Check Out The Striking Photo Of The First Couple On Their Way To See The Queen Of England

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump made for a particularly classy pair as they headed out for a dinner with the Royal Family of England. Word is Queen Elizabeth is a fan of Melania Trump’s grace-under-fire persona and is quite eager for the opportunity to meet her.

The Establishment Media is of course quite reluctant to show America’s First Couple in such a glamorous light. That means it’s up to all of you to share it with others.


EPIC Billboard Shows How Much Of A Hero First Lady Melania Is To Millions Of Europeans

While the far left Establishment here in the U.S. continues to mock and ridicule one of the most educated, fashionable, and intelligent women to ever grace the halls of the White House, millions of Europeans look to Melania Trump as a symbol of class, success, and hope.

She is a truly remarkable woman.