Watch Kellyanne Conway Decimate MSNBC Crew on Impending Death of Obamacare

What a brilliant, strong-willed voice for conservatism in America. Kellyanne Conway walks into the MSNBC lions den and proceeds to decimate their collective attacks against her and Team Trump. Note how at the 7:50 mark how the MSNBC panelist makes clear how impressed he is by Conway’s ability to verbally counter-punch their decidedly twisted version of recent political history.

She is woman. Hear her roar…

Media Declares “President Obama Is The Most Noble Man To EVER Live In The White House.” (VIDEO)


A look back at some of MSNBC’s most ludicrous moments of 2016 included the somber-noted, low lighted affair that was Lawrence O’Donnell’s declaration of Barack Obama’s historic nobility – of which America is simply not worthy of.

There are some other classic 2016 gems in this collection as well like when an MSNBC reporter declared Hillary Clinton a “little unstable” after she collapsed in public and was thrown into the bag of an awaiting SUV like a side of gone-bad beef.  Enjoy!