.

Support of Hillary Clinton under the guise of open-mindedness is deceptive lip-service that is the pathetic norm of the Hollywood and news media elites, and it was the more intelligent Trump voters who decided that actions speak far more loudly than words when it came to condemning Clinton and her media elite cohorts for their silent (and ongoing) war against the global  LGBT population.

A June 2016 report indicated as much:

Hillary Clinton Took Millions from Anti-LGBT Countries That Jail and Execute Gays

“…The Clinton Foundation has spent years accepting millions in donations from countries that throw homosexuals in prison, fine them, sentence them to hard labor, and even execute them for the “crime” of being gay.”

Mrs. Clinton ran for president often repeating how supportive she was of the LGBT community. That claim appears motivated by her own self-interest, though, when juxtaposed to her equally enthusiastic taking of tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments where anti-LGBT policies have long been institutionalized and carried our with sometimes brutal result. The Clintons’ number one financial donor, Saudi Arabia, has been pushing for stricter anti-homosexual laws up to an including more widespread use of the death penalty:

The news media is complicit in this anti-LGBT agenda that has been a foundational tenet of politicians like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama who appear all too willing to negate public claims to support such rights in this country while happily taking money from entities who violently oppose those same rights. Is is the tens of millions of dollars in annual advertising revenue these Middle East nations dump into this country’s news programs which in turn pay the salaries of the on-air personalities? Or perhaps it’s the hundreds of millions of dollars these nations have and continue to use to buy influence within the Hollywood studios and social media companies – all of which again link to the earnings potential of vapid and clueless entertainment personalities like Miley Cyrus, Samuel L. Jackson, Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer, and Whoopi Goldberg, among others, who threatened to leave the United States if Trump were elected president.

Such is the ignorant arrogance of these personalities who are so wrapped up in their own self-importance to think a threat of leaving is enough to sway an election, when in fact, tens of millions of Americans simply shrugged and then voted for Trump as a way of saying, “Fine, now get the hell out.”

Perhaps part of Trump’s appeal was something these Hollywood and Mainstream Media types are so lacking in – sincerity.

Donald Trump might be at times a bit caustic, brash, and bombastic, but he is who he is, not who someone else would have him be, and clearly a whole lot of American voters appreciate that. As far as someone being gay or straight, bi, or merely confused, Donald Trump has never really given a sh*t either way, has he? He doesn’t see LGBT or XYZ.  He treats everyone equal, and there is a nobility to that kind of consistent honesty.

Hillary Clinton was adamantly against gay marriage before polling indicated she should change her mind and be for it. She never mentioned the LGBT community until, again, polling said she should. And so, we have her calling for LGBT rights with one hand, while taking vast sums of money from anti-LGBT foreign governments with the other, a woman whose morals were seemingly always available for sale to the highest bidder.

Hillary is hardly alone in her doing so. The media elite, and the entirety of the Hollywood machine are feeding hungrily from the trough of Middle-East money. Their public statements claim to be for one thing, while their personal greed confirms they are actually for another thing – namely themselves.

There is no group of American citizens more opposed, potentially violently opposed, to the LGBT community than those Muslims living in this country now who also subscribe to the practice of Sharia Law. Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and a multitude of Hollywood and media elite demand we bring MORE of this kind of radicalized poison into our country, thus further endangering the same LGBT community these elites claim to want to honor and protect.

It is hypocrisy they continue to practice because they are allowed to do so, and because they are paid to do so.

In 2016, the American voter decided they had had enough of that self-serving hypocrisy. They stood up for the LGBT community by voting FOR Donald Trump and AGAINST Hillary Clinton and all the others like her who time and again choose cash over principles and American values.



Trump Just Played Mainstream Media Like Fools

Team Trump indicated Donald Trump would have something to say regarding the 24-hour media generated flatulence regarding Trump’s history as a “Birther”/someone who questioned where Barack Obama was born. (A question that actually originated from the 2008 Hillary Clinton campaign.)

Then, Trump stood on the stage (at his own brand-new Washington D.C. hotel)  for over 30 minutes as one decorated veteran after another explained why they were supporting Donald Trump for President, after which Trump devoted about thirty seconds stating his belief Barack Obama was born in America:

“Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. I finished it.”

End of story. Media figures stood stunned and angry that they had just spent over thirty minutes covering what amounted to a pro-Trump campaign commercial – free of charge.




Media Just Confirmed Earlier D.C. Whispers Report With “Get Trump” Media Blitz

“Get Trump.”

That’s the call that has been sent out to all corners of Establishment media and political circles by those whoe would have you believe Donald Trump cannot be trusted to maintain the long-standing status-quo, and as such, his political ambitions must be destroyed.

Today, the New York Times just admitted as much.

First, an excerpt from the August 3rd D.C. Whispers report on this very subject:

“Apparently this isn’t a joke, nor is it merely another snide attempt to smear Donald Trump and the Trump campaign.

Sources indicate a concerted effort is now underway among a group of Establishment Democrats and Republicans to try and convince the American people that Donald Trump is mentally unfit to serve as President of the United States. These forces don’t need actual medical verification of their claims, but rather seek to merely have it confirmed within the court of public opinion.” (full article: HERE )

And now THIS, from today’s New York Times:

“If you’re a working journalist and you believe that Donald J. Trump is a demagogue playing to the nation’s worst racist and nationalistic tendencies, that he cozies up to anti-American dictators and that he would be dangerous with control of the United States nuclear codes, how the heck are you supposed to cover him?

…If you view a Trump presidency as something that’s potentially dangerous, then your reporting is going to reflect that. You would move closer than you’ve ever been to being oppositional. That’s uncomfortable and uncharted territory for every mainstream, nonopinion journalist I’ve ever known, and by normal standards, untenable.

But the question that everyone is grappling with is: Do normal standards apply?” (full article: HERE )


What the NYT has just done is give the moral reasons/green light on why every “patriotic” journalist should now fully engage in an all-out destruction effort of the Trump campaign. The Times is the bastion of the liberal elite and today’s “get Trump” column is meant as a seen-by-all head nod of approval that condones journalists doing anything and everything they can to make certain Donald Trump does not win the White House – the media’s version of by hook or crook.

And just as D.C. Whispers reported days earlier, it is an effort based almost entirely on the premise that Trump is too “unstable”, “dangerous”, and ultimately, “mentally unfit” to be President of the United States.”

The attempted take-down of Donald Trump is now underway.

This is going to get very-very ugly.


Media Goes Into Full On Freak Out Mode Over Trump Convention Speech (VIDEO)

Donald Trump remained true to his nature and delivered a full-throated condemnation of the status quo in America that is stifling opportunity for all Americans.

That same status quo, represented via the Mainstream Media, didn’t care for that message, condemning Mr. Trump for “demagoguery” “nativism” and “darkness.” 

Trump supporters on the other hand, who number in the millions, simply call it wanting to save America after years of crippling debt, terrorism, and racial strife.

The repeated theme to the Mainstream Media response was that Donald Trump was “scaring” Americans, as so clearly stated by liberal pundit, Martha Raddatz of ABC:

“If Americans are not scared for their safety before tonight, they are tonight.” 

Interestingly, it is the media who appeared most frightened by what Donald Trump had to say – NOT the American public.

It is why, despite Team Clinton having already spent tens of millions of anti-Trump advertising dollars in the last few weeks alone, Mr. Trump has pulled right alongside the former Secretary of State and Obama acolyte, in the polls and is winning a growing number of the battleground states.

It would seem the more the media squeals, the more the voters support the candidate most responsible for making that media so uncomfortable –  Donald Trump.


How The Liberal Media Helped To Kill Five Dallas Police Officers

They did it with Trayvon Martin. Did it again with Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, etc.

Each time the media had the facts wrong. Each time it helped to spread a patently false narrative. And each time, violence ensued.  


castile robbery

The photo above is reportedly that of now-deceased, Philando Castile, who was shot and killed while sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle shortly after it is believed he perpetrated an armed robbery. (The photo identification has not yet been confirmed, though.)

The Minnesota police officer who shot him was Hispanic – though the media has for days pushed the assumed belief that it was a White/Asian officer.

According to the police officer’s attorney, Castile had a gun on his lap while he sat in the car and refused a “Don’t move” order. As that interaction was taking place, Castile’s girlfriend, who was driving, livestreamed what became a deadly altercation. She narrated that Castile had a conceal to carry permit.

According to authorities, HE DID NOT.

Further reports suggest the gun might in fact have been stolen.

The liberal media failed miserably to relay the facts of this case, helping to further worsen the tension between law enforcement and Black communities across America – particularly angry and violent black youth looking for any reason to justify the looting that has been so prevalent during previous “protests” of incidences involving police and minorities.

Hands up don’t shoot never happened.

A black judge has so far found the officers charged in the Freddie Gray death not guilty.

And now, it seems Philando Castile was a young man with a penchant for committing crime, who might very well have been reaching for a weapon even as a police officer told him not to. Instead, this same media (and some politicians) took the word of Mr. Castile’s seemingly self-promoting girlfriend who it now appears, lied and lied repeatedly about what did and did not happen during that brief and fatal altercation with law enforcement.

Five officers are dead in Dallas, and seven more wounded.

When will the media be held accountable for their complicity in that terrible injustice?


EPIC: Military Veteran Comes To Trump’s Defense: “LIBERAL MEDIA NEED TO GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR BUTT!”

Several months ago, Donald Trump was instrumental in helping to raise nearly six million dollars for various veterans organizations. In recent weeks, Establishment Media figures have attempted to spin the fundraising effort as a negative for the GOP presidential candidate, a tactic which the New York billionaire was in no mood to entertain.

Mr. Trump blasted the media for its “disgraceful dishonesty”, going so far as to call out an ABC correspondent as a “sleaze” who knew the facts of the donation contributions but chose to ignore those facts in an attempt to spin an anti-Trump agenda. Trump’s own attack was then strongly defended by a military veteran who further lambasted the media for using veterans’ issues for politics while ignoring the veterans themselves.

It should be noted that much of the media’s slanted coverage of Trump’s veterans groups donations timed with a similar anti-Trump campaign being waged by the Clinton campaign, an occurrence which the Trump campaign clearly saw as a collaborative effort between the media and the Democrat presidential front-runner.

Trump was joined onstage by several veterans groups representatives who wanted to lend their support and show their gratitude for Mr. Trump’s fundraising efforts on their behalf.

The below video is of Donald Trump calling out the “sleazy” ABC reporter, and then the veterans group representative ripping into the Establishment Media as well, crying out that reporters need to stop playing games with their Democrat Party cohorts and actually start to pay attention and care for the veterans who are suffering under the current system – a system Donald Trump has promised to change.

Media Declared Trump Campaign DOA – Over & Over Again…(VIDEO)

It is the fundamental root of the anti-Trump sentiment that still festers among so many within the media and political elite. A candidate who appears to break nearly every one of their manufactured rules, namely fear of their opinion, and then somehow seemingly grows stronger for having done so.

Since early summer last year, these same media and political elites have been chortling over the end of the Trump campaign.

Time and time again, Donald Trump and his growing base of supporters proved them wrong as Trump bypassed the Mainstream Media filter and communicated directly to the people in a way that has never been done before in the modern era of American politics.

“We can’t control him.”

So goes the refrain from so many who have for so long controlled the corridors of power in this country, and what they cannot control, they fear and the greater that fear, the more the American people now embrace the potential that is the Trump campaign.




Hillary Clinton’s Completely Manufactured Self-Confidence Machine

Months earlier, emails obtained by Hillary Clinton’s longtime personal aide Huma Abedin outline Abedin’s concerns to staff that Mrs. Clinton is “often confused”, a condition which required staff to slowly and carefully go over items with the then-Secretary of State.

Subsequent emails have since revealed just how far staff went to prop up Mrs. Clinton’s own self-confidence, an endeavor that was apparently a 24/7 operation.

ABOVE: Pssst, Hillary, you are the best! No, really, the super-smartest ever!


The scenario goes something like this:

Mrs. Clinton, who is almost as obsessive over media coverage as is the current White House occupant and her former boss, Barack Obama. Less than stellar coverage is rumored to send Hillary Clinton into near depression that can take days to work its way through her.

Realizing this, her staff took what is said to be a page from the Valerie Jarrett playbook of handling a thin-skinned political creature. They would constantly reach out to trusted media figures, go over the details of an article (Hillary is apparently old-school that way – she much prefers print media as it seems more permanent and tangible to her) get a rough draft of said interview, make notations, revisions, and then finally approve the final product and then days or weeks later, proudly share the results of that effort with Mrs. Clinton who would in turn find herself once again convinced the people really did like here.

The above, as sad as it might sound, was proven accurate by just-released documents in the most recent Hillary Clinton email dump as reported by Vice News:

“…There are numerous emails in the latest cache in which Clinton’s aides discuss glowing reviews of her work that they assisted in placing in publications such as the Washington Post, as well as plans to respond to negative news reports about which Clinton had been advised. In other emails, her aides congratulate her for helping to convince Obama to support military intervention in Libya, which led to the toppling of the country’s leader, Muammar Qaddafi.”

It is a pathetic, sycophantic environment where the safety and security of Hillary Clinton’s ego appears to have been far more important than the safety and security of the United States (or those attacked in Benghazi) during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure at the State Department.

And it is also a glimpse into what a Hillary Clinton White House would look like as well.

It’s not a pretty sight.



What do you do when your own government is the thing trying to destroy you?

Answer: FIGHT.




Donald Trump A Lying,Fear-Mongering Racist Blowhard…Says the GOP & Mainstream Media

The anti-Trump effort being orchestrated by the Mainstream Media and its GOP cohorts is at this very moment being taken to another level as desperation grows from within those ranks regarding their inability to halt the growing support generated by the New York billionaire’s campaign to be the next President of the United States.

As Mr. Trump crisscrosses America to make campaign stops to large and enthusiastic crowds in such places as Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Texas, and Ohio, the GOP elite continue to leak anti-Trump suggestions to media outlets working feverishly to dismantle the Trump phenomena and replace it with a far safer and more controllable Republican candidate.

In just the last 72-hours there have been multiple stories of Mr. Trump being anti-Muslim, anti-black, and pro-torture, among other things.

His supporters quickly push aside those media accounts, claiming that Donald Trump is actually pro-security, pro rights for everyone and not specially designated, government approved groups, and pro doing whatever it takes within the law to keep America safe in the face of the now growing Islamic terror threat.

Mr. Trump continues to share his desire to Make America Great Again – and millions are currently taking him at his word. It is not that Donald Trump hates any particular group, race, or gender, but rather that he he hates the incompetence in government that is destroying this nation from the inside out.

The media remains stunned that this time it isn’t yet being allowed to do the thinking for Americans but that those same Americans appear determined to start thinking for themselves. The media wants to protect the incompetence while Donald Trump wants to see it dismantled and replaced with something that will benefit ALL Americans. The media and political elite cannot allow that to happen and so they level charges of hatred, bigotry and racism against Trump and warn all other candidates to get back in line and do little more than pretend to give voters a choice when in fact that “choice” is little more than more of the same.

It is voters’ rediscovery of their own power that has played so favorably to the insurgent political campaigns of figures like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson while leaving far more traditional politicians like Jeb Bush and John Kasich on the outside looking in.

That still leaves Senator Marco Rubio, the last great hope for the GOP Establishment. Mr. Rubio himself is not entirely a fixture of the GOP elite. He did choose briefly to work within that group, but found it wanting and has since positioned himself as both Mainstream and and outsider, no small accomplishment and yet one that now has him as the choice of Republican power brokers who assume he is a far safer choice than that of either Trump or Cruz.

This dynamic was predicted here months earlier and is now a prediction being played out on the GOP campaign trail in real time:

Republican Establishment Prepares For Trump’s Demise – Enter Marco Rubio Stage Left…

Even the sudden rise and just as sudden decline of Dr. Ben Carson was accurately predicted by our D.C. Whispers sources.

The part of the GOP plan that has not yet fallen into place is the subsequent rise and eventual domination of Senator Rubio. Mr Rubio has enjoyed improved standing in the polls, and is now battling Ted Cruz for second place in a number of states, but remains well behind the support enjoyed by the Trump campaign.

Trump & Cruz Now Dominate IOWA GOP Race…

It is a scenario that has many longtime conservative pundits voicing a common complaint that has been on the minds of many a Republican voter:

Why is it that Mainstream Republicans are willing to fight conservatives much more aggressively than they do Democrats?

It is that question, and the justifiable anger it creates within conservative ranks, that is largely responsible for the widespread support for the Donald Trump and Ted Cruz campaigns as both men continue to demand better for America and know that more of the same is clearly not the answer in seeing that happen.

If Senator Rubio hopes to take make his own campaign even more appealing to those same voters, he would do well to start listening to them. It will be interesting to see what he chooses to do while hopefully all of the GOP candidates remember who the true enemy is in this very important upcoming election:


Mainstream Media’s Reaction Following GOP Debate Thrashing: “We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat!”

They thought to throw some chum into the political waters, smugly confident in their own intellectual superiority.

And then the Republicans decided to show a bit of bite…


“Here you go, Trump. Here you go, Carson. Here you go, Rubio. Here you go, Cruz…”

D.C. Whispers Confirmed – Media Attempts Trump Illegal Workers Scandal

Yesterday the following headline was reported here:

BREAKING: Media Set To Unleash Illegal Workers Scandal Against Donald Trump

Now this morning, CNN is further pushing the story with help from other major media outlets like the Washington Post.

Donald Trump though, as is his combative nature, appears just as ready to once again push back.

CNN went live with the following headline this morning as a follow-up to a similar headline late yesterday. (after the initial DC Whispers report on the subject was published)

Trump ‘Can’t guarantee’ legal status of his own workers

The far-left Daily Beast had this to say

Trump Tower Was Built on Undocumented Immigrants’ Backs

And the Business Insider blared this headline:

Immigrants with questionable legal status are reportedly helping to build Donald Trump’s new luxury hotel

Here is how Donald Trump responded to this latest attempt to dismantle his growing popularity among potential 2016 voters, as well as his views on other (far more important) subjects as well:

**Regarding the media generated illegal immigrant worker scandal:

“We have gone out of our way to make sure that everybody in that building is legal. I wish they would give us some names, we would get them out immediately.”

Note how Mr. Trump turned the responsibility of the accusations back onto the media. If they have names of illegal workers who are on his properties, just let him know and those workers will be gone. The media of course, defensive of illegal immigrants, either doesn’t wish to do this, or just as possibly, made the story up.

**Regarding the ongoing corporate backlash to his campaign that is likely costing him millions in lost revenues:

“Here’s the good news. I’m very rich. The money you’re talking about is a lot but it’s peanuts for me.”

Trump’s indifference is unsettling to the media. They have never seen a candidate so indifferent to bad press and a politically correct backlash.

**Regarding giving political donations to Democrats:

“As a businessman in New York City, I have to get along with Democrats. If I don’t get along with Democrats, I’m sort of like, out of business.”

A simple, straightforward response, and one that likely makes sense to most voters. It’s the cost of doing business in a city dominated by liberal politics.


**On going after ISIS:

“I would bomb the hell out of those oil fields.”

Trump indicated once those oil fields were destroyed which in turn would dry up the vast majority of ISIS funding generated by oil sales, he would turn right around and hire American companies to rebuild those fields and forge a favorable agreement for America to secure all or some of those oil rights for a period of time. It is the kind of business sense sorely lacking in Washington D.C.

It also raises the very pertinent question of why the Obama administration has done so little to take out those very same oil fields but has instead allowed ISIS to continue using oil revenues to sustain itself and thus recruit even more fighters to its radical Islamist cause.

To date the media has all but ignored that question.


As for Donald Trump, he remains at or near the top of nearly every recent Republican candidate poll.


BREAKING: Media Set To Unleash Illegal Workers Scandal Against Donald Trump

The path is being paved in real-time at this very moment and is apparently set to be unleashed “very soon.” An all out assault upon the Trump organization by Obama/Jarrett-approved operatives within the Mainstream Media to both humiliate and weaken the Republican candidate for his recent demand that something be done to secure the southern border.

Above: Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and current Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch are said to be facilitating the Mainstream Media’s soon to be all out attack against Donald Trump.


From a D.C. Whispers source:

“Donald Trump better be ready because the rumor that began late yesterday and now even more today is that they (the Obama administration) are preparing a full investigation of his hiring practices. They likely already have illegals ready and willing to cooperate with them (the government and already chosen media) and the end result will be a permanent black eye on the entirety of the Trump organization. He’s a wealthy man, but that wealth is a drop in the bucket when compared to the power of the U.S. government and its media machine. Trump is in big-big trouble. They want to destroy him. It seems to have become very personal with them. He has threatened decades of effort in changing the face of the voting public. Another five years, ten at most, and conservatism will be an insignificant minority throughout most the country. Republicans will be an arm of the Democratic Party meant only to keep up the appearance of a choice. There will be no choice. There already is hardly one now. Donald Trump is disrupting that dynamic and they won’t stand for it. The countdown to his demise begins now.”

UPDATE: Within 30 minutes of this report going live, CNN ran the following headline on its website:

“Trump ‘can’t guarantee’ legal status of his own workers”

And so it begins. Other similar media reports are likely soon to follow…


Trump Tells Media To Pound Sand – Pledges “To Make America Great Again!”

A fired up Donald Trump, apparently rejuvenated after a weekend of pro-Trump reaction from tens of thousands of social media participants, pushed back yet again after the Mainstream Media joyously reported he had lost two more clients over his earlier statements regarding the need to secure the southern border.

NASCAR and ESPN? Who cares, says Trump.

He went on to explain both organizations lost substantial deposits on properties of his they were scheduled to host events at.

“One NASCAR banquet in a magnificent ballroom at Trump National Doral in Miami for which I will keep their very substantial deposit and rent the ballroom to someone else that night — in other words, two fees instead of one (NASCAR has already apologized to me)!” Trump exclaimed. “In the case of ESPN … they lost a large deposit. I will now let people use the course on that day, receiving substantial additional greens fee income. Again, I get two fees instead of one.” 

Despite the still-growing list of detractors and lost revenue from recently terminated business ties, the Republican candidate for president persists in his view that the United States government must secure its borders and begin negotiating from a position of strength with foreign nations he feels have long taken advantage of this country’s weak leaders who continue to sign unfair trade agreements that benefit other nations and hurt American jobs.

As for those who call him a racist for his desire to secure the southern border, Trump remains defiant:

“All of this because of my strong stance on illegal immigration during my run for President…Make America Great Again!”

Mr. Trump currently remains at or near the top of several recent GOP presidential polls.

Obama White House Instructs Media RE: Baltimore Riots: “Avoid Black Vs Black Images”

As riots again threaten Baltimore following the death of 25-year old Freddie Gray from a spinal injury allegedly suffered while being detained by Baltimore Police following Mr. Gray’s April 12th arrest. Mr. Gray died a week later from his injuries after falling into a coma. Media coverage was somewhat muted initially, but now as the threats of widespread riots escalates, so too is the media coverage with one significant omission – Baltimore is a city government dominated by African Americans from the mayor to the police commissioner, as well as its police department.

Freddie Gray taken into custody

(Above: One of the last images of Freddie Gray alive. Several officers were said to be involved in Mr. Gray’s arrest and transport, including minority officers.)


The media’s initial muted response to the death of Freddie Gray was in stark contrast to the near real-time media frenzy that followed other notable police-related cases in Ferguson and Staten Island. Some are now suggesting that media delay was due to the widely known fact that Baltimore is a city government dominated by African Americans and thus does not so easily coordinate with this same media’s “racist cops” meme that has dominated news programs for some time now.


(Above: Baltimore Mayor Stephanie-Rawlings Gates has been the city’s mayor since 2010. Mayor Gates also serves as Secretary of the Democratic National Committee. Three of the last four Baltimore mayors have been African American.)


(Above: Anthony Batts has been Baltimore’s top cop since 2012.)


(Above: Well over half of Baltimore PD is staffed by minority officers – most of those are African American.)


And now it is being whispered that the always media-savvy Obama White House, and its Media Czar, Valerie Jarrett have issued an unofficial decree regarding the media’s potential riot coverage: Avoid showing Black on Black confrontation between Baltimore Police and rioters.

Apparently then, images of white Baltimore police officers working to protect property (and themselves) from looters/protesters/anarchists is not only acceptable, but encouraged by the Obama White House.




UPDATE: Al Sharpton has just announced he is heading to Baltimore to stage a two-day protest of the Freddie Gray incident.It will be interesting to see if Mr. Sharpton issues charges of racism against the city’s mayor and police chief or Baltimore’s predominantly minority-staffed police department…