Watch Kellyanne Conway Decimate MSNBC Crew on Impending Death of Obamacare

What a brilliant, strong-willed voice for conservatism in America. Kellyanne Conway walks into the MSNBC lions den and proceeds to decimate their collective attacks against her and Team Trump. Note how at the 7:50 mark how the MSNBC panelist makes clear how impressed he is by Conway’s ability to verbally counter-punch their decidedly twisted version of recent political history.

She is woman. Hear her roar…

Media Declares “President Obama Is The Most Noble Man To EVER Live In The White House.” (VIDEO)


A look back at some of MSNBC’s most ludicrous moments of 2016 included the somber-noted, low lighted affair that was Lawrence O’Donnell’s declaration of Barack Obama’s historic nobility – of which America is simply not worthy of.

There are some other classic 2016 gems in this collection as well like when an MSNBC reporter declared Hillary Clinton a “little unstable” after she collapsed in public and was thrown into the bag of an awaiting SUV like a side of gone-bad beef.  Enjoy!


Knives Come Out: Hillary Clinton Operative Declares Joe Biden To Be, “Appalling”

It appears the Clinton Machine has had quite enough of the Joe Biden campaign threat and is fully engaged in a push-back campaign involving both media figures and the largest big-dollar donors.

Just 24-hours after declaring she respected Joe Biden and wanted him to be given space to think over the “difficult decision of running for president” Mrs. Clinton had a longtime media supporter declaring Joe Biden to be “appalling” for (racist) comments made about Barack Obama.  She also outlines a litany of anti-Biden history qualified by the statement that if anyone thinks that Hillary is bad, Joe Biden is much-much worse. You can actually see her reciting the script given to her by Team Clinton.

See video of the Clinton Machine in action below:

The unnoficial Clinton operative is Rebecca Traister, a regular MSNBC contributor and New York-based feminist writer.

In 2008, Traister was among the most vocal media supporters of the Hillary Clinton campaign who counts herself as among the most ardent new-age feminists and the author of no fewer than four pro-Hillary articles in almost as many months.

Here she is on MSNBC yesterday, no doubt instructed by the Clinton Machine to go out and give Joe Biden just a hint of what could be coming his way should he actually do what so many around him say he wants to do – run for President of the United States:

This is the first of what will likely be many more media shots across the bow of Joe Biden utilizing artillery generated by the Clinton Machine even as the Clinton campaign continues to place immense pressure upon the most significant Democratic donors to not consider supporting a potential Biden campaign. The question that remains is if Mr. Biden will now step back from his earlier private declarations that he intends to run for president, or will be proceed forward and begin fighting back?