REPORT: Obama Set Up Meeting Between Russian Ambassador & Jeff Sessions

This Democrat manufactured “the Russians did it” attack against the Trump White House is getting downright insidious. New reports out now via various media outlets are placing the origination of at least one of the two much-discussed meetings between then-Senator Jeff Sessions (now the Trump Attorney General) and the Russian ambassador as being set up by the Obama administration! Let that sink in, reader. In addition, that same Russian ambassador was a guest at the Obama White House no fewer than 22 times!

Via CNS News :

It was actually the Obama Administration that set up Senator Jeff Sessions’  first meeting with a Russian ambassador last year, which Democrats are attempting to demonize, a former Justice Department attorney reveals.

…So, Obama’s State Department not only sponsored the event, but it also invited the Russian ambassador Democrats are now vilifying, thus setting Sessions up to interact with him, Von Spakovsky explains:

“Apparently, after Sessions finished speaking, a small group of ambassadors—including the Russian ambassador—approached the senator as he left the stage and thanked him for his remarks.”

So, members of the Obama Administration sponsored and arranged the event. Then, as The New York Times reports, they carried out plans to sensationalize and draw suspicion to the very encounter with the Russian ambassador that they prompted.



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WHISPERS: Obama White House Legal Counsel Just Met With Hillary Clinton Legal Team

Whispers are now swirling via several D.C. sources regarding a (very) recent “off the reservation” meeting between Obama White House Counsel staff and representatives of Hillary Clinton’s own legal team.

The timing of said meeting, given Mrs. Clinton’s own increasing legal troubles, is said to be raising more than a few questions among political power brokers.

Above: Warren Eggleston is Barack Obama’s current White House Counsel, having taken that position in 2014. He is as politically connected as any figure in national politics including considerable involvement in defending the administration of Bill Clinton following President Clinton’s last-minute pardon of fugitive financier Mark Rich. Eggleston has a formidable record of successfully pushing back against potential legal challenges for a myriad of powerful politicians.

Casual followers of D.C. politics are likely unaware that Eggleston was among the primary facilitators of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s prosecution. Mr. Eggleston was at that time the lawyer for then-Obama White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel who himself was a former Clinton administration operative.

Emanuel emerged from that scandal largely unscathed. Blagojevich went to prison.

When Warren Eggleston was initially chosen by Valerie Jarrett to act as the Obama White House’s primary legal counsel in 2014, some were suggesting it was a move brokered exclusively by Obama/Jarrett and the Clintons. Both parties suspected “significant legal challenges” awaited them and Eggleston was among a very few individuals trusted by both Obama/Jarrett and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

This leads to the now-rumored meeting between operatives from the Obama White House Legal Counsel and legal representatives from the Clinton Machine. Will Eggleston’s loyalties reside exclusively with Obama/Jarrett, or will he continue working to find a resolution equitable to both his current boss and his former one?

UPDATE: Word is now circulating that members of the president’s White House Legal Counsel met (off the record) with staff for both Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner.