THE WAY WE WERE: Roseanne Interviews Donald Trump And Michael Moore

This video is from about twenty years ago and is an almost shocking reminder of how America was once a nation where people of differing views and opinions could sit down and talk in a respectful manner without all of the hyper-emotionalism that plagues our society today. This is pre-social media of course where minor differences were not blown up into “movements” that in the end only work to further divide people as is so often the case today.

It’s a video that also reveals just how intelligent and caring Donald Trump was – and is. And make no mistake, this is the America President Trump is working so hard to return to us while his political enemies in D.C. and throughout the Establishment Media want to further divide and weaken the nation. 

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Michael Moore Compares Americans To Germans Who Allowed Hitler Because His Latest Movie Flopped

The far left is getting crankier by the day as President Trump continues to broaden his support among voters and push back the anti-Trump forces who would rather see America fall. Case in point is Michael Moore who, after a brutal week of box office flopping for his latest attempt at filmmaking, Fahrenheit 11/9, is condemning Americans for not wanting to see his film and calling them Nazi enablers. Don’t try to make sense of any of it. Mr. Moore is just now coming to terms with his long-time irrelevancy.

The big guy is washed up. Like the rotting wet corpse of a whale.


Yes, It’s True, Michael Moore Did Participate In A Russia-Sponsored Anti-Trump Rally

The question now is who paid for Mr. Moore’s trip there? Moore is notoriously stingy and has a longtime habit of showing up to such events after negotiating a fee to do so.

Did he collect a fee for this? Who provided transportation? Was it the DNC? The Hillary Clinton campaign?

And if so, would that not be clear evidence of collusion between the DNC/Clinton with the Russians? They did it with the fake Trump dossier. Why not with fake anti-Trump rallies – some of which became very violent by the way, thus pushing the wrongdoing beyond mere collusion and into full-on treason. (see below)